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Http yix04102 2012

  1. 1. Page 1 of 47 ジオシティーズ容量大幅アップ レノボのPCがついに4万円台 第2世代インテル(R)Core(TM)i5搭載PCを自由にカスタム インタレストマッチ - 広告の掲載について2012 First Haiku Meeting: January 21Moderator: Catherine Urquharta cup of hot coffeeon a chilly morning ---counting my blessingsJunko Saekithoughts onthe departing yearKarajan LP cracklesIkken Ikemotoplane treesline winter’s walkway-- a perfect perspectiveTakashi Ikarisunset ---black silhouettes of geeseover the snowy fieldsTomislav Maretic (Croatia)in the winter sun,now green, now bluethe mallard’s headTomislav Maretic (Croatia)not a myth to himthe fact of global warmingstranded polar bearRoyal T. Fruehling (Hawaii, USA) 12/11/2012
  2. 2. Page 2 of 47first snow in the capital-- reading a letterfrom HokkaidoKiyoshi Sugitaraking leaves ---the scentof nostalgiaMichiko Muraiicicles ---if onlyI could have tusksTenshi Sakaihard frost ---two sparrows warm themselveschirpingVasile Moldovan (Romania)the naked rowandiscloses the empty nestof our two magpiesHanne Hansen (Denmark)friendshipfinally restored--- a new year’s cardMidori Suzukiif asked“Why the hurry”, I would reply“The sun is sinking”Shinya Ogata 12/11/2012
  3. 3. Page 3 of 47through the busha heron eyes a fish--- spring afternoonHideo Ebiharahe seems happynobody blames meso, why this uneasiness?Masako Omakibuds on bare brancheslooking up earnestlyonce I was youngSachiko Kondoafter the performancehis silhouette dancingon the cold moonMaki Hatanakanew year cardsfull of joyful picturesof overseasTakeo Hanaokathe wrecked cruise shipno tsunamino captainYasuomi Koganeisnowy morningalmost drownedin the scent of winter sweetYasuhiko Shirota 12/11/2012
  4. 4. Page 4 of 47pouring teawrapped in the steam--- winter morning happinessMidori Tanakanew year sunglinting in the dragon’s eye--- sublime cloudSugita Yuzured berries of spear floweradorning my roomright into the new yearMasaaki Okathe long line of white breathstretching to the shrineNew Year’s EveMomo Nishimura2012 2nd Haiku Meeting: February 11Moderator: Catherine Urquhartold people unableto clear snow from their roofswhere are their children?Junko Saekifuoco in cucinaquesta sera il tramontoviene a cenaAntonella Filippi (Italy)fire in the kitchen 12/11/2012
  5. 5. Page 5 of 47this evening the sunsetcalls in for dinnerAntonella Filippi (Italy)mild weather-from the snowmans eyestrue tearsVasile Moldovan (Romania)on a chilly nightunexpected illuminationalong the Marunouchi streetMomo Nishimurabeautiful they arefaces mirroring the worldHawaiis childrenRoyal T. Fruehling (Hawaii, USA)Notre-Dame bathedin crystal clear winter sunyoung couples kissingHanne Hansen (Denmark)anglernow angling, now bathingin winter sunshineTenshi Sakaisignsfrom under the soil-early springMichiko Muraibooks on the desk 12/11/2012
  6. 6. Page 6 of 47rug on my kneesnodding offSachiko Kondopeople snowed upfor days on enda stone’s throw awayMasako Omakiat his gravesidethe three of uswinter sparrowsIkken Ikemotoalong the curtain of snowthe train’s switchback mingleswith memoriesTakeo Hanaokalong time no see“Detective Poirot” on TV-from the firesideKiyoshi Sugitain the icy windmy pet dog poops at last-well done!Shinya Ogataleafing turnipsout of their roleadorn my windowMotoko Satohboys chasing 12/11/2012
  7. 7. Page 7 of 47a demon-mask festivalMidori Suzukiearly springclapping my hands twicered shrine highHideo EbiharaWaltzing Matildasayonara song for a colleaguewho became a friendMasaaki Okadeep winterthings rippling in the mirrorI face my darknessMaki Hatanakaover the streamshaze or radioactive smog?-garbage plant chimneysMidori Tanakagiving the kiss of lifeto a dummy-feeling the coldTakashi Ikarigirl in snow lightwaving, waving, turninginto a pink dotYuzu Sugitafrom the bottle 12/11/2012
