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Http 4seasonshaikusummer.blogspot


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Http 4seasonshaikusummer.blogspot

  1. 1. Summer Page 1 of 5 Дели Пријави злоупотребу Следећи блог» Направи блог Пријавите се Summer │ Home │What is Haiku?│ Spring │ Summer │ Autumn │ Winter │ News & Events │ Contact On the hydrangeas the weight of the morning sun the evening sun ---Otsuyu weak sunshine between rain storms "SEEKING A POEM" sparrows singing INTERNATIONAL POETRY COMPETITION 2011 Author Archive Rachel Green http://www.4seasonshaiku.c 0 comments om/2009/05/news-and events.html eventually... Summer Haiku the leaves will zing ▼ 2011 (113) our steps ---------- July 2011 (52) -------- June 2011 (54) ..(C) 2011 Spiros Zafiris ..channeled; spirit Ram April 2011 (1) -------------- March 2011 (3) Author Archive Spiros Zafiris February 2011 (2) 0 comments January 2011 (1) ► 2010 (373) Hot sun burning light green leaves almost shadow 2009 2008 7/19/2011
  2. 2. Summer Page 2 of 5 Shadow and almost shadow my book and relaxing chair, yes very nice ☺ 2007 2006 Author Archive ashi 0 comments Author Archive Alan Summers wild cabbage ashi on the cemetery compost willow herb and brambles Barry Beatrice V Author Archive Rachel Green Bhalachandra Sahaj 0 comments by Melanie Bishop carlos gesmundo blink of summer Cora Whitmore view from the mountain face of the moon Damien Gabriels David Treptaj leta Dennis Tomlinson Sa planine pogled diana l. Lice meseca Diane Mayr Author Archive Tatjana Debeljacki Gemma W. Wilson 0 comments Gennady Nov Gerald England poppy petals Isabel scattered on the path Jake Salzer wood pigeon calling john McDonald Author Archive Rachel Green kelly m. 0 comments Kenneth Daniels lightfoot its still there Maya Lyubenova a solemn promise to keep Melanie Bishop in our minds we talk intimately Nancy Bea Miller (Genre and sleep back to back Cookshop) Author Archive Wahyu W. Basjir P K Padhy 0 comments R.K.Singh Rachel Green Reihaisha 7/19/2011
  3. 3. Summer Page 3 of 5 Surprising summer night Shanna abundance of stars Shelley Krause under French sky Spiros Zafiris Discovery by my nightly tours Tatjana Debeljacki Vic Gendrano Author Archive ashi Vida 0 comments Wahyu W. Basjir family reunion- Followers will it be great or not how much rum should I bring? Join this site with Google Friend Connect Author Archive Reihaisha Members (24) More » 0 comments the cat finds shelter from morning rain lavender bush Author Archive Rachel Green Already a member?Sign in 0 comments The Four Seasons For me Свиђа ми се Field Mouse sit quiet still eagles circle in the sky Subscribe to Summer light and shadow The Field Mouse we acquainted was though safely around our tent Author Archive ashi 0 comments cooler day extra time in the garden walking on lunch hour Author Archive Reihaisha 7/19/2011
  4. 4. Summer Page 4 of 5 0 comments toadstools appear for just a day frog in the pond Author Archive Rachel Green 0 comments sultry evening slowly walking the plant floor wishing for a breeze Author Archive Reihaisha 0 comments cloud canopy like an upturned basin peppercorn swifts Author Archive Rachel Green 1 comments night shift heat baked building doubles as a sauna Author Archive Reihaisha 0 comments the last raspberries appear on the canes a belt of irises Author Archive Rachel Green 0 comments 7/19/2011
  5. 5. Summer Page 5 of 5 steamy heat waves roll over our smooth taut bodies your lips cool on mine Author Archive by Melanie Bishop 0 comments one for the karma bank eighty-six degrees in the kitchen cooking for my neighbor No AC in the house. Author Archive Reihaisha 0 comments bumblebees explore the slipper orchids toadstools bloom for a day Author Archive Rachel Green 0 comments lavender perfumes the morning heat the cat, sick Author Archive Rachel Green 0 comments Home Older Posts Subscribe to: Posts (Atom) 7/19/2011