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Making the poster 2 nd draft


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Making the poster 2 nd draft

  1. 1. BY DEBBIE
  2. 2. The very first step was to openthe picture and make it thebackground of the poster. I didthis by simply pressing ‘File’then ‘Open’. I then added the text: film title, the tagline and the date line to follow film poster conventions.
  3. 3. ,I then added the billing box by copyand pasting it from my website sincethat is the new and improved andfinal billing box.The next step was adding the leadactor names. I added the surgeon’sand the victim’s names as they’rethe lead actors and thus followedconventions as other film postersonly mention the main actors on theposter.I then added the url for the websitein case the audience wanted to getmore info about the film.
  4. 4. The next step was adding the film company logos. I used the same ones I put on my website:Dolby Digital and THX. I got both logos off Google and had to remove excess white spacearound the Dolby Digital logo. Finally, I adjusted the brightness, contrast and levels to get adarker tint as I believe it looks more effective than the original image background colour.
  5. 5. As can be seen below, the font of the poster of the film title has been changed from theoriginal and now matches the website. Both productions now look consistent with oneanother and strengths the overall branding.