  8. 8. Page 8 of 47ants attempting to escape-a huge snowfallYasuomi Koganeiplaying housesdelicious meals ofspiraeaKoji Kurimoto2012 March Haiku Meeting: March 10Moderator: Catherine UrquhartYuanxiao Festivalfireworks, sweet fillingsradiant smilesDanyang Feng (China) (Tokyo)wings flappingbaby sparrow sporting his voicewith a quick vibratoMichiko Muraistone steps shining softlya reminderof spring rainJunko Saekimelting snow-instead of the snowmanjust a puddleVasile Moldovan (Romania)i coriandoli -dentro le pozzanghere 12/11/2012
  9. 9. Page 9 of 47il carnevaleAntonella Filippi (Italy)confettiin the puddlescarnival timeAntonella Filippi (Italy)Parfum de cires-aduce o sperantaprintre ruine.Anastasia Dumitru (Romania)cherry fragrance ----brings hopeamong the ruinsAnastasia Dumitru (Romania)the smell of rainon the tops of the mountainscolors of springTatjana Debeljacki (Serbia)in my summer housethe clock still showssummer timeZoran Mimica (Austria)February 29 --we get another dayout of the soupRobert Scott (Stockholm)cradled by the wavesa lifeless form offshorehis last fishing tripRoyal T. Fruehling (Hawaii, USA) 12/11/2012
  10. 10. Page 10 of 47to visit mothertravelling by local busthe only passengerHanne Hansen (Denmark)old plum treeblooms diligentlybut just a littleShinya Ogatathe earth isnot only for human beings-worms awakeningMidori Tanakafresh tree stumpwith 90 annual rings-what are you thinking?Motoko Satohslow afternoonsubway passengerseach to his ownMasako Omakibullfrogdives into the Fossa Magnacrash!Ikken Ikemotoan elderly womanstruggling on slippery pavements-snowfall in TokyoKiyoshi Sugita 12/11/2012
  11. 11. Page 11 of 47soft sunlighton plum blossomsdimples on a smiling faceTakeo Hanaokaflower viewers happy enoughwith only a fewapricot blossomsTakashi Ikarisilent gardenfull of grieving plum blossomsold man is gone nowMidori Suzukisharply remainingscars of the disasterspring still cold---Hitoshi Ichinoseearly springa ball thrown back into the playgroundsmiling childrenMasaaki Okamom’s journey to heavensnowon her red plum blossomYuzu Sugitapurring, rollingon the ground by tombstonescats in loveSachiko Kondo 12/11/2012
  12. 12. Page 12 of 47arrow box on his backshowered in cherry blossomsSamurai Donald KeeneHideo Ebiharathe tsunami-ravaged pine treeonce again cradlingthe spring moonYasuomi Koganeiblown over the fencethe neighbour’s cherry blossomlands on my lawnRado Majkut (Poland) (Tokyo)no plum blossoms yetour typhoon-battered treeon crutchesRado Majkut (Poland) (Tokyo)sounds from the stablethudding on the soilhungry for the morning meadowJuichi Masudasoaking in my bathtubthe sunlight dazzlingthis snowy morningMomo Nishimuraa rock-anchored pinepruned by the windbonsai masterStephen M. Block (USA) 12/11/2012
  13. 13. Page 13 of 472012 4th Haiku Meeting: April 14Moderator: Catherine Urquhartcherry blossoms in the parkclearedof homeless personsJunko Saekihangover -the voice of a blackcapclearing my mindTomislav Maretic (Croatia)lingering cold -my daughter skips stonesacross the iceRobert Scott (Stockholm)Easter night-all around the churchcandles and plum blossomsVasile Moldovan (Romania)black hats, black ringletsrushing to the synagogue--PassoverHanne Hansen (Denmark)mountainsbeyond mountainsin all the glory of springSachiko Kondo 12/11/2012
  14. 14. Page 14 of 47stormy nightawake in bedaloneMasako Omakiraft of cherry petalsdrifting on the river--the characters のand くHideo Ebiharaspring misttaking Tokyo Towerout of my sightMichi Umedaraindropsbreaking apart the raftof cherry petalsHitoshi Ichinosewild cherry blossomsin the moonlit mountainsa true gift from the godsJuichi Masudameeting todayparting tomorrow--a spring stormShinya Ogatafinest spring day--the soundtrack to my stargazinga kalavinka songIkken Ikemoto 12/11/2012
