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12 days of christmas 2012 13

  2. 2. Welcome to the FIFTH YEARS celebration of The 12 days of Christmas at Lunch Break Thank you for celebrating with me Wishing the love and warmth of family and friends MERRY CHRISTMAS 2012(story of) Anansi - An Unusual Experience © gillena cox 2012 All poems and images remain the copyright of individual writers
  3. 3. Christmas treethe glow and sparkleof old ornaments--opening image and haiku Adelaide B ShawChristmas Eve sunrise---I water mypoinsettiaFred Masarani...And thus, the spidery Anansi, awakes to eight arms full of anansi children,tugging at him from every direction, pleading with him to come downstairs,to open a gift under the Christmas tree. He yawns and stretches, it isdaylight and it is Christmas, what a wonderous feeling...azure skies...in the church-front crecheMarys blue mantle--gillena cox
  4. 4. image from googlesmell of roastin the long distance call –Christmas day--Stella PieridesTV movies Christmas daysips of saki and chocolate--gillena coxfamily gathering...the many soundsof laughter--Kirsten Cliff...Left alone for a while, Anansi and Mrs Anansi sit at the table sippingcoffee. They use cinnamon sticks to stir, stirring slowing. They sip and theytalk, for the children are too excited by their new toys to feel hungry, or evenremember, they have anansi parents....
  5. 5. silent day after ChristmasI clean house again-- AdelaideBoxing Day hunt —ducks on the Danube line-upfor crumbs-- Stella Pieridesso many left overs oh my scalebetter walk all the boxing sale--Lorraine
  6. 6. image from googlearound the table…three generationsin the candles’ glow--Cara Holmanthrough a waft of breezea birds nest revealed--gillena cox...However, later in the day, when they gather, for a late Christmas lunch, itis then, Anansi in between mouthfuls of *green fig salad, decides to relatethis experience...[*In the Caribbean green bananas are called green fig]
  7. 7. after midnight...pouring "Santa" anotherglass of milk--Diane MayrChristmas treethe language gets brightertowards night--Chris Dominiczakhalf awake coo cooof pigeons in the eaves--gillena coxbetween holidayslistening to carolsalone-- Adelaide...In between the patter and splash of raindrops on the pavement, there arosean unusual wind, which, not content to only ruffle Mrs Anansis pretty newdrapes, ruffled and wove herself into the Anansi house; winding her way upthe Anansi staircase, into the Anansi bedrooms; peering here, and peeringthere, until at last, reaching the room shared by Anansi and his charmingwife. Here, this unusual gust, shaped herself into a giant windy hand, largeenough to pick up the unsuspecting, Anansi himself....
  8. 8. ...Come with me Anansi" said the unusual Wind, i will take you on a littletrip. poor Anansi, he was terrified, yet still, he clutched Winds giant handand off they went swooosh. Anansi thought to himself, this must be exactlyhow great Moon feels in all her waning and waxing shapes, suspended in thenight sky; he even thought he saw an unusually bright star in passinghazy moon...cresting a car roofChristmas dew--gillena coxfull moon . . .picking at leftoversfrom the fridge--Kirsten Cliffyelping dogs...bamboobussin[written as spoken by Trinis in relaxed conversations]
  9. 9. yelping dogs...bamboobursting--gillena coxabout Bamboo bursting read more hereA packed churchof children clutching their toys …Holy Innocents Day--Keith SimmondsI remember horsehand of the moon embraceswalnut brain--Tatjana Debeljackicemetery visit --I place a Christmas angelat his headstone--Kirsten Cliff
  10. 10. first snowjust enough to excusethe hot toddy--Diane Mayr...Tossed, swivelled and swirled, Anansi was so terrified he, couldnt evenfeel air sick. He peered through the night; thick and dark, to see what hecould see. There they were, three unusually dressed men riding on the backsof camels, carrying gifts of some sort. They sat so regally in the desert offalling snowflakes, not even once brushing away a snowflake, Anansithought, how wise these three men, sitting on the backs of camels holdingtheir packages so tightly, so securely...winter starsunder the Christmas lightsa couple wishing--Chrissi Villa
  11. 11. drummer on squareoasis of colours and soundmidnight moon--Tatjana DebeljackiChristmas rush—in the road a pair of trainerspointingin different directions--FrankMistletoe hangingin every doorway …spirit of goodwill--Keith Simmonds
  12. 12. between holidaysa late Christmas cardwith no name-- AdelaideNew Year’s eve mass…the church fills with the scentof perfumes and incense--Keith Simmonds...Anansi was enthralled, he stared, his spidery mouth wide open inamazement. But where are they going, just the three of them, and at thishour of the night; Don’t they have families? Wives to help with shelling ofpigeon peas? Childrens gifts to wrap? Ham to bake for the paranderosvisits? And as he asked these questions of Wind, with each question, hismood softened, and his spidery face brightened...
