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Using Lean Startup to Ace Your Job Search


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Finding a new job is hard. Learn how to use Lean Startup techniques to improve your job search and land the perfect job.

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Using Lean Startup to Ace Your Job Search

  1. 1. D E B B I E M A D D E N C E O , S T R I D E Using Lean Startup To Ace Your Job Search
  2. 2. About Me 2004 2014 2002 Fetch-a-Flick ???TireLabs 19971996 2001 Last Time I Looked for A Job, 15 years ago. Aghhh!!!
  3. 3. How Did You Feel?
  4. 4. Finding a New Job Is Hard
  5. 5. You Have Conflicting Feelings
  6. 6. You Need a Plan to Find THE Perfect Next Job
  7. 7. Use Lean Startup to Ace Your Job Search 1 32 Fail Fast Pivot Know When To Go All In
  8. 8. Fail Fast
  9. 9. What Is Lean Startup?
  10. 10. What This Talk is Not  A Lesson in Lean Startup  Read:
  11. 11. Lean Startup  Shorten product development cycles  The new product you are trying to launch is you.  The cycle you are trying to shorten is your interview cycle.
  12. 12. Lean Startup  Validated learning  The validated learning you are going for is learning what you love to do.
  13. 13. Make More Pots
  14. 14. Lean Startup  Reduce risk, and reduce cost of failures by learning fast and failing fast.  Reduce risk of:  Having no paycheck for too long.  Taking a job that’s not a good fit.
  15. 15. Customer Development  Identify a market for your product  Identify a market for you.
  16. 16. Customer Development  Build features that solve a real need  Build a resume and online profile that solves a real need (aka. That there are jobs for)
  17. 17. Why Customer Development?  Rapid Feedback is the quickest way to learn  Failing Fast minimizes your chance of…  __________________  Taking a job you will dislike  Spending months applying for jobs that you’ll never get interviews for  Missing out on an opportunity you may otherwise not have thought of (This is what happened to me)
  18. 18. Pivot
  19. 19. 50,000 Coaches “You should start an agile consulting company.”
  20. 20. 50,000 Coaches “Do something that's 90% familiar and 10% new.” “I want to work for you.” “I’d hire you for a software development project.” “Start Cyrus 2.0”
  21. 21. Pivot #0
  22. 22. Feedback  Great support in the NYC Tech Community both from potential employees and potential clients.  I discovered my heart wasn’t in it.  Loved Cyrus, yet wanted to do something new.  Pivot.
  23. 23. Feedback “You have kids you need income.” “You should get a job.” “Use your network, you’ll have a job in a week.” And so I did.
  24. 24. Pivot #1 I had a job, for exactly 3 days.
  25. 25. 50,000 Coaches “Why would you work for someone else when you can run your own business?” Hmmm…. I do like running a small business. But what business should I start?
  26. 26. 50,000 Coaches “You should be exec coach for women”
  27. 27. Pivot #2 Executive Coach for Women CEOs
  28. 28. Pivot #2
  29. 29. Customer Development  Reached out to every woman exec I know.  All 5 of them.  4.6 percent of Fortune 1000 CEO  10% of VCs are Women  3% of Tech Startups are founded by Women (What??!!)  Women-led startups have 12% higher revenues than others.  Atta girl!! (But I digress.)
  30. 30. 50,000 Coaches “You'd hate coaching.” “You need to be part of a team.” “Get a job. Use a headhunter.”
  31. 31. Pivot #3 Resume Job Search Executive Headhunters
  32. 32. Feedback  Sent my resume to 20 NYC exec search firms.  Heard back from exactly zero of them.  Awesome.
  33. 33. Exasperation Sets In
  34. 34. 50,000 Coaches “You need to meet VCs.”
  35. 35. What I Learned From Failing Fast and Pivoting  Getting a job is going to be giantly harder than I thought.  Starting a business is easier than I feared.  I am uncompromising in: I will only work with people that match my passion and integrity.
  36. 36. What Can You Learn from Failing Fast?  __________________  Confirm or fail your hypotheses, your fears.  Uncover new avenues you didn’t know were feasible.
  37. 37. Pivot #4 Fractional CXO
  38. 38. Stride
  39. 39. 50,000 Coaches  “I've been begging someone to do this for years”  Ahh haahhh!!!!  Next steps: Refine, and then Scale.
  40. 40. Know When To Go All In
  41. 41. Fake It Till You Make It  Put Your Best Foot Forward, Just Make Sure It’s One of YOUR Feet  Aka – Don’t lie, but do be your own best advocate
  42. 42. Refine  Tweak: Resume, Website, Interview Questions  Transition from pivoting to refining once you find your personal product/market fit.  ***Don’t Scale too early.*****
  43. 43. Don’t Scale Early  Business make this mistake all the time – scale only when they haven’t found a product /market fit.  Don’t blast your resume to everyone you know until you have a sense you are ready to scale.  Instead, send it to a few people, get feedback  Don’t update your LinkedIn and Blast the update to everyone.  Instead update it and turn the Blast feed off
  44. 44. Scale  Tell everyone and their mother.  Tell your mother.  Tell my mother.  ASK FOR HELP. (Customer Devlopment is not over, always learn and reach out to people)
  45. 45. It’s Ok to go back to Pivot
  46. 46. Customer Development Exercise Let’s Help Each Other  Me  Acquire Customers: CEOs of Companies with Complex Sales.  You  Acquire interviews?  Acquire customers?  Acquire connections?
  47. 47. Use Lean Startup to Ace Your Job Search 1 32 Fail Fast Pivot Know When To Go All In
  48. 48. D E B B I E M A D D E N C E O , S T R I D E W W W . S T R I D E N Y C . C O M @ D E B B I E M A D D E N 2 0 0 D E B B I E @ S T R I D E N Y C . C O M Questions?