  15. 15. Page 15 of 47first years all smilesthronging on the matsof cherry petalsMotoko Satofrom here oncherry blossomshead northTakeo Hanaokaover the hills of rubblea cherry petal blizzardblown into the PacificYasuhiko Shirotapruned rosenamed after an old love song--harbor of memoriesMidori Tanakastepping outinto the moonlightnothing fallen but pollenYasuomi Koganeia false startof cherry blossom partiesfew branches in bloomTakashi Ikariuntying knotscherry blossoms openunhurriedlyTenshi Sakai 12/11/2012
  16. 16. Page 16 of 47evening drizzle--the white breathof a guide dogMidori Suzukibotanical gardenscherry trees stand alongsideNewton’s grafted apple treeMasaaki Okapatissier’s artrich bright colors aboundspring has sprungMichiko Muraithis weekend peacefulfor viewing the last cherry blossoms--failed missile launchKiyoshi Sugitathe aged sakura treeblooms and sheds her blossomsall is lifeYuzu Sugitaa nice day in Maytwo cloudsshaped like EnglandOsami KawasakiNoh stage afloaton the flicker of torches--cherry branches swayMomo Nishimura 12/11/2012
  17. 17. Page 17 of 472012 5th Haiku Meeting: May 12Moderator: Catherine Urquhartcold day of cherry blossoms --walking to the stationmy back getting warmMomo NishimuraMaysuddenly, people everywherein lighter clothes, in lighter spiritJunko Saekimidnight coolrain to snow--is this spring?Navita Kalra (Canada)nothing more commonthan a daffodil exceptthe first one in springStephen M. Block (USA)over the wallsof five-seven-fivea ceiling open to the skyStephen M. Block (USA)after the hailstorm --broken petunias spreadingtheir fragranceTomislav Maretic (Croatia)boys day --looking at the photo albumof my deceased fatherTomislav Maretic (Croatia) 12/11/2012
  18. 18. Page 18 of 47May twelve perigeemoon comes nearer to the earthfor a better lookRoyal T. Fruehling (Hawaii, USA)Stablo starogLesnika podilziMravlja jezaTatjana Debeljacki (Serbia)the old hazelnut treeshiveringwith ant chillsTatjana Debeljacki (Serbia)prolaze oblaciprolaze mislisrcem cajZoran Mimica (Croatian)clouds passing bythoughts passing by- sipping my teaZoran Mimica (Croatian)as if by magicwasps vanishleaving their elaborate homeSachiko Kondoable or notto be a wicked woman?flowering spireaJuichi Masuda 12/11/2012
  19. 19. Page 19 of 47behind purple hydrangeatouching up her face--a rickshaw girlHideo Ebiharamany facesmany mindsshelter from a showerIkken Ikemotobubbles risinginside eacha child’s dreamMichiko Muraia miraclein bloom--transplanted wisteriaHitoshi Ichinosecrossing the bridgeI am at onewith the spring breezeMichi Umedathirty years to goto match my mother’s life--peach blossomsMasako OmakiShangri-la Tibetan templesky burial hill beyond--birds into cloudsMidori Tanaka 12/11/2012
  20. 20. Page 20 of 47“How about a drink?”liquor shop owner sprinkles ricefor sparrows in a rowMaki Hatanaka50 kids planting50 trees with 50 smiles--the fragrant breezeYuzu Sugitashaking his handafter 30 years of lightand darknessShinya Ogatacherry petals fallinghands together I prayfor their soulsTakashi IkariJapanese azaleasluckily awayfrom the tornadoesKiyoshi Sugitachorus of frogsthe sudden breezeof old daysTakeo Hanaokabreezy gardensingle banana plant leafbeckons me inMotoko Sato 12/11/2012
  21. 21. Page 21 of 47in the floodlighta bank-guard checking his pistol --strong siroccoYasuomi KoganeiTagore songsflowing freely into my heart--late springMasaaki Oka2012 6th Haiku Meeting: June 9Moderator: Catherine Urquhartsummer walkat the end of the pathBasho by the riverJunko Saekileavesand a cosmic showon the shoji screenMomo Nishimuraan armfulof fragrance-my lavenderMidori Tanakaa white varietyadding expressionto the rose gardenTakashi Ikariharvest time 12/11/2012