  13. 13. Christmas lilies...the way her eyeslight up--Kirsten Cliffparanderosproclaiming from house to housethe birth of the KingSanta Claus arrivesbearing toys and goodies …children’s eyes light up--Keith Simmondsdrenching hearts of every Scrooge...a downpour Christmas morning--gillena cox
  14. 14. another new yeari take with me the scentof Christmas memories--Chrissi Villafire crackers...a whiff of the new yearwithin festive sounds--gillena coxThe midnight hour…last year’s resolutionsrecycledStrains of Auld Lang Synefilling the atmosphere…a new beginningFireworks in syncwith the midnight magic …the power of hope--Keith SimmondsNew Years Day ...the bunch of balloonshangs shriveled--Kirsten Cliff
  15. 15. learning from the past –New Year resolutionsset in marble-- Stella Pieridesoffice wish list...in a recycled envelopeoddly shaped scrapsthat vacation in New Yorkall the ALF toys were sold out--gillena coxfirst shared at NaHaiWriMo...Where are we Anansi entreated? Wind however had spoken her bit for thatnight, when she commanded "Come with me Anansi" so to Anansis nowquestioning, she gave no reply. It was swooosh, after swooosh afterswooosh. As wind blew this way and that carrying poor Anansi in hergrasp…
  16. 16. image--GheorghePostelnicu Romania;our dogsjoin singing ...but where is Baby Jesus?--Ralf BrökerLet me beYour ChristmasYour shiny starsI love you Jesus--Lorraine...Anansi, from trillions of night clouds above, craned his neck this way andthat. He thought he saw a sign. Yes it was. A neon sign which read"Bethlehem Ephrath - stable about 2 to 3 swoooshes away"...
  17. 17. Three wise men journeyto the east to discoverthe light of the world--Keith Simmondsrainy Christmasan umbrella to shelter...what of the homeless--gillena coxin the company of the homeless---nuns serveChristmas dinnerFred Masaranimemories –mere repentancethrought the fog--Tatjana Debeljackifirst dream of the year--i wake not knowingwhich way is up--Kirsten Cliff
  18. 18. image from googlelate Christmas cardcall of a peacockin the distance--Kirsten Cliffsoft breath of Godwhispers to my heart and soula Son is born today--Pat Geyer...Gently, gently, gently Anansi felt himself being landed; As Wind openedslightly the door of a stable, no one looked around, the door was opened soquietly. And there it was Anansi saw : oxen, donkey, sheep, cattle all lying insweet hay, some munching, some not; and the same three unusually dressedmen, presenting their gifts to... and this is when Anansi squealed with delight"baby Jesus and Mary and Joseph and shepheds". Anansi clapped his handsfor joy and did a happy dance, but no one looked around, no one saw orheard Anansi; but everyone heard angels singing, Joy to the world let earthreceive her King....
  19. 19. A star twinkles ona child in a manger …the Prince of peacea tiny Infantfrom the humblest of abodespeace and love to all--Keith SimmondsChristmas Eveof long agosI still cryO Holy night--Lorraine
  20. 20. Christmas carols...two grackles linger betweenthe melodies--gillena coxChristmas morning...lusty voices belting outhymns of joy and peace--Keith Simmondssomehowin every roomthreads of tinsel--Kirsten Cliff..."It was indeed, a night so Holy. Wind thank you for lifting my spirits,thank you for taking me back to the true meaning of Christmas" Said ahumbled happy Anansi, smiling from air to air, looking around for Wind."Wind, Wind, Winnnnnd", but there was no Wind,only a very contentedAnansi...
  21. 21. --image from googlebeforethe drizzle dissipates -scent of pink roses--gillena coxfog over the roofs –my new diary’s papersmell-- Stella Pieridessleeping throughthe silence of snowwaking with the plough-- Adelaide
  22. 22. wrapped upin this Christmas gift, toohis love for mepacking awaythe Christmas decorations...another year without her--Kirsten Cliffsweet steelpan soundsrehearsing day and nightcarnival coming--Keith Simmondsmoral heartsbar the paths of eviltwelve days--Magyar...Well; like i said before, and im saying again, it was an unusually rainyDecember, when, Anansi awoke one morning in an unusually bad mood, orso he thought. Anyways; it was an unusually cold kitchen (in the tropicalisland of Trinidad) in which cooking oil slowed to an eeire hot stillness inthe large family frying pot, or so he thought, into which the radiant MrsAnansi was dropping evenly formed bits of white flour dough, making friedbakes, or so he thought; for him the unusually grumpy Anansi didnt feel likegetting out of bed even to have breakfast, or so he thought. And this is how itall started...THE END
  23. 23. We have come to the end of the FIFTH YEARS celebration of The 12 days of Christmas at Lunch Break Thank you for celebrating with me Wishing the love and warmth of family and friends. Till next CHRISTMAS. HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! and "may God bless us All" All poems and images remain the copyright of individual writersMany thanks again to my 2012/13 posse:-Adelaide Shaw, USChris Dominiczak, UKChristine L Villa, USDiane Mayr, USFrank Williams, UKFred Masarani, USGheorghe Postelnicu, RomaniaKirsten Cliff, New ZealandLorraine Renaud, CanadaMagyar, USPat Geyer, USRalf Bröker, GermanyStella Pierides, GermanyTatjana Debeljacki, SerbiaKeith Simmonds, Trinidad and Tobago
  24. 24. My inspiration for writing Anansi - An UnusualExperience came from reading, and viewing so many movie variations, of Inspiration for this series The Twelve Days of Christmas Carol Anansi image © gillena cox 2011(story of) Anansi - An Unusual Experience © gillena cox 2012 Read more about the Anansi folk tale