Wingspan Issue 1 From Earth Stream Global


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The EarthStream quarterly
newsletter designed to keep
our customers aware of:
• Internal changes,
developments or
announcements within
the EarthStream group
• Trends that we have
identified with regards to
staffing in the Mining &
Resources, Oil & Gas or
Energy & Utilities sectors
in Sub Saharan Africa
• Country focus
& Commodity
specific focus
• Forecasts for the
upcoming Quarter

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Wingspan Issue 1 From Earth Stream Global

  1. 1. DOWN UNDER FEATURE IRON ORE Our Austrailan Ghana’s Gold The demand for office opens production steel increasesWINGSPANThe EarthStream Sub Sahara & African Newsletter. Issue 1Developments& TrendsCountry &commodityfocusForecasts
  2. 2. EarthStream Down underWelcome toWINGSPANThe EarthStream quarterlynewsletter designed to keep Australasia has has with ASX listed resources firms withour customers aware of: always represented operations in other parts of an important region the world.• nternal changes, I developments or for EarthStream. In addition to having announcements within It is one of the world’s major a regional presence in the EarthStream group Mining Resources hubs Australian we have also and forms a vital link secured a large amount of• rends that we have T in the EarthStream global Visa’s in order to assist with identified with regards to chain. Australian based operations staffing in the Mining current skills crisis. Resources, Oil Gas or Energy Utilities sectors The Australian teams’ primary objective for the If you would like to get in in Sub Saharan Africa touch with our Australian first half of 2012 is to• ountry focus C solidify relationships that office, please contact Commodity EarthStream already Travis Archibald: specific focus• orecasts for the F upcoming Quarter Travis Archibald | Regional Director Tel. +61 8922 60877 IBM Building, Level 3, 1060 Hay St West Perth WA 6005
  3. 3. WINGSPAN ISSUE 14th QuarterOverviewQ4 represented a continued growth quarterfor EarthStream Sub Saharan African 4Mining Resources division. With globalmarkets continuing to provide little certainty,commodities like Gold and Ferrous Metals arestill proving to be safe havens for investors.With events like a looming initiative to promote mining Such an initiative will see 300Greek default, the “buffing” of development in Africa ahead officials brought to AustraliaGold’s appeal would and will of the 2011 Commonwealth from 40 African countries forcontinue will it trading between Heads of Government Meeting training, as well as an increased$1700 and $1750 per ounce in Perth. expenditure on Internationaleven without many clear Monetary Fund programsindicators. It is this certainty, According to the Australian aimed at providing assistancecoupled with ever increasing Financial Review Foreign on mining. According to thedemand for resources that is Minister Kevin Rudd will use his AFR Australia’s overall currentcausing the continued increase keynote address at this week’s and prospective miningin Exploration and Production Commonwealth Business investment in Africa is worthactivity in Sub Saharan Africa. Forum to unveil a $30 million $42 billion. initiative to promote miningOn the 24 October the development in Africa.Australian foreign ministerwill announced a $30 million
  4. 4. WINGSPAN ISSUE 1Country FeatureGhanaGold production is to continue to drive growth period. The largest of these, Newmont Mining’s Akyemin Ghana’s share of global gold production mine in the country’s Easternwhich has risen gradually in recent years as region will add an additionalforeign investment in the mining sector has 500kozpa to Ghana’sincreased. production when it beginsThe country’s contribution Indeed, preliminary statistics operations by African gold production from Ghana’s Chamberhas grown more markedly of Mines show that the Please click through for somestill, increasing from 14.1% country’s gold production key positions EarthStreamof overall output in 2006 to grew by 2.5% in 2010 to are managing in Ghana: 2.97mn ounces reflecting the19.7% in 2009 while gaining positive trend in internationalground on the continent’s Maintenance Planner /Trainer gold prices over the year.largest producer, South Gold production will continueAfrica. We expect production to drive industry growthto continue to trend upwards Senior Exploration Geologist with several major newover our mid-term forecast projects due to come onlineperiod. over our mid-term forecast Engineering ManagerCommodity featureIron OreSteel demand recovered more than anticipated in 2010 and theforecasted growth, powered by emerging markets, to 2015 andbeyond has meant that Iron Ore is the second biggest commoditytrading in the world.This has prompted mining Africa and Sierra Leone to It’s no surprise that a largecompanies to diversify list a few. Africa’s role in Iron chunk of the investmentmore into this sector with Ore is shaping up to be a in African Iron ore stemslarge projects emerging long term supplier of the from the Chinese who arein Cameroon, Republic of commodity with the aptly playing a large role in theCongo, Mozambique, South labeled “Africa Iron Ore belt”. development of the continent.
  5. 5. Issue 1 Candidate focusProject DirectorThis quarter our Reference Number: 85248candidate focus Over 30 years’ experience with EPCM foris on a Project Infrastructure, Mechanical Maintenance,(Infrastructure) Electrical and Civil within the Mining sectorSpecialist: Australian National (African and Indonesian experience, willing to relocate) Excellent understanding of QHE Remote site experience Financially Astute Mechanical Engineer (Degree) Over 15 years’ experience in Port Rail Ryan Forbes EarthStream – Regional Director, Sub-Saharan Africa +27 21 422 0851