  22. 22. Page 22 of 47instead of earrings, the doll wearsripe cherriesVasile Moldovan (Romania)through the woodsthe dirt road snakes unnoticedby all but the sunStephen M. Block (USA)una candela -la sera relegatafuori in giardinoAntonella Filippi (Italy)a candle -evening banishedto the gardenAntonella Filippi (Italy)one sign it is Juneobserved throughout Hawaiibrides and grooms from JapanRoyal T. Fruehling (Hawaii, USA)sudden downpour -interrupting the orchestraof cicadasTomislav Maretic (Croatia)patchwork of fieldsrice, wheat, ricegreen, brown, greenMasako Omakiwisteria swayingwith the breeze 12/11/2012
  23. 23. Page 23 of 47a myriad of memoriesJuichi Masudamountains of verdurea gap in the cloudsthe Ring of FireMichiko Murairice planting--young leaves and farmersin the paddy mirror tooHideo Ebiharawalkingin all this green“Did I lock the door?”Ikken Ikemotothrough the rickety gatehis path hidden by bushes“Basho, are you here?”Motoko Satohthis and that……if only I could ask my mother--arranging liliesMichi Umedathe me of todaythe me of tomorrowkaleidoscope hydrangeaMichi Umedaalong the canalthe shadows of Basho 12/11/2012
  24. 24. Page 24 of 47in greenTakeo Hanaokasparrow dancingin the puddleripples play a tuneMaki Hatanakastorm cloudsmassaging the mountainon the way to chiropracticSachiko Kondosummer has comegirls’ long legsin jeansKoji KurimotoKamakura encounterwith an American alumnus--swapping hatsMasaaki Okamisty rainbaby frog on my brolly“You’ll be all right”Yuzu SugitaNoh actressone beautiful step at a timeback to the cancer wardYasuomi Koganeielection run offin distant countriesmemories clinging to the protester’s face 12/11/2012
  25. 25. Page 25 of 47Yasuomi Koganei2012 7th Haiku Meeting; July 14Moderator: Catherine UrquhartCappadocia:rainbow of balloons descendtempting sharpened rocksStephen M. Block (USA)salute, July 4fireworks and whoop-de-dobirthday, U.S.ARoyal T. Fruehling (Hawaii. USA)droplet of dewin the summer sunlight---the life of a manVasile Moldovan (Romania)sera ventosal’ubriaco e l’alberoavanti e indietroAntonella Filippi (Italy)windy eveningthe drunk and the treeto and froAntonella Filippi (Italy)no one knowswhere to goa line of antsJuichi Masuda 12/11/2012
  26. 26. Page 26 of 47hydrangeabreath of air from seapath in ancient cityMomo Nishimurathe auraof hydrangeain an infant’s smileTenshi Sakaihome from schoolmy daughter playsschoolRob Scott (Stockholm)Star Festival“tanzaku” bamboo bendingwith one more wishYuzu Sugitarucola leavesbitter but alas, lovedby bugs tooJunko Saekiunder the wisteriaparkinghis wheelchairMidori Suzukiour chorus concert over“Kampai” in chorusover summer dishesHitoshi Ichinosesleepless night 12/11/2012
  27. 27. Page 27 of 47I trace my mother’s lifeKamikochiMasako OmakiNagara Rivercormorant fishing flickeringin bonfire lightMasaaki Okawhite lotus bloomingI mourn a friend’s passingmemories amassingMichiko Muraired hot ralliesperformed in the pure whiteof WimbledonIkken Ikemotoendless white birchesunder the midnight sun--endless thoughtsMidori Tanakaa lull in the rainy seasonplodding just ploddingin the parkKiyoshi Sugitawild monkey snarlingon summer grasses “Please let me pass”pleads my husbandSachiko Kondocentral station 12/11/2012
  28. 28. Page 28 of 47in the twilight---suspended dreamsYasuomi Koganeievening paper reads“Extensive rain damage in Kyushu”chilled wine arriving with prosciutto hamYasuhiko Shirotaback from his funeral--my share of the berriesgone with the birdsHideo Ebiharafrom the capeno ship in sightonly the breeze and horizonTakeo Hanaokawedding in rich verdurealreadymissing his daughterMichi UmedawatergushingafterwatertheneverendingchaseofthewaterfallTakashi IkariKumamoto floodscalling a one-time pupilnow 74Shinya Ogataevery window in the traina hundred colors 12/11/2012
