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A2 newspaper research


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A2 newspaper research

  1. 1. By Debbie Marques
  2. 2. Things included in newspaper• Horoscope• Lottery• Weather• News• Tragedies• Sports• Competitions• Holiday rentals• Arcade• Bingo• Tv/film reviews• Showbiz• Music• Jobs• Travel• Politics
  3. 3. How Newspaper is Organised Celebrity Newspaper name Date (inform (mentions it is free) quote audience) Quarter of the pager with PictureThe main story of protagonist oftitle, attracts news (supportingtarget audience, the main title)mainly what themiddle of thenewspaper isabout. Advertisment of website to watch films (supports the ads next to it) Advertisement about New films out
  4. 4. How newspaper is organisedWeather News Metro in focus Interesting newsLife going out Life tv
  5. 5. How newspaper is organisedPuzzles and Education and Mini ads Metro Sportshoroscope courses
  6. 6. How much Advertisement is in it ? • Most pages inside of the newspaper include at least quarter page advertisement Whole page advert Quarter page advertWhole page advert
  7. 7. What do they advertise ?• Airlines• Tourism/ holiday offers• Phone companies• New products• Health related ads Specsavers Quit smoking helpline• New films / tv
  8. 8. Who is the target audience?• People who use train regularly• 17-45 • Mostly people who go to university, college and work. • Interested in happenings and news around London.• Consumer culture• Working class culture• People living in local communities of London (urbanities) Topics included in• Mostly male readers this newspaper would interest mostly men such as politics and sport
  9. 9. Where is it available?• Train stations• Inside tubes• Metro app• Online• Cafes• Workplaces• Buses• Urban centres across London
  10. 10. Costs and sizes 30,000 for a full page advert £250 for a quarter page advert
  11. 11. Things included in newspaper• News• Science• Money• Femail• Health• Sport• Tv guide• Showbiz• Travel• Food• Books• Horoscopes• Bingo• Politics
  12. 12. How Newspaper is Newspaper Organised Cost of the newspaper nameNewspaperrelease date Picture of one of main news inside newspaper Newspaper subtitle Text supporting Newspaper title picture shown Brief explanation of newspaper title
  13. 13. How much Advertisement is in it ?• Around 35% is advertisment
  14. 14. What do they advertise ?• Furniture shops• Holiday ads• Cars• Supermarkets• Lotto• Food• Banks• Mostly within the upper class’ interest
  15. 15. Who is the target audience?• 18-50 year olds• Lower-middle class status• Mostly females  53% female readers 47% male readers• Particular section ‘FEMAIL’  includes topics in which females are particularly interested• Education  chance of winning prizes• May contain strong language at times
  16. 16. Where is it available?• Home delivery• Online• Kindle• Dailymail app• Mailonline app• Newsagents
  17. 17. Layout design Using a white background emphasises the pureness Showing the bed to emphasise what the shop sells. Very commonShowing the scenario where abedroom as group of friends order a pizza Showing how themost of the product looks likecompany’s can be useful if thefurniture is for audience is thinkingbedrooms. of buying it. Using the living room to emphasise relaxing and not worrying about cooking
  18. 18. ContentFurniture CinemaFast food Skin therapy
  19. 19. Style of fontItalic writingemphasises for a using calm colours and The day it is out onmore mature target the colour white meaning another colour so calm which also White writing on stand out from theaudience emphasises the name of a black rest of the text. the company background for the writing to stand out
  20. 20. Style of font The ‘3 in 1’ in pink so it gets most of the audience’s focus . Colour white to be Colours chosen,White and very small very discreet. emphasise thewriting used as it isinformation that the clear skin which iscompany does not want what the productthe customer to pay is for.much attention to.
  21. 21. Organisation of information Titles placed in the middle to get audience’s Titles placed on the attention middle with the product so gets audience’s focus.Placed at thebottom so it is not Writing placed atas visible to the the bottom of theaudience screen to be more discreet to the audience Placed at the bottom but due to the blue back ground, get the audience’s attention
  22. 22. The blue skycreates arelaxingsensation Layout design logo Having jus a blue background logo will emphasise the companyUsing a and also get the audienceconvertible blue attention jus on the title at thecar persuades the topaudience to getone as it looks Having the people in theglamorous kitchen makes it look realistic and will persuade people to buy a new kitchen Using the kitchen emphasises what the shop sells
  23. 23. ContentCars BanksFilms/ Furnitureprogrammes
  24. 24. Style of font White writing to emphasise the name of the bank, eye catching to audienceUsing white writing Smaller writing at thewith the font used bottom using Arial font which makes it morein all Peugeot cars ordinary White large writing was used to emphasise the target audience which would be a more mature audienceBold writing was White font was used toused so it was stand out on the blackfocused more by back groundthe audience
  25. 25. Organisation of information Having the titles at the top of the screen will transmit the aim of the commercial to the audienceName of car make Smaller writing atin capital letters as it the bottom with theis the most Phrase slogan persuading theimportant. audience in white at the bottom of the Channel it is going to be on screen to make it placed on the corner of the visible screen Having the promotion with a red background gets the audience eye Half of the screen used with the information to make it clear to the audience