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The surgeon photoshoot plan pdf


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The surgeon photoshoot plan pdf

  1. 1. Film Poster Photo shoot PlanFilm Title: The SurgeonItem/Model Shot type/angle/ Macro, Background Positioning on poster Details of editing distance Flash and Lighting Osman Nassir Mid Shot This shot would be A plain white wall will The model will be placed I will play around with(the surgeon) wearing his done in the main be used as the in the centre third of the the brightness, contrast,white surgeon lab coat filming location and background as the use poster in order to be the hue and saturationwith his tools in front of therefore the large of white space will be main focus. Doing this spectrum to try andhim with a menacing artificial lights fixed on simplistic, yet will allow the audience to attempt a border of afacial expression looking the ceiling would be effective. gain a slight insight into shadow on the whitedirectly at the camera. used. However, if . the film’s storyline. wall behind the surgeon. flash is required The film title ‘The I will also carry out the ensure camera is at Surgeon’ will be placed at same procedure when least 1.5 metres away the bottom of the poster editing the surgeon tools to prevent over underneath the image. to make it seem as if exposure. they’re rusty and dirty to put across that the surgeon has had them for a long time. If possible, I will also try to add some dirt marks on the white wall behind the surgeon to highlight the horrible conditions of the surgeon’s “office” and how unhygienic his practice is. Osman Nassir (the Long Shot, the This shot will be done The shrine of The model will be placed Perhaps I will edit thesurgeon) wearing his surgeon’s back will in Tibyaan’s house perfection in the centre third of the surgeon and make himwhite surgeon lab coat be facing the where the shrine of poster in order to be the smaller in relation to thecompleting his shrine of camera perfection is located. main focus as the size of shrine in order to make itperfection. This therefore means the shrine could be look bigger.
  2. 2. we’d have to use the slightly overpowering. Also, the shrine stops LED light panel that ‘The Surgeon’ will be halfway down the wall was given to us as the located at the bottom of and doesn’t cover it artificial lights typically the poster under the completely, so in order seen within a home image. to hide this fact I will would not give the position ‘The Surgeon’ right effect for a horror where the shrine of movie poster. perfection stops. The surgeon’s dirty tools Close-up This shot would be N/A, just the white The positioning of the If need be, I would makein a blood-filled, white done at school sink with tools and image would probably be the blood slightly dull tosink because the art rooms blood would be both placed at the bottom of make it look authentic as have a wide white the background and the the poster instead of the I would probably have to sinks I was imagining foreground. top so it can give the use school paint from the when thinking of this illusion that the bloody art rooms, which is often shot idea. Having said sink water will be bright, bold red. this, I would see how dripping off the poster, Also, using the Clone the shot would look also to match eye flow for Stamp I would erase any with the artificial lights the viewer of the poster. paint marks from the tap in the art room; if it making it look like it’s didn’t look part of a school. professional I will then switch to the LED light panel. Polina (the main female Close-up This shot would be Because this is a Too add interest to the The adding of ‘Thevictim) with the plastic done on the plastic close-up, the viewer poster, I was thinking the Surgeon’ would have tosurgery marks on her surgery table with wouldn’t be able to see image of Polina’s face be done during editingface Polina lying down. If much of the could be the entire poster stages. Also, I would re- the artificial light in the background. However, and then ‘The Surgeon’ touch Polina’s face to garage isn’t sufficient the little of the could be added onto her make it look as if its then we’d make the background that the forehead. That way, it already perfect, yet the
  3. 3. LED light panel an viewer does see will be looks as if the surgeon surgeon is so obsessed,addition. the plastic surgery has personally carved his he cannot even accept table that she is lying name onto his ‘project’ general perfection. on. and branded her for life. I would use a font similar to that of messy handwriting to achieve this, perhaps the font ‘Daniel’.