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Image choices for my dps pdf

  1. 1. Image Choices for my DPSBy Debbie Onyemelukwe
  2. 2. InspirationThis front cover image of Brad Pittand Angelina Jolie was inspiration forthe type of image I would like to usefor my double page spread. Becausemy subject is on the family life of ahip-hop star I need an image showingan „insight into his life.‟ This photogives a very serene and calming senseto how their lives are outside of thecelebrity status and hectic famethey‟re a part of.The costume is clearly planned asthey‟re all in a specific colour schemeof white which adds to the purity andinnocence the newborn children bringto the image.The loving facial expressions onAngelina‟s face reinforces the care anddevotion behind a family bond.
  3. 3. InspirationThis picture of Jamie Lynn Spears was one that I likedand used as inspiration for the type of image I wouldlike to use for my double page spread.I like the „sudden‟ aspect of the image and the fact thatit is a relatable to the audience seeing it. This is becausemany people can recall a time in their life that someonemay have suddenly said “smile” or something similarand immediately had their picture taken, without beingready for it. Some people in this situation may shy awayand hide their face, or others may strike a pose such asthis. My notion of it being an unexpected picture isbeing proven by the outfits both baby and Jamie arewearing. They are in casual wear which is typical of theclothes you wear when relaxing at home. This is anotheraspect I am a fan of because of the casual sense theimage gives off. It is the polar opposite of the glamorouscelebrity „perfect image‟ we as viewers as so used toseeing. The laid back tone is the same type I‟m going formy double page spread image.
  4. 4. Initial DPS ideaMy initial double page spread idea was to be of a feud between two hip-hop rivals. I gotthis idea from the „beef‟ between the two female hip-hop adversaries Nicki Minaj and Lil‟Kim. This dispute began over Lil‟ Kim believing that Nicki Minaj was trying to take overher spot in the hip-hop game after by being the only other female rapper.Using this as inspiration, my idea was to shoot two people who are supposedly rivals anduse one of them to be interviewed for my double page spread text. First Lil‟ Kim photo Nicki Minaj shoot images:
  5. 5. Possible DPS imageThis is an image I took as a „tester‟ shot. Therefore, it is unsuitable for the use of mydouble page spread image. The reason behind taking this tester shot was to see themise-en-scene, check the lighting and to see if the position where I was standing wasan appropriate place in order to get the perfect shot.Certain aspects of this imageshow that it is a shot used as atester. For instance, the olderfemale model‟s phone is visiblein the shot and her shoes arestill on which doesn‟t imply thetypical „homey‟ feel. The malemodel‟s facial expression showsthat the picture wasunexpectedly taken and looksalmost in a state of shock,which is in complete contrastto the other two female modelswho managed to subtly pose.
  6. 6. Possible DPS imageThis is another image I took during my photo shoot for my double page spread.There are quite a few things that make this image unacceptable for my spread in themagazine. Once again, the older female model‟s phone is in clear view and her facialexpression looks slightly forced. There is also a small camera spot that is present inthis image which could draw the attention away from the family.Another aspect of this image thatmakes it unsuitable is the malemodel‟s facial expression. Theimage should have connotationsof love and unity between afamily, instead of curiosity and asense of peculiarity which themale model‟s expression seemsto suggest. The proximity of all 3models in this image is also notideal as the younger femalemodel looks rather squashed inthe middle.
  7. 7. Possible DPS imageThis is another picture that cannot be used for my double spread. Whilst taking theimages, I experimented with holding to camera both portrait and landscape to takethe pictures. This is an example of when I took the picture in a portrait setting andthe result is not of high quality.Although the older male and female models are in anice pose, the majority of the sofa is cut off whichjust makes the image look unprofessional. Theyounger female model however, had gotten a littleaggravated and is therefore looking sad in theimage and is in fact not looking up at the camera.This would not be suitable with the overall theme Iwas aiming for so this is a large component in theimage‟s unsuitability to my double page spread.The position I was holding the camera in whentaking this image was not ideal as I held it too fardown, exposing part of the female model‟s feet andthe carpet beneath. The female model‟s phone onceagain made yet another appearance!
  8. 8. Possible DPS imageAs well as experimenting with camera orientation, I also played around with havingthe setting on flash both on and off. This is an example of when I took the picturehorizontally and without flash. As a result of this, the image came out slightly blurredand with a tint browny-orange colour, as if the sepia effect had been added – whichwasn‟t.Apart from the obvious blurmaking it unacceptable to use, thetoys to the right of the sofa andother excess homely items alsomake it unusable. If it was used, itwould be clear that when theimage was taken, that the itemswere mistakenly involved in thepicture also. The prop of the dollthat is supposed to be the couple‟s„baby‟ is also too exposed, showingthat it is clearly a fake baby‟s headrather than a real one.
  9. 9. Possible DPS imageThis is a picture that was taken near the start of the photo shoot, hence thehumorous nature and unnatural tone it gives off. The older female model‟s righthand gesture also suggests that they‟re more of friends than a couple. The image isalso too zoomed, as I wanted if not the whole, then the majority of the sofa to be onshow. But instead this image just shows a small cross-section of the sofa.The young female model also looks tooserious as she is not smiling or pullinga natural pose which is what I wasgoing for. The fact she is lookingstraight at the camera could make theaudience realise that it was indeed aphoto shoot and not a natural homemoment that‟s captured. and the maleand female models are both smilingand laughing, which is goes against thewanted look of being in love; however,this is understandable considering thatthey‟re in fact siblings!
  10. 10. The DPS image The chosen oneThis is the image I eventually decided on to use as the image for my double pagespread. By this point I had finally remembered to put out some kid‟s toys to use asprops to put across that „hectic family home‟ sense to the reader. The various toys arerelevant to the story and add another dimension to the picture.Both the model‟s facial expressionplus their body language areappropriate the double page spreadtopic. They are all smiling implyingthat they‟re a happy family unit andtheir proximity is close todemonstrate that they love and carefor each other. The „baby‟ is well-covered to hide the fact that itsfake, but is shown just enough forthe audience to realise that it is infact a baby.