Assignment 11 (draft 2)


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Assignment 11 (draft 2)

  1. 1. ASSIGNMENT 11 (DRAFT 2)By Debbie, Maria, Milka A
  2. 2. Done by:Debbie RECORD OF GRADE FOR DRAFT 1 B
  3. 3. Done by:Debbie RECORD OF GRADE  Debbie  E+  Maria  U  Milka  U  Group  U B
  4. 4. Done by:Debbie RECORD OF GRADE  WWW Good organisation of slides  Good moral message of film  Clear ideas for opening sequence  Wide range of conventions  Clear diagrams for brainstorms B
  5. 5. Done by:Debbie RECORD OF GRADE  EBI  Followed the order accurately  Follow the task set  Label all slides  Use more information in some slides  Done more research in what we talked about B
  6. 6. Done by: MariaTARGETS Develop our ideas more. Use less text and instead back up and explain with images. Also use appropriate images which indicate the task you are doing. When we don‟t understand anything we should ask for help. Get our grade up to C or higher. B
  7. 7. Done by: Maria DECISIONS & REVISIONS  We changed our opening sequence as a group and improved it much more.  We have also looked into themes and concepts and researched about them.  We had a problem with what theme and what concept our opening sequence was and we then overcame them by researching more about different themes and concepts.  From draft 1 to draft 2 we made a huge improvement. We developed out idea of the opening sequence and we also have developed out inspirational scenes.  These changes helped us improve by understanding more about our opening sequence and how we are developing our ideas. C
  8. 8. Done by:Debbie GENRE  Our genre from the beginning has been Drama  We did have some changes as the story did not fit to this genre very well  We changed the story but kept the genre D
  9. 9. Done by: MariaCONVENTIONS OF GENREConventions Use-Develop- Description Examples from Challenge and Purpose filmsArgument or Using Heighten theConflict conventions of tension to(DRAMA) arguments emphasis between mother emotion. You and daughter. develop Challenging the sympathy for convention the daughter because the and hate for the violence turns mother because into extreme mother starts violence arguing with her and throws a TV at precious. D
  10. 10. Convention Use-develop- Description Examples challenge and purpose. from filmsHappy ending- • Freedom writers- • Not knowing using a real life whether theRelief situation of when teacher is going(DRAMA) racism has taken to change the place and has minds of these made the society children because separate. no other teacher Challenging it by could. using a Middle-class • She realises posh woman to what has been change the minds of happening and these young people. she cares unlike Relief at the end the other that everyone has teachers. The united and love the audience has teacher and are all sympathy for the going to be in the kids as they same class again have had a hard with the same life. teacher. D Done by: Maria
  11. 11. Done by: MariaKIDULTHOODConvention Use-Develop- Description and Examples of Challenege purpose films • In kidulthood they useReal life real life situations such The purpose ofsituation as when young the film is to give teenagers are being brainwashed by gangs. the older • Also relationships are tackled, and how generation a relationships are being look inside of in todays society and how girls are expected young teenagers • to act. They also tackle gun lifes and the and knife crime and struggles they challenge this by using young 14 years olds go through. girls who are getting And also for into situations like this. • They exaggerate people to different situations that young teenagers go understand the through. issue and for something to be D done.