  29. 29. Page 29 of 47of hydrangeaMotoko Satoreturning to Hase Derahydrangeaslinger in the shadeJudy Halebsky (USA) (Tokyo)light greena graceful Mt.WakakusaquietOsami Kawasaki2012 8th Haiku Meeting: August 11Moderator: Catherine Urquhartmemories of auntI sharewith the clematisMomo NishimuraQueen of the Night--she opens, she spreads her fragrance> after the guests have goneJunko Saekisur le quaien attendant le poissonmoi et le chatJanick Belleau (Canada)on the dockwaiting for the fish boatthe cat and IJanick Belleau (Canada)nuit detecouvrant le bruit des vagues 12/11/2012
  30. 30. Page 30 of 47un groupe rockJanick Belleau (Canada)summer nightdrowning out the sound of wavesa rock bandJanick Belleau (Canada)putting down my sake cupI listenrainy season moonTenshi Sakaihoar frost on fieldcaressedby the rays of the sunTatjana Debeljacki (Serbia)Hiroshima -non e il vento estivoquello che soffiaAntonella Filippi (Italy)Hiroshima -it is not the summer windthat blowsAntonella Filippi (Italy)on the TV screenheart-stopping perfectionLondon Olympic GamesRoyal T. Fruehling (Hawaii, USA)fluffy cats pawairily touches my cheekreminding meSergey Pianov (Russia)from the ski lifta bird’s eye viewof lilies in full bloomMotoko Satoh 12/11/2012
  31. 31. Page 31 of 47fireworks from my verandaa few seconds earlierthan t.v.Masako Omakino shadein the midday townan oleander bloomsMichi Umedasummer butterflyone shadow giving birthto another, and another,,,,Juichi Masudamidday napthe soul of me departinginto the dreamMaki Hatanakathe summer the war endedthe Emperor’s speech beyond our graspwater gushing from burst pipesHideo Ebiharababy cicada!sing loud!live long!Takeo Hanaokaeco-friendly lifea green curtain of vinegives welcome shadeMichiko Muraihot newsfrom London 2012“Nadeshiko Japan”Yasuhiko Shirotawell practiced? 12/11/2012
  32. 32. Page 32 of 47soloist warbler in the mountaindo~do so mi, confidentlyMidori Tanakasummer vegetablesand the newspaperfrom my home townMidori Suzukitennis court boiled-the piercing eyesof the linesmanIkken IkemotoDiamond Jubilee Queenopening the London Olympicsas charming as in her coronationMasaaki Okalooking for a placefor nuclear waste?Mr. Curiosity Rover!Yasuomi Koganeiat the green lightwaves of people, waves of heatcrossingTakashi Ikariwind blowingthrough the freshly weeded neighborhoodautumn drawing nearSachiko Kondo2012 9th Haiku Meeting: September 8Moderator: Catherine Urquharta paper wasps nesta thing of beauty, but notat my window seat 12/11/2012
  33. 33. Page 33 of 47Stephen M. Block (USA)starry, starry night...a sax from the terracebrings new heatTomislav Maretic (Croatia)two statuessitting on the benchautumn windTenshi Sakaiafter the harvestclouds of grasshoppersdarkening the stubbleVasile Moldovan (Romania)migrating birdslooking down on a swarmof umbrellasAntonella Filippi (Italy)delicate rose budfrozen before sunrisemelting on my handSergey Pianov (Russia)on my way to workthe train crosses the riverat dawnJunko Saeki(Selected for honorable mention in this year’s EU-Japan haiku contest)radio playingin the shade of a treethe farmer nappingMidori Suzukithe disputed islandsawaiting the calmof autumnal waves 12/11/2012
  34. 34. Page 34 of 47Hitoshi Ichinoseflittering around the grasstracing each other’s shadowsseven red dragonfliesSachiko Kondopaddy fieldsthe sunset slowly spreadinga scarecrow in blue jeansMichiko Muraitramping them downinfant asks“What are ants for?”Midori Tanakatowering skyscraperslike Legoautumn eveningMichi Umedacicadas prevailing outsidestillness prevailing inside--Sanwu’s calligraphy exhibitionHideo Ebiharamy little restaurantturned into a pavement cafe!--sweltering summer eveningMasaaki Okacruel, lingering heatonly the cricketschirpyKiyoshi Sugitacattailsof different heightsswaying in the same breezeShinya Ogata 12/11/2012
