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Devil inside website analysis pdf

  1. 1. The Devil Inside Website Analysis
  2. 2. Mise en scene This mise en scene is the first image seen when a person goes to ‘The Devil Inside’ website.There are clearly labelled buttons which the viewer can click and will be taken to the relevant page. However, I don’t like where these buttons are placed as they’re on top of the model’s face and don’t think this is an effective use of the picture as its partially being covered bythem. Instead, I think they could go somewhere perhaps at the top of the website so they can still be seen clearly, but do not obstruct the image. I will bear this in mind when creating my own website so it look as best as it possibly can be. The website is also used as promotion ofthe film’s DVD which I think is effective as the viewer would already be interested in the film if they go on the film website and so having an image of the DVD present highlights that a copy of the film is available to buy.
  3. 3. Embedded trailer The next thing that the audience see from the initial mise en scene is the embeddedtrailer. This is a good way of promoting the film further and also enticing the audience as it allows them to familiarise themselves with the genre of the film as well as the narrative. It also helps to reinforce to the audience their ‘want’ to see the film.
  4. 4. Social media buttons The next thing the audience see after the trailer is the option to ‘share this video’. Thesocial networks of Facebook and Twitter act as the medium for the audience to share thevideo. I think this is useful to have on a website and will definitely use on my film websiteas it increases the reach of my film trailer and website to an international level as people all around the world use these social networks.
  5. 5. Film logosThis is at the bottom of the website. It has the film company logos, the ‘Restricted’ box and links to the social media websites: Twitter and Facebook. I will definitely havesomething similar to this on my website with film company logos to make my website look authentic and professional. This feature also builds upon brand identity as the two film company logos are seen during the trailer and thus are consistent.