  12. 12. Done by: Maria4.3.2.1Convention Use-Develop- Description Example of Challenge and purpose films:Portrays • In they use the • The purpose convention ofjourneys of character in this film ischaracter development because to show that you see what they aredevelopment going through and do not think also at the end when that someone everything is going to be ok and they have is ok when all become friends you think again. • They challenge the they arent convention because because they they include a posh white rich girl who you always have do not expect to have something any problems in her life. going on which you do not know D about. Maria
  13. 13. Done by: CONVENTIONS OF OPENINGDebbie SEQUENCE conventions Use/develop/challenge Purpose/ description Arguments Use Description : Girlfriend  Between protagonists will be have an argument Develop  Starting to be more aggressive with boyfriend about the by hitting. lack of attention he gives Challenge her  Unusual hitting such as using some kind of weapons  Weak protagonist winning Purpose: Build up tension. D
  14. 14. Done by: CONVENTIONS OF OPENINGDebbie SEQUENCE conventions Use/develop/challenge purpose/Description Conflict Use Description: boyfriend  Getting the wrong idea ends relationship with about something or girlfriend because of a someone. conflict with the parents.  Causing violence or argument. Purpose: Emphasise emotion and develop sympathy D
  15. 15. Done by: CONVENTIONS OF OPENINGDebbie SEQUENCE conventions Use/develop/challenge purpose/Description Emphasis of Use Description: emotion  Showing emotion  Emotions will be through behaviour and comeing and shown how you treat other mostly from the people girlfriend. However I.e.: Affection. during the flashbacks Develop the boyfriend may  Showing no kind of show some emotions affection for someone you love. Purpose: Challenge  audience feel more into  Sending out an image of the film , because they an uncaring character. will know what each character is feeling. D
  16. 16. Done by: CONVENTIONS OF OPENINGDebbie SEQUENCE conventions Use/develop/challenge Purpose/ description climax use Description:  Main characters point of  After some view changes from what accumulated it was at first. tension, girlfriend explodes and ends up confronting the boyfriend about the lack of attention he gives her Purpose :  excite the audience. D
  17. 17. Done by: CONVENTIONS OF OPENINGDebbie SEQUENCE convention Use/develop/challenge Description/Purpose Use of symbols or Use Description: metaphors  Showing of something  Showing the red rose that symbolises or as a sign of love and informs the audience of girlfriend an event/date remembering boyfriend by looking at the teddy bear. Purpose:  Tell the audience more about the character, in a more original way. D
  18. 18. Done by: CONVENTIONS OF OPENINGDebbie SEQUENCE convention Use/develop/challenge Description/Purpose Happy Use Description: ending/relief  Protagonist end up  Boyfriend remeets together. girlfriend after a few Get what they were fighting months after realising for throughout the movie. that he wanted to fight Develop for her because what  Protagonist are not a he felt wasn‟t only a couple. teenage love with no Challenge importance  Get completely the  Girlfriend is a little opposite of what they confused at first but tried to gain throughout ends up understanding the movie the boyfriend and  One of the protagonist decides not to waste dies. time. D
  19. 19. Done by: CONVENTIONS OF OPENINGDebbie SEQUENCE convention Use/develop/challenge Description/Purpose Realism or Use Description: realistic issue  Using real issues such  Teenage love as love problems that happens all the time people can relate to. in some time in our lives.  Teenagers tend to call love to attraction or „crush‟ they don‟t usually know the meaning of real love‟ Purpose:  Get closer to the audience as they may have similar D problems.
  20. 20. Done by: CONVENTIONS OF OPENINGDebbie SEQUENCE conventions Use/develop/challenge Description/purpose Moral Use Description: message Drama films all tend to  Love is not love if its have a moral message not shown. behind it, each story has their own message.  Make sure about what you feel before involving anyone else. D
  21. 21. Done by: MariaINSPIRATIONAL FILMS Grease Titanic  .The “I‟m flying” scene inspires me because of the message it sends out. It is like both of them are on top of the  . I liked this movie world and nobody around them can stop them. because it sent out a  I liked the way the camera moved good moral message. around them so they emphasises that  . Its moral message was point really well. that you should not  In this film they used the concept of change the way you look love and in our film we are going to for someone just to use this because we are going to show that you should not let someone attract them. you love go and you should spend every moment with them because you never know when they will be gone. E
  22. 22. Done by: Maria IF ONLY . I find that the notebook was very inspiring because the romance is based on something real. . I also find it inspiring because many people go through this, and the moral  . Our film can be based on this message of it is to not let someone you movie. As the moral message of it love go. is the same. . You should never give up on love.  . This movie is inspirational I liked especially this scene of the movie because it shows that you should because it was like regret and guilt that always appreciate the one that you they let each other go. And out film we are love, or you can end up regretting going to be showing the guilt and the it. regret for letting her go.  . It also shows that if you do start to appreciate her, then things will go E really well and you can show her how much you love her
  23. 23. Done by: Maria . I find this movie inspiring because it shows that even though the one that you love is terminally ill, you should not leave them, but stay by their side. . This movie also inspires me, because it shows that love can change someone for the good and not for the bad. I liked this scene because it was the moment they realised they have feelings for one another and it was like it was them two on their own and no one else around them. E
