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This presentation was developed to explain how Drip Rate/IV calculation was done for major health care system/hospital.

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Drip rate calculator

  1. 1. Drip Rate Calculator Instructional Guide Microsoft Excel file developed for large Health System/Hospital in Oct 2010 Developed by Debbie Katz www.Excel-today.com Drip Rate
  2. 2. Drip Rate Calculator File Overview This file is a tool for nursing staff to use at their hospital. The main purpose of the file is to assist in determining the I.V. drip rate for patients. Variables such as weight, drug selection, dosing, and concentration of the drip have all been factored into the calculations. All calculations in the file are accomplished thru Excel formulas. Other functionality has incorporated visual basic programming. It is a redesign of a previous version of this file. The current version will allow the file administrator (staff assigned at hospital to edit and update file) to easily add new drug doses, drug concentrations and conversion information to include in drip rate calculations. The file consists of 3 main reports to view or print. Reports are updated automatically after patient data is entered. End user intervention is minimal with the exception of necessary patient information (data entry) and clicking the print buttons. Certain areas of the file have been password protected to protect integrity of formulas and manipulation. Due to significant automation in the file, it is very user friendly and should not require much maintenance. The guide that follows will explain various techniques used and functionality.
  3. 3. Sheet Tabs in File: Function/Notes 1. Getting Started Contains button to activate Welcome/Instruction Screen and button for file administrator to edit the conversions, charts & lists sheet tab. User is prompted for password to gain access. 2. Drip Rate Calculator Enter Patient Data, stores calculations to build drip rate table. Contains buttons for Printing and viewing each report. This is the only sheet where an end-user would enter data. There are three main sections to this sheet:: Patient Data, Drip Rate Calculations and Drip Rate Table. 3. Pediatric Code Drug Sheet This sheet contains listing of Bolus Doses, Continuous Doses and Intubation Doses. The primary purpose of this sheet is to update the ML (final dose) based on weight of child, dispense concentration and dose parameter. This sheet tab contains an area to display and view data for calculations. The file administration will need to understand how to edit this sheet and requirements for adding new drugs. See page 14 in this presentation for more information. 4. Neonatal Code Drug Sheet This sheet contains listing of Neonatal Drugs – similar requirement as Pediatric Code Drug Sheet 5. Conversion Charts & Lists All key metrics are stored in this sheet including drug list, drug dosing, drug concentration and unit conversions. The file administration can add items to the lists stored here or make deletions and/or edits. Overview of Sheet Tabs Drip Rate Calculator NOTE: Each sheet tab contains This will take you back to the Drip Rate Calculator sheet
  4. 4. DRIP RATE CALCULATOR SHEET TAB Drip Rate Calculator
  5. 5. View of Drip Rate Calculator Sheet Tab Drip Rate Calculator 1. This sheet tab is the only area which requires end-user data entry. Required information needs to be completed to complete calculations necessary to produce the following reports: Drip rate table, Pediatric Code Drug Sheet and Neonatal Code Drug Sheet. 2. This sheet tab is accessed by clicking on Blue button in Intro Welcome Page or directly selecting this sheet tab from file. 3. Once this section is filled in, the calculation area on the next page as well as the Drip Rate Table. 4. SEE Page 11 FOR MORE DETAIL on Fields Clears existing patient data
  6. 6. Drip Rate Calculator Sheet (cont.) - flow of data and calculations Drip Rate Calculator Once the Information on previous slide has been entered, the sheet will calculate the necessary formulas to populate the Drip Rate Table. As you scroll down the Drip Rate Sheet, you will see the area below. These cells contain formulas that will be protected and hidden until sheet is unprotected. The conversion factor looks at conversion table in conversion sheet tab How is ML Per Hour Calculated in the example above? - The formula in ML Per Hour is a conditional formula. It takes quantity of drug dose (1) x weight (25) x time (1) hr divided by drug concentration (.02) and then divides that answer by conversion factor (1000) - ((1 *25* 1)/.02)/1000 = 1.25 - If the drug dose is not in kg, the weight metric is removed from formula (this is “the conditional” aspect of formula - The ML Per Hour becomes the starting dose for the Drip Rate Table (see next page for table)
  7. 7. Drip Rate Calculator Sheet (cont.) – DRIP RATE TABLE Drip Rate Calculator Once the Patient and Drug Information is entered Drip Rate Calculator will fill in automatically. Press Back to take you to top of sheet Table is set in increments end user defined in Patient Data entry area.
  8. 8. PEDIATRIC CODE DRUG SHEET Drip Rate Calculator
  9. 9. Drip Rate Calculator OTHER SHEETS NEONATAL CODE DRUG SHEET This sheet tab calculates the final dose (Units and ML) for various Neonatal drugs. There are option buttons listed to show or hide calculations. To add drugs to this sheet, see instructions listed in the Calculation section in Drip Rate file.
  10. 10. CONVERSIONS CHARTS & LISTS Drip Rate Calculator
  11. 11. View of Conversion Charts & Lists Sheet Tab Drip Rate Calculator