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  • Example of Evernote main page in Windows, with many of the note options in the top menu, which can be customized to show more or less.
  • An example of a note containing an outline for a project. Great for the first planning stages.You could then create separate notes for different tasks in the project.
  • An example of notes from different collaborators
  • Different Notebooks laid out in the Mac menu.In Windows you can see all your Notebooks in a list.
  • Evernote’s search facility gives suggested results or you can search for something specificIt will also search within images, not just text.And the premium version searches in attached pdfs too.
  • The Evernote Menu on an iPad
  • The Web Clipper tool lets you clip almost anything and annotate and highlight it if you want.You can even drag images from web pages and put them in a note.
  • Evernote slideshow

    1. 1. What Makes It Such An Amazing Tool and How to Use It to Its Full Potential
    2. 2. Evernote is a powerful tool that lets you… • Record information • Collect various types of media • Create reminders • Store and organise your information in one place • Access your information anytime and anywhere
    3. 3. Collect information for a creative pursuit Writing Painting Drawing Scrapbooking Photography Graphic design Sculpturing Carpentry Interior design Music creation
    4. 4. Keep track of elements of a project Resources People involved Costs Deadlines Materials
    5. 5. Daily organization/To-Dos Shopping lists Daily/Weekly planning Resource lists Material lists Business tasks and Goals
    6. 6. • Collect ideas for a new project/product • Encourage collaboration between team members • General record keeping
    7. 7. Use Evernote to Remember Everything! One of the real benefits of Evernote is that it can be applied to anything and so enables you to keep everything you might need in one place, accessible from anywhere.
    8. 8. • Create notebooks for different areas of your life • Use it as a hub for Contact info Ideas Recipes Little bits of paper with scribbled notes on Anything you can think of
    9. 9. Using Evernote’s quick to learn, intuitive features will help you save and navigate information quickly… which means less work!
    10. 10. • Use Evernote’s accurate search facility • Documents (even pdf or handwritten) are searchable by text • Create note links to tie things together • Don’t forget to add tags to notes • Categorise information using notebooks • Get visual with image notes • Add audio reminders when you think of things
    11. 11. You can keep Evernote up-to-date wherever you are. You can even add photos of inspiration/ideas when you’re on the move.
    12. 12. • Use Evernote on your iPad, iPhone, Android phone, computer, laptop, browser, etc • Email information to Evernote • Tweet information to Evernote • Clip web pages to Evernote while you are searching • Photograph articles, business cards and handwritten notes to Evernote
    13. 13. Collect and ‘clip’ information and web pages with the Web Clipper Text Full pages Images Annotations
    14. 14. • Use the reminder feature to schedule important events • Any Note you want pops into your inbox on the day & time you select • Use the mobile speech to text facility to take notes ‘hands-free’ • Add important notes in the Shortcuts section to access them quickly
    15. 15. Use the massive range of settings and options that come with Evernote to help you organize and…
    16. 16. Learn More about how to use Evernote Evernote has a free version and a premium version – to try out Premium free for one month Evernote Premium Trial For more information about How to use Evernote including a series of video tutorials, please check out A Kick Start Guide to Evernote
    17. 17. Thank you for watching – please share with your friends