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5 Ways To Increase Your Profits


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Learn the 5 KEY steps to growing your business!

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5 Ways To Increase Your Profits

  1. 1. 5 Ways to Increase Your Profits
  2. 2. Deb Aungst• Professional Trainer with PeopleWorks International• Adjunct Faculty at Miami University, Oxford Ohio• Presenter for The John Glenn Institute at The Ohio State University Management Advancement for the Public Sector and the Ohio Certified Public Manager Programs• Business Owner 16 years• Served in Management in the Health Care and Insurance Industry.• Masters in Public Administration from the Ohio State University
  3. 3. A little bit about…ActionCOACH• We are the “World’s No.1 Business Coaching Firm”• We have more than 1,100 Coaching Offices in 30 countries world-wide …• Privately owned and founded by Brad Sugars, an Entrepreneur with over $220 MILLION in net worth …• Our Vision is to create “World Abundance through Business Re-education …”• We coach over 10,000 Business Owners at any given time across USA, UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, India, and Canada …
  4. 4. ActionCOACH’s definition of a REAL business… Commercial, Profitable, Enterprise That Works Without YOU!
  5. 5. Six Steps to Massive Results… M Diversification A Multiplication Results S or Acquisition Freedom S Well Oiled Synergy I V Machine Happiness E Structure for Time Team R Growth E Systematize for Cash Leverage S Efficiency U PredictableStability Niche L T Cash Flow From Chaos to S Mastery Control
  6. 6. Six Steps to Massive Results… M Diversification A Multiplication Results S or Acquisition Freedom S Well Oiled Synergy I V Machine Happiness E Structure for Team Growth Time R Systematize for Leverage E S Efficiency Cash U PredictableStability Niche L Cash Flow T From Chaos to Mastery S Control
  7. 7. The ActionCOACH definition of a Niche ...
  8. 8. The ActionCOACH View ... Sales and Marketing is an ... For every dollar out, more dollarsshould come in ... Why is that true for some businesses and not others ... ?
  9. 9. Because they do 2 things in their business ...
  10. 10. The ActionCOACH Business Chassis… • This is the most powerful business secret you’ll ever learn... • You can use the same CHASSIS to build either a Ford Contour or a Jaguar X…
  11. 11. 73 Number of Leads x 83 Conversion Rate = Customers x 68 # of Transactions x 53 Average $$$ Sale = Revenue x 67 Profit Margin =344 $Profit$
  12. 12. Let’s put in some numbers ...Number of Leads 4,000 x xConversion Rate 25% = = Customers 1,000 x x# of Transactions 2 x x Avg. $$$ Sale $500 = = Revenue $1,000,000 x x Profit Margins 25% = = $Profit$ $250,000
  13. 13. With Just a 10% Increase73 Number of Leads 4,000 4,400 x x x83 Conversion Rate 25% 27.5% = = = Customers 1,000 1,210 x x x68 # of Transactions 2 2.2 x x x53 Average $$$ Sale $500 $550 = = = Revenue $1,000,000 $1,464,100 x x x67 Profit Margins 25% 27.5% = = =344 $Profit$ $250,000 $402,628
  14. 14. That’s a 46%increase in your revenue ...
  15. 15. Here’s what we’ll help you do during your coaching… • Step 1 What are your current 5 Ways KPI’s? • Step 2 What strategies shall we implement to improve your KPI’s? • Step 3 What increases will we realize in your KPI’s?
  16. 16. You’re in 1 of 3 places right now…1. “I would like to schedule a complimentary coaching session.”2. “I’m interested in offering coaching to my clients”3. “I want to learn how to bring a customized seminar to my business.”
  17. 17. Deb Aungst, Certified Business Coach 306-0509Sunbury, Ohio 43074