  35. 35. Page 35 of 47rising thunderheadsfar from the windowof the hospitalTakeo Hanaokadaytime moonlooks coolin summer skyMasako Omakiout of the picturewhen it stops--park fountainTakashi Ikarihip-hop dancersin the windowof the nursing homeYasuomi Koganeithe flower marketa kaleidoscopein the storm showerMotoko Satohone by onejamming the late summer heatinto the busJuichi Masudaa gust of windsweeping old leavesthe cycle of lifeMomo Nishimura2012 10th Haiku Meeting: October 13Moderator: Catherine Urquhartpushing her husbandin a wheelchairthe rustle of leaves 12/11/2012
  36. 36. Page 36 of 47Junko SaekiArashiyama--people dissolvinginto the autumn sunsetMomo NishimuraHawaii Fall daysevening sunsets compete withmorning rainbowsRoyal T. Fruehling (Hawaii, USA)sharpened sword-a hungry fly is savoringbloodVasile Moldovan (Romania)lights coming on -birds nestling their headsinto warm feathersTomislav Maretic (Croatia)the Beyondbeyond this starry skypossiblySachiko Kondoslowly, slowlya leaf drifting to the groundour conversation stopsMichiko MuraiJapanese bush clovernever fails to wait for memountain pathTenshi Sakaiburning an old letterreading here and therethe chirp of insectsMichi Umeda 12/11/2012
  37. 37. Page 37 of 47hand in handfather and blind sonshare the new coolnessMaki Hatanakaperfect rainbowannouncing the endof the stifling heatMasako Omakisudden sunlightinto the graveyarda swarm of dragonfliesMotoko Satohyoung teethgnawing pearsyoung Adam’s applesShinya Ogataa fallen cicadaon the backs of ants--linkageHideo Ebiharaabnormal climateskipping from summer to winterlike recent politicsKiyoshi Sugitathe windmurmuring a monologueto a cosmosJuichi Masudacluster amaryllisthe letters on his tombstonewearing awayTakeo Hanaokaautumnal flowerslead me to the world of the dead 12/11/2012
  38. 38. Page 38 of 47Tohkeiji TempleMidori Tanakamy grapes are back!after seven yearsheavier than the earthSugita Yuzuwaving to strangersjust as pleasure boatersshouldTakashi Ikariwatering the garden--an army of ants making offwith some tasty morselsMidori Suzukithe thornsof aquatinted rosespiercing my heartMasaaki Okaskyscrapersmelting into the leaden skycracks on a corner stoneYasuomi Koganeiearly morning moonknows my bare faceAsako Ohtomo2012 11th Haiku Meeting: November 10Moderator: Catherine Urquhartdogwood treesin autumnal colors-a slow cyclist going byJunko Saeki 12/11/2012
  39. 39. Page 39 of 47the early morningof All Saints’ Dayyoung witches going homeSeiju Amafujimarble sentinelsguarding the winding pathwaylifeless as their deadStephen M. Block (USA)a white dressingon the soil’s deep wounds-the first hoar-frostVasile Moldovan (Romania)Broadways lights are darkThe only show in town wasHurricane SandyRoyal T. Fruehling, Hawaii (USA)port de Cassismes copines dans la merle mistral sur ma peauJanick Belleau (Canada)port of Cassismy friends in the seathe mistral wind on my skinJanick Belleau (Canada)nearing the end of Bachs variationseeing the light of homeautumn duskMidori Tanaka 12/11/2012
  40. 40. Page 40 of 47yellow mountain ashshining brightly in the yardwinter time has comeHanne Hansen (Denmark)festival voicescarrying a portable shrine--red dragonflyMidori Suzukicries of warriorsthrough the dark nightthe north windKondo Sachikoautumn sentimentin the sound of eachturning pageJuichi Masudapersuading myselfto take my daily walk--the chilly fogMasako Omakicandle flickeringthe story of her young daysclimaxesMotoko Satohcolored leavesthrough the steam--a dip in a hot springIkken Ikemoto 12/11/2012
