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Assignment 6

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Assignment 6

  1. 1. By Debbie Marques
  2. 2. The ring  Genre : Horror/Thriller Creats tension Camera shots to the audience Closeup shotFont/titles Handwritten Unstable movemente Children’s writting
  3. 3. The ringCamera angle Low angle Mid angle (seeming someone is in front of her)Camera movement Fast zoom (very sudden)
  4. 4. The ringSoundo Non Diagetic : nursery rhymeo Diagetic : camera flashes, waterdrops, snow on tv (ghostly)
  5. 5. Blood and theThe ring water creating enigma Colour blue (cold enviroment,Special effects unwelcoming) Tv snowTransitions Fade out Fast forwarding
  6. 6. The ring Non linearEditing/pace Fast forwarding Slow motion to show the blood Denotation : girl shouting Connotation : showing fright
  7. 7. The ring mise-en-ceene and conventions School uniform Innocent girl Body language ShiveringLight very dim,some black and white scenes,some use of colour(red)
  8. 8. The ring Who is the target audience for this opening sequence? People from 15 to 25 Age of the girl Most common people to watch this kind of horror. How does this opening sequence create enigma? Starts with lack of sound just hear her breathing, Non linear Slow pace creates suspense
  9. 9. PsychoFont/ titles Reminding of prison cells, trapped Slice cutting – emphasises title Contrast of font Font used in size newspapers (very clear)
  10. 10. Psycho Genre : horror/thrillerSound Editing/pace speedyo Diagetic Creates tension Fast Violent Strings (high pitched) Relation to screaming
  11. 11. psychoDenotation : horizontal linesConnotation : trapped, prison bars Who is the target audience for this opening sequence? People who enjoy watching old fashioned horror big possibility of it being black and white due to the colours used. How does this opening sequence create enigma? No use of image music very suspicious itself
  12. 12. Gattaca Genre : Drama Under theFont/titles sea or sky Bible quotes Something to do with religion Camera angle White and blue very calming . Mid angle Low angle
  13. 13. GattacaCamera shots Extreme Long closeup shot shotclose up Longshot shot
  14. 14. GattacaSound Diagetic : calm music Sad (death) Non diagetic : Echo Papers flying Door shutting Fire starting Shaving Scrubbing
  15. 15. Gattaca Transitions Fade out Fade in Pace/lighting slow Warm Started Ending WelcomingSuspicious Yellows suggesting Blues sugesting comfort cold
  16. 16. GattacaDenotation: dropping sticksConnotation: symbol of beating, deathMise-en-ceene Costume : robe Body language: relaxed,calm Props : needle
  17. 17. Gattaca Who is the target audience for this opening sequence? 16 to 45 people interested in science and suspense Involves chemicals, seems psychological How does this opening sequence create enigma? Tells a story but in puzzle form What is he doing to his finger ? What is the liquid he puts on his leg ? What is the blood for ?