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#2 coursework analysis


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Published in: Business, Technology
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#2 coursework analysis

  1. 1. Coursework analysis By Debbie Marques
  2. 2. Alexa’s opening sequenceAlexa got an A grade overall.
  3. 3. What went well • Slow motion was used to show the impact of the hitting • very realistic violence• The way she used • Close ups were very the colour black effective to show and what to show panic. flashbacks.
  4. 4. Even better if • Clearer image• Using somethingbetter either thanplasters to show thebruises (makeup) • Express feelings better using body language
  5. 5. Dafne’s opening sequence• Dafne got a grade A overall.
  6. 6. What went well Very sexy and promiscuous way of putting lipstick. Close ups toThe wedding ring at highlight thethe beginning importantsuggesting marriage anglesis involved. The idea of showing the husband’s phone call.
  7. 7. Even better if... Pictures were clearer and not as blurrySpoke louder as in some Used some colourbits towards the end was specially to make thedifficult to hear. lipstick stand out more.
  8. 8. My opinionI personally like both these sequences although very different from each other but both have a very interesting story behind it. However if this was a trailer for a film at the cinema I would definitely go to watch it.