  41. 41. Page 41 of 47mild sunlightplays in the cave--samurai tombsHideo Ebiharaa staring game with birdspersimmons glowingin the sunset tintsTakeo Hanaokaa dialogue with my garden“The maple leaves aren’t red yet…”“Be patient.”Masaaki OkaGerman-Japanese dictionaryturning 50 year-old pagesa long nightTakashi IkariHalloweenvoices ascending the hillthe moon beamingMaki Hatanakamy neighbor’s persimmonsreflecting the setting suna peaceful momentKiyoshi Sugitagreen yellow russetfallen leaves’ mosaicfall’s vibrant finaleMichiko Murai 12/11/2012
  42. 42. Page 42 of 47autumn winda horse-rear shop sign--neighingTenshi Sakaifrozen aira branch snaps---stiffness in my nostrilsYasuomi Koganeiburnets in bloomintimatingthe winter of lifeShinya Ogatascooping up maple leavesfingers blushmonument of autumnYuzu SugitaHerbstabendam Spinnfaden haengtnoch SonnenlichtSimone K. Busch (Germany) (Tokyo)autumn eveningsunlight hanging onto the spider’s threadSimone K. Busch (Germany) (Tokyo)2012 12th Haiku Meeting: December 8Moderator: Catherine UrquhartWeihnachtsmondauf dem Gaensefeldweidet der Wind 12/11/2012
  43. 43. Page 43 of 47Simone K. Busch (Germany) (Tokyo)Christmas moonon the empty geese pasturethe winds browseSimone K. Busch (Germany) (Tokyo)cosmos flowerleaving its color to the windwhite… pink…Momo Nishimuraamidst colorful leavesa schoolgirlin black stockingsJunko Saekikrstarimomesecevim morimavazduh slanTatjana Debeljacki (Serbia)cruisingacross the seas of moonthe air is saltyTatjana Debeljacki (Serbia)wind splintered branchesred and yellow leaves scatteredon the cracked walkwayStephen M. Block (USA)sera dinvernolitigi allosteriaper un FanteAntonella Filippi (Italy) 12/11/2012
  44. 44. Page 44 of 47winter eveningquarrels in the innover a knaveAntonella Filippi (Italy)Numai omatpretutindenea omat,nimic altcevaVasile Moldovan (Romania)snoweverywhere snownothing elseVasile Moldovan (Romania)geese and swans fly offI sleep in the denwith the polar nightSergey Pianov (Russia)rosy morninglighton the roofs of the palaceDecember snowHanne Hansen (Denmark)sneezing, itchy eyesairborne volcanic debrisawesome sunsets!Royal T. Fruehling, Hawaii (USA)cotton snow...snowflake shadows sweeptowards the streetlampTomislav Maretic (Croatia)if I could sweep away 12/11/2012
  45. 45. Page 45 of 47your illnessas I do the dead leavesJanick Belleau (Canada)four yearson the road to the hospital--gingko leaves fallingMidori Suzukiturning the cornerheading for the care home--ambulance in winter rainSachiko Kondoend of 2012election campaign much adoabout nothingMichiko Muraihappinessfilling up, spilling over--gingko leaves in DecemberYuzu Sugitacolored leavespeaceful momentsancient pagoda of NaraMasako Omakifarewell old apricot treeback to the ground now--December galeMotoko Satoa growing mountain 12/11/2012
  46. 46. Page 46 of 47of falling leaves outside her gate--is the old lady ill?Shinya Ogatawriting Christmas cards--the beans simmeringin the silent nightMidori Tanakaginkgo fruitshaped like grapessoft as a baby’s skinTenshi Sakaiautumn holidaysordering a bottle of winewith lunchTakashi Ikarithe scent of chrysanthemumsrambling in Sugamo Ginzathe elderly in high spiritsHideo Ebiharachoir of survivorsbelting out the good old melodies--year-end class reunionKiyoshi Sugitaunpicked persimmonsabound in the village--no human warmthYasuhiko Shirotafirst winter drizzle 12/11/2012
  47. 47. Page 47 of 47the brisk stepsof illuminated newsJuich Masudathe soft sunlightmother and child frolickingin the fallen leavesTakeo Hanaokacollapsed tunneland tsunamimenacing our safetyMasaaki Okathis M7.3 aftershockchecking our evacuation speed--this cold windYasuomi Koganeifatsia flowers silentlylighting up one cornerAsako Otomo 12/11/2012