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Table of contents making process pdf

  1. 1. By Debbie Onyemelukwe
  2. 2. The first step I took was to get the pictures I took onto the page. This was aquick and easy step which took a matter of minutes. I did this by pressingFile, Open as seen in Step 1, browsed for the various pictures I wanted toadd as seen in Step 2 and once I’d selected the images, using theRectangular Marquee Tool I selected the whole image as seen in Step 3 and Ifinally pressed Edit, Copy and then Edit, Paste on the page I wanted theimages to appear as seen in Step 4. Step 1 Step 4 Step 2 Step 3
  3. 3. < This image needed to be edited due to the newspaper that I gave the model to rest her head on whilst posing and also my shoe that appears in the bottom right hand corner of the image.In order to edit the photo, I usedthe Clone Stamp Tool toessentially ‘recolour’ thenewspaper and the my foot awayand place the grass over it.
  4. 4. When arranging the images on my Table ofContents, I did them similarly to that of myDouble Page Spread. As can be seen frombelow, in both the photographs arepositioned in such a way that they’recoming off the page, in both the imagesare tilted and finally in both all the picturesare in contact with one another.I did this to add continuity between thepages within my magazine. It will also addfamiliarity between the pages and so give aconnection between the contents page andthe double page spread. DPS TOC
  5. 5. Adding text is the simplest task whencreating any part of a magazine. Yousimply have to use the Text Tool to drawa text box and enter your text into it, likeI did!To persist with my continuity between mydouble page spread and table of contentsI wanted to elicit a specific eye flow.From the image to left I have highlightedthe eye flow I hope to achieve from thereaders when looking at my Table ofContents. I’m aiming for this eye flowbecause as the arrow shows it will pointthe reader in the direction of the rest ofthe pages of the magazine and thereforewill hopefully read the whole thing.
  6. 6. This was the final step I took increating my first draft of my Table ofContents.Similarly to adding the other text, Iused the Text Tool to draw a text boxand added what I wanted to write.This is a key feature in my Table ofContents because it is a commontechnique used in many magazinesand it also adds to my TOC’sauthenticity.