  24. 24. Done by: DebbieINSPIRATIONS SCENES Titanic  first A walk to remember kiss  singing scene • Moment we were not• First kiss is always special in the film expecting.• We want a scene this special as it • We want a moment in our gets the audience to feel into the film where one of the main feelings of the character . characters expresses their• Becomes memorable. feelings • In our film we will have the boy singing to her to show E the love he feels for her
  25. 25. Done by: DebbieMY INSPIRATIONAL SCENES If only  raining Honey  video clip scene/ shows the love • Should always show what you are feeling• I like this particular scene as • Moral message very inspiring for ours although she is about to follow her • Beautiful speech , very touching dream she still goes to help her • Sadness at the end when the guy dies old friends from saving the girl.• In our film we would want a scene • In our film we would expect a scene where although the girl is having like this when he comes back and problems she will be ready to help they end up together at the end of the who ever needs her. film E
  26. 26. MY INSPIRATIONS SCENES Done by: Milka Rihanna: Diary of a mad We found love black womanthis video is really inspiring as it shows  This video is inspiring because itthat a young couple do go into conflicted, shows how a woman who was humbleas they sometimes might disagreeI find the scene inspiriting as it shows and good to her husband is chucked outthat, people would do anything for there of her house and she turns into a madloved ones, even mess up there life black woman.This also shows that if you do don‟t  She abandoned her family life for herlisten to your close ones, you will go down husband which showed she wasthe wrong path committed so she didn‟t deserve this. The music and the atmosphere in this Her crying and the shouting that followsvideo makes you feel on edge, and makes makes the audience feel sorry for her Eyou feel like you wouldnt never want to go because in previous scenes she isdown that path showed a s a dedicated wife. I find that inspiring
  27. 27. Done by: MilkaTHE DEVIL WEARS PRADA This film is inspiring, as itshows us that people dochange for the things they love,while pushing away the peoplewho loves them. To not give up your dream,just because, you stand outfrom everyone else. So you Eshouldnt change your self foranybody
  28. 28. THEME / CONCEPT MILKA  Our theme is guilt.  Our concept is hidden feelings. We are going to show this by the girl feeling guilty of the breakup has done.  We show this by flashbacks and of her crying over memories she has with ex- boyfriend .
  29. 29. Done by: Debbie THEMES Discrimination Jealousy ObssessionSuicide AdolescenceJustice Guilt Poverty Conflict Supernatural Revenge Science Racism Religion Depression F
  30. 30. Done by:Debbie CONCEPTS Love affairs HIV Pregnancy Alcohol Hidden feelings Prostitutioncancer Hidden feelingsDNA drugs Memory loss Homosexuality F fantasy
  31. 31. MariaRESEARCH OF THEME Theme: Guilt Guilt is when a person cannot bear the sanctions of their wrongs and regret doing the wrongs. Just like in “how the Grinch stole Christmas”. The Grinch felt guilty of taking presents from the little kids and does feel remorseful in the end of the movie. G
  32. 32. Done by:DebbiePREVIOUS IDEA – WHOLE FILM Married couple where wife does everything for the husband Husband shows no affection for her She gets fed up and they both argue She gets run over and put into coma He feels guilty and believes it is time to change as H he realises how important she is to him.
  33. 33. Done by:DebbiePREVIOUS IDEA- OPENING SEQUENCE Close up shot of wedding rings Husband having flashback of him arguing with wife and him hitting her Door shutting Car screeching Him running shouting „no‟ H
  34. 34. Done by:Debbie IDEA DEVELOPMENT  How we are improving  Watching more drama films  Using inspirational scenes from films we‟ve watched  Selecting the best ideas from each group member  How you have changed and developed the idea  Kept the same main idea of the couple but changed the story behind it  Made it more realistic and less „cheesy‟  How is everyone contributing  Everyone giving their own ideas  All group members are watching different drama films  We bring back ideas of possible shots and locations for our opening sequence H
  35. 35. Done by:Debbie IDEA – WHOLE FILM  Teenage couple „fall in love‟ and start going out  Parents accept him but always find something strange about him but don‟t know what.  Until one day the couple have a big argument about the lack of affection he gives her  He sends her an email saying „the love‟ he thought he felt for her has no logic and wants to break up. (teenage love)  After 2 months he has the courage to admit to her that he broke up because he knew her parents would never accept him and would always think he was not good for her. H
  36. 36. Done by:Debbie IDEA- OPENING SEQUENCE  Girl on computer ( Facebook) looking at pictures of them two.  Girlfriend sees pictures of them two when happy and has flashback. (happy)  Goes back on Facebook sees picture of boyfriend with parents and has flashback (conflict)  Back to reality and gets text saying to check her email  Long email and ends with the words „Im sorry‟ H
  37. 37. Done by:Debbie IDEA DEVELOPMENT  From draft 1 we improved : Opening sequence is more modern o due to the ideas used such as, using facebook  Matches more the target audience o kind of hobbies and life style people in this age range take .  A lot more clear to the audience o Idea is better explained and gives hints about what the film may be about  Creates enigma o Different to how it did at first,makes more sense and more realistic. H  Realistic story (links to genre)
  38. 38. SCRIPT J
  39. 39. SCRIPT J
  40. 40. SHOT LIST MARIADayTime Scene Shot Location Characters Art Costume Notes description dept./props 1 Girl opens Debbies Sophie 1 door bedroom 2 Girl walks into room 1 3 Wide shot of room and 1 girl walking in. 4 Camera focuses more 1 on the girl and the laptop. 5 Side profile of girl 1 6 Close up shot of face 1 7 Girl grabs Laptop laptop 1 8 Girl takes laptop and 1 turns K around.
