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#5 inspirational scenes from films

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#5 inspirational scenes from films

  1. 1. By Debbie Marques
  2. 2. Music :Verycalm, romantic, suitable for the moment.  Main girl starts toFamous song called sing to the boy during school play:only hope, which haseverything to do withthe film Connotation : Denotation : expressing her singing feelings through the /watch?v=0ofeDruIwTM song. (0:48)
  3. 3.  Conventions of genre: the way he just stares at her in shock as she is looking so pretty and delicate, different from how she usually dresses. Costume : her clothes very elegant showing Mood/Lighting: spotlight atmosphere :used to focus on just her figure in a very innocent and respectful romanticher. manner. Target audience : from ages 15 to 21. shown by the age of the main characters of the story. Also where it is mainly set (school) emphasises the target audience.
  4. 4.  When the girl is in bed she Denotation: suddenly hears the wind from shivering outside coming in, she wakes up with a sudden nightmare, she looks back she the old lady is behind her in her bed.Connotation :shows howfrightened sheis . Mood/atmosphere : traumatizing, creep y, frightening.  Conventions of genre: slow motion of the main innocent character as she is turning back and sees the old disturbing looking lady lying behind her in bed.
  5. 5. Music : slow music during the calm moments but thenTarget audience : 15 to 25. pace suddenly getsunder 15’s would be a faster as suspense islittle scared and would createdmost probably dreamabout it during the night. Costume/props : the old lady’s fake teeth, very effective and the staples. Lighting: very dim at times of horror, but very light when everything is calm
  6. 6. Mood/ atmosphere : happiness, conflicts, love throughout the whole Famous ‘flying’ scene of the loving films and sadness at the couple. end.Connotation :shows thelove and care Denotation:between this holding armscouple Lighting: vivid light throughout until the tragedy. w&feature=related (1:10)
  7. 7.  Target audience : from 12 over Conventions of genre: all the romanticism and perfect love in stories always end with some kind of tragedy. And always contain that main kissing scene.Music : very sad but beautiful songthat will go through generation togeneration
  8. 8. Titanic A walk to remember Drag me to hell


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