Critical Social Media Basics for New Businesses (OSEB 2013)


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BASIC Facebook & LinkedIn for brand new business owners in the 2013 Ontario Self Employments Benefit program. Presented Feb 5th, 2013 by Debbie Horovitch, Social Sparkle & Shine.

Resources include links to set up pages, basic instructions on how to create community, image sharing recommendations, and support from Mari Smith (content planning calendar link), Amy Porterfield, Melanie Duncan, Danny Iny, Guy Kawasaki, James Wedmore and more...

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Critical Social Media Basics for New Businesses (OSEB 2013)

  1. 1. Critical Social Media For New BusinessSales & Lead Generation Ontario Self Employment BenefitsCurrent Members Feb 5, 2013
  2. 2. Today’s Presentation Will Cover• Facebook – Canadian Stats – How to update – Using your Page & Profile to create community – Maintaining security & privacy• LinkedIn – Uses for B2B & B2C – Links to set up & optimize Company Page
  3. 3. Success on Facebook• Be a baker, not an eater – Use your Page to help others connect – Connect with everyone you have ever met• Customer service – Make all info available, available on Facebook – Show personality on Page• Give value in every interaction – Entertainment, Compliments, Sharing OPC – Information, Education, Solutions
  4. 4. Facebook Stats• Source:• 54% ofallCanadian demographic & psychographic groups ARE using Facebook daily. Not everyone likes it. We only care about the ones who LOVE it.
  5. 5. How To Update• At least 1 update per day• Use an image or video• Get them to engage – Encourage Comments! – Ask open ended questions – Epic Meal Time: “Last comment gets the bacon” • 10,000 comments in less than an hour – Freshii Facts contest > daily free lunch• Most Commented updates encourage more Shares and more Likes
  6. 6. Freshii Facts• Easy to answer encourages MORE comments• Early in the day, before lunch, comments are in Fan’s feed / ticker all day• Return after contest to announce winner
  7. 7. Think Images & Video
  8. 8. Create an Image Library
  9. 9. Live, Shared Experiences
  10. 10. Recognize Your Friends / LikesHighlight Positive Community Experiences:• Valentines Day• Birthdays• What they Like: TV shows, foods, events etc.• Anyone who Likes, Comments or Shares ++Put a Positive Spin on Negative Experiences:• Common challenges:Solve w/info or humor• Wishes of wellbeing for tragedy / disasters
  11. 11. Share Your Business Story• Behind the scenes of business; special access 4 Likes• Ask for what they want from you: – Should we offer a) or b)? • Offer the one more people want – Reward participants• Share all your business celebrations• Be human, not corporate• ALWAYS “Thank You for telling us!” – Positive - encourages more positive interactions – Negative - they are telling you exactly what they would happily pay you more for, without wasting time • Opportunity to turn them around, into an ambassador
  12. 12. Some eCards& popular memes• Share from others• Create your own• Target group memes – Use search & filter to understand what is trending& popular with your target customer
  13. 13. Protecting Yourself & Your Brand• Many buyers want to know the person they are trusting with their hard earned money• ONLY share public-appropriate info to social•
  14. 14. Measuring Facebook• Basic panel• Measure engagement – Divide “talking about” by Page Likes; repeat weekly – 15 / 414 x 100 = 3.62%
  15. 15. LinkedIn• Professional network connects you to millions to help make your biz successful: – Customers – Vendors – Strategic partners – Media / Publicity opportunities • Bloggers& influencers in your biz category – Employees – Political key influencers – Celebrities in your business category
  16. 16. Optimizing LinkedIn• Optimize profile with search keywords – Skills, Customers, Partners, Competitors, “LION”• Encourage people to connect with you: – Connect with me, using – I never IDK – When you connect w/me I will [benefit] for you• Show & share all your history and options• Join 50 relevant groups; search for common
  17. 17. • Add links to images, documents, videos
  18. 18. Measuring LinkedIn• Connect with everyone you have ever met, to gain access to their 1st& 2nd level connections
  19. 19. Facebook & LinkedIn Resources• Create a Facebook page: ref_type=sitefooter• Add a LinkedIn Company page:• Also recommended: – YouTube: video community & sharing to other social – Google+: SEO & Hangouts on Air (YouTubevideos) – Pinterest: source images & generate traffic – Instagram: share your images – Foursquare: digital mobile mapping of your business
  20. 20. Free Resources• Social Media Examiner – business-facebook-pages-2012-winners/ –• Mari Smith –• Gary Vaynerchuck – #1aDayQandA• Guy Kawasaki – What the Plus! (Google+ book)
  21. 21. Who Teaches #Sparkle• Danny InyFirepole Marketing• Greig Wells LinkedNinja• Melanie Duncan Power of Pinning• Amy Porterfield Fbinfluence (Facebook)• James WedmoreVideo Traffic Academy• Local Advertising Expert• Business Platform Many of these are affiliate partners. Should you choose to purchase through these links, I will likely earn an affiliate commission. Please know that I would ONLY recommend professionals who I personally work with & strongly recommend.Most include FREE 90 minute+ webinars that ARE effective w/o purchase.Please let me know about your purchase and I will award you w/access to an upcoming Sparkle Social Media Mastermind (value $597).
  22. 22. Who is Social Sparkle & Shine• Advertising, marketing & PR experience since 1996• Social media consulting & training since 2008• Clients include job seekers, professionals, small business, media channels, large business, not for profits & government organizations, globally• Speaking & training programs available• SEO Optimized guest blog posts available• Relevant guest blogs accepted & promoted• #HappinessTrain Mental Health Awareness Campaign• #SparkleSOS Book Authors & Publishers – monthly Google+ Hangouts on Air (web TV show)• Social Media Mastermind – group coaching & help beginning March 1
  23. 23. Connect With #Sparkle•• LinkedIn• Twitter• Google+• Facebook•• 416-553-2157• Debbie Horovitch• Interns PatrycjaWygnal, Matt Alexander• WordPress / Web Intern ParthPandya