  41. 41. MARIATime Scene Location Characters Costume Notes Shot Art description dept./props Girl 9 walks 1 back and heads towards bed Girl sits 10 on bed 1 Girl gets 11 comfortab 1 le on bed Girl 12 opens 1 laptop Girl 13 turns on 1 laptop Opens 14 Facebook 1 15 Looks at 2 K photos of the two together.
  42. 42. Done by:SHOT LIST Debbie Time Scene Shot Location Characters Costume description 16 Extreme Bedroom Sophie 1 closeup of sophie fighting back her tears 17 Happy park Sophie and 2 Flashback danny 18 long shot of park Sophie and 2 couple Holding danny hands 19 Mid shot of park Sophie and 2 Danny giving danny rose 20 Back to Bedroom Sophie 1 reality 21 Extreme Bedroom Sophie 1 closeup of her K face (upset)
  43. 43. Done by: SHOTLIST DebbieTime Scene Shot Location Characters Costume description 22 Close up shot Bedroom Sophie 1 of picture album 23 Mid shot of Bedroom Sophie 1 lpatop Scrolling down to see many pictures 24 Close up Shot Bedroom Sophie 3 of laptop, Clicks picture of her with Danny and parents 25 Close up shot Bedroom Danny, sophie 1 of girl and parents smiling in reality 26 Goes to Living room Danny and 4 flashback mid sophie shot of couple in sofa 27 Mid shot of Living Danny and 4 danny on his sophie phone K
  44. 44. Done by: debbieSHOT LIST and milka Time Scene Shot Location Characters Costume description 28 Close up Living room Sophie 4 shot of girl with angry face 29 Mid shot of Living room Danny 4 Danny putting phone down 30 mid shot of Living room Danny and 4 Couple Sophie arguing 31 Mid shot of Living room Danny 4 door shutting (Danny leaving) 32 Mid shot of Living room Mum 2 Mum coming in room 33 Extreme Living room Mum and 4 close up sophie shot of mums lips when K talking to sophie
  45. 45. Done bySHOT LIST milkaTime Scene Shot Location Characters Costume description 34 Extreme Sophie 1 closeup of phone vibrating 35 Close up Sophie 1 shot of facebook page (deleting album 36 Mid shot of Sophie 1 girl with phone 37 Extreme Sophie 1 closeup of text 38 Mid shot of Sophie 1 girl worried getting laptop 39 Close up Sophie 1 shot of girls face K reading the email
  46. 46. Done by: MilkaSHOT LISTTime Scene Shot Location Characters Costume description 40 Extreme Sophie 1 close up shot of some words of email 41 Extreme Sophie 1 closeup shot of girl facial expression 42 Extreme Sophie 1 closeup shot of ‘im sorry’ on email. K
  47. 47. ENIGMA BY MARIA We are going to create Enigma by the audience not knowing why the boyfriend broke up with her. Also by why she is looking back at the photos and what is the reason she is upset. We will also create enigma by only showing a few words from the message. L
  48. 48. Done by:Debbie TARGET AUDIENCE  Age : 15-20  Gender : mostly females  Ethnicity : any  Location : United Kingdom  Hobbies : going out with friends, having fun, going cinema etc  Social class : Middle class, working class Target audience would be interested in idea because of the plot :  It has a lot to do with love  Very common problems in this age range  15-20 year olds interested in finding out new things about love.  Can be a good way to start showing their emotions more often. M
  49. 49. Done by:Debbie TARGET AUDIENCE Target audience would be interested in idea because of the form:  Type of editing will be modern  Not quite the kind of music that an older generation would appreciate  Transitions we will use our target audience will find it interesting as if it was a younger person or older wouldn‟t find it so amusing. Target audience would be interested in idea because of the genre/conventions :  People in this age range will mostly prefer films of this genre  Find the convention about the moral message interesting  Drama films is always a popular genre as it has a little bit of climax but also some romance going on M
