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Procedure text


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Procedure text

  2. 2. Orange Juice Guava Juice
  3. 3. Procedure text is kind of text which teaches on how to make something completely. Procedure text usually explain the ingredient or material which is need, after that procedure text will explain step by step how to make thing.
  4. 4. Generic Structure of Procedure Text • Goal : Showing the purpose • Material : Telling the needed materials • Step 1 – end : Describing the steps to achieve the purpose
  5. 5. As the sentence introducers (sequencers) especially in spoken text : First … Firstly Second … Secondly After that … Afterwards Finally … Lastly
  6. 6. As time introducers, especially in written text : … before After … When … While … … until … During …
  7. 7. How to make a cup of coffee Material and Ingredients : • 2 spoons of sugar • A cup • Hot water • One spoon of coffee powder • A spoon Procedure • First you must prepare two spoons of sugar, a cup, hot water, one spoon of coffee powder, a spoon. • then put one spoon of coffee powder into the cup. • Then pour some hot water into the cup. • Next add 2 spoons of sugar into a cup of coffee. • Finally stir it well and the hot coffee is ready to drink.