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Campaign analysis2 pringles


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Published in: Food, Economy & Finance, Business
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Campaign analysis2 pringles

  1. 1. Campaign analysis “once you pop, the fun don’t stop”
  2. 2. General Information Type of Product Fried potatoes Brand  Pringles Campaign Name  “once you pop, the fun don’t stop”
  3. 3. Creative briefing • Target audience: • All people who is able to eat the product • Desired positioning: • To move people´s wish to eat more of the product • Key promise or benefits: • pop of flavor on every bite they take
  4. 4. Message analysis • What does it say? • The pop will bring you fun when eating it • How is it said? • By advertising campaigns • Whom is it addressed to? • Everyone • When is it said? • Every day of the campaign • Where is it said? • Publicity internet and tv
  5. 5. Web platform Has its own web page with information, promotions and adds
  6. 6. Campaign video
  7. 7. Personal opinion Tasteful flavor Many flavors High quality advertising
  8. 8. Good or bad • Good Is creative Creates a emotional experience • Bad  Flavors are only is aviable for certain countries
  9. 9. Concept and slogan Showing eating Pringles can be addictive in a good way with variety of flavors “once you pop , you can stop ”