  50. 50. Done by:Debbie CHARACTERS Character representation: Poor broken hearted  Girl : Sophie girl •20 year old girl •Fashionable •Loving •Caring •Wealthy •spoilt •„family‟ background N
  51. 51. Done by:Debbie CHARACTERS Sophie will have Scarves this kind of hair style Baggy, stylish top Casual winter Fashionable clothes Big bags N
  52. 52. Done by: DebbieCOSTUMES SOPHIE (1) Beige Hollister Black jumper Winter boots £40 £35 Navy salsa jeans 90 Euros N
  53. 53. Done by: DebbieCOSTUMES SOPHIE (2) White all star converse £40Beige ralphlaurenhoodie Navy salsa jeans 70 euros£75 N
  54. 54. Done by: DebbieCOSTUMES SOPHIE (3) Red dolly dress Sheer black £25 tights £2.50 Black Winter boots £35 N
  55. 55. Done by: Debbie White all star converseCOSTUMES SOPHIE (4) £40 Hollister checkerd shirt £44 Navy salsa jeans 90 euros N
  56. 56. Done by:Debbie CHARACTERS Character representation: The lier with no  Boy : danny feelings •20 year old boy •Aggressive •Stubborn •Doesnt like to show emotions •Difficult background •hegemonic N
  57. 57. Done by:Debbie CHARACTERS Checkered/ plain shirt  Inspirational picture of character Fashionable  straight facial expression Macho Casual clothes Manly posture All star / N boots Ripped Jeans
  58. 58. Done by: DebbieCOSTUMES JEAN (1) Black converse Grey jacket £30 £40 Navy jeans £25 N
  59. 59. Done by: DebbieCOSTUMES JEAN (2) All star converse Checkered shirt £40 £20 Light jeans £30 N
  60. 60. Done by: DebbieCOSTUMES JEAN (3) Hollister t-shirt £20 Blue and white jacket £50 All star converse £40 Light jeans N £30
  61. 61. Done by:Debbie PROPS o blackberry curve  Samsung laptop •Girl looking at pictures on Facebook of the couple. •Girl receives •Check the text from boy email he sent telling her to her check her email, Rose oTeddy bear •Boyfriend giving the girl a •Remind girl of rose on first boyfriend that has date N just left.
  62. 62. Done by: Milka IDEA FOR LOCATIONS • we are going to film in debbie‟s bedroom most of the time only for the flashbacks we are using other locations Desk Shot of bedroom from the Another shot taken door from the door Girl and boy coming down the stairs O holding hands
  63. 63. Done by: Milka OTHER LOCATIONS  Living room, sofa where the couple have the argument • Door scene of where danny leaves the house • We are using this after argument with park in wembley to sophie show the flashback of a happy moment between the couple O
  64. 64. Done by: Milka HOW WE WILL GET THERE  Car  Train  Bus  Walking  Cycle •Crossing the road •Getting robbed •Tripping over •If going by train  careful not to fall on to railway •Not get involved in arguments with people you do not know O •Do not give attention do strangers
  65. 65. Done by: Milka NARRATIVE USED We will be using:  non-linear narrative = film shown in correct same order as happened events.  some scenes will be in chronological order  Make it clearer to the audience so don‟t get confused with order of events.  order of these detailed events need to be very clear as they are the key of our film. o linear narrative = mostly made of flashbacks as you may see the event first and then go onto the explanation.  Creates enigma  Divided into three sections  setup, conflict, decision
  66. 66. FILM THEORY MARIA We applies Todorov‟s theory in our storyAt the beginning we use equilibrium of when the girl is happy looking at the pictures.We then realize that something is wrong with her as we see her not smiling anymore.We then see the flashback of the two arguing.Then the recognition of something is wrong when the boyfriend e-mails her saying look at your e-mail.And an attempt to fix the situation. Q
  67. 67. FILM THEORY MARIA We did not use claude-levi strauss theory because he believed that all movies should end in conflict. However our movie ended in the two being together.
  68. 68. LIONS GATE ENTERTAINMENT BY:MARIA Logo: Canadian entertainment company Founded: 1997 Made: $1,704,000,000 I like this company because they mostly do drama- based films. Such as “Precious” which made $62,889,395. The budget of the film was &10,000,000. So it shows that they make a lot of profit out of it. R
  69. 69. PARAMOUNT PICTURES MARIA Logo: Operating income: $1.2 billion Founded: 1912 American film and television production/distribution company. I like the distributing company because they make inspirational movies which have a strong moving meaning behind them. One example of a film is: Freedom writers. The budget of the film was $21,000,000 And the box office made $43,090,741 R
  70. 70. COLUMBIA MARIA Logo: Founded: 1919 American film production and distribution company. I like this distributing company because most of their target audience is aimed at teenagers. They made films such as: The Ugly Truth It was a Romantic Drama and was aimed at the same target audience as the one in our opening sequence Its budget was $38 million R And the box office made: $205,298,907
  71. 71. Done byTITLES /CREDITS Milka We found this title intrusting. he word beauty is in bold, to show us that it‟s the more important word out of both.  We also like the way the whole post is simple, and pure, to show that true beauty is pure, the way there is a bright red rose also By Milka, symbolizes the word beauty Debbie and Maria We liked the way the title is down on the side, it makes it look different. I also liked the way the whole title is in caps lock The credits and big. it gives us a hint that the film isnt as calm would be as the film above, and is a bit dreadful something like We found the „X‟ very interesting, as it is in red and sort of looks like a danger sign. the colure this. makes it stand out more. with a photo of Danny and Sophie as the background.For the title, we would like to do something meaningful, as The photo thatthe genre we picked was drama. would be at theWe all came up the conclusion that we would name are background of thefilm „Teenage Love‟ so it would be nice to put the word credits, would beLOVE in bold, as We got inspired by the two titles above. the same photoThe color we would do it is pink as the gender that we are she was looking ataiming for are mostly females and as pink is a female on the openingcolor. sequence
  72. 72. TITLES /CREDITSTeenage LoveTeenage LoveTeenage LoveTeenage Love
  73. 73. Done by:MUSIC/SOUND MilkaNon-diegetic:Wizard of Waverly place movieI found the non-digeteic sound, that was playing when Selena was crying inspiring, because it really suited the whole scene and fitted in just right. saw really inspiring, as the „flying scene was romantic, and they played a romantic song at the background as it was suitable for the scene up 1I found the club scene in step up inspiring because there was music playing and when the characters started to take, the music volume level got put down, and we could hear everything they were saying clearly, at the same time the music was still playing
  74. 74. Done by:SOME COPYRIGHT SOUNDS WE WOULD USE MilkaFOR OPENING SEQUENCE: We would use this as a non- diegetic sound, when she looks at the old pictures of her ex-boyfriend and when she starts crying, while thinking about it. We would play this sound at the part when she gets happy flashbacks of her and partner before they broke up.
  75. 75. Done by: DebbieBBFC AND RATINGBBFC stands for = British Board of Film ClassificationWhat it is : Company that classifies films (age range and categories) Eg . U, PG,12a, 15, etc.Used for : Cinema Videos media U
  76. 76. Done by: Debbie BBFC OF OUR FILM  Our film is a PGBBFC standards How we are meeting themDiscriminatory language or behavior is We are not using any kind ofunlikely to be acceptable discriminationReferences to illegal drugs or drug misuse We are not using any kind of drugs ormust be innocuous or carry a suitable sending out any messages to do with drugsanti-drug messageFrightening sequences should not be No frightening scenesprolonged or intenseNo detail of potentially dangerous Only dangerous behaviour is during thebehavior which young children are likely argument there will be some aggressionto copy.Language No strong language will be used UMild bad language only
  77. 77. Done by: DebbieBBFC OF OUR FILMBBFC standards How we are meeting themNatural nudity, with no sexual There will be no nudity or sexualcontext scenesSexual activity may be implied, but No sexual activity will be impliedshould be discreet and infrequent.Moderate violence, without detail, Moderate violence may be usedmay be allowed, if justified by itscontext U