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Salesforce and Social CRM to accelerate your business


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Salesforce and Social CRM to accelerate your business

  1. 1. SALESFORCE AND RELATED TOOLSPresented by: Ademola OsinderoOrganised by: Debasis Chakraborty Hult Students
  2. 2. Agenda Introduction to CRM Demo on Salesforce CRM Demo on Other CRM Tools SugarCRM Highrise/FatfreeCRM
  3. 3. Introduction to CRM Customer Relationship Management – CRM Manage processes (activities, tasks, workflows) between “an entity” and its “clients or partners” Track interactions; review sales/marketing trends; document information; set targets; and manage SFA Contact Management, Sales Force Automation (SFA)
  4. 4. Introduction to CRM – Use Case Appointments - TDL Emails Phone Calls ConversationsHBC Associates Clients
  5. 5. Introduction to CRM – Use Cases
  6. 6. Introduction to CRM – Use Cases Business managing its customers, partners and suppliers Telecommunications company managing its customers (Oracle Siebel CRM) Local Authority managing relationship with citizens School managing student recruitment (Hult – Salesforce)
  7. 7. Introduction to CRM – CRM Elements Lead - Lead Generation Account – Account Qualification Contact – Contact Management Opportunity – Opportunity Management Campaign Task Workflow
  8. 8. Introduction to CRM – CRM ElementsLead Person or entity that we may transact business with or connect us to an eventual contact. Establish under “Lead Generation” processSam John VP, Ice Company
  9. 9. Introduction to CRM – CRM ElementsAccount An entity (Client, Partner) that a business is relating with Review under “Account Management” John Account VP, Ice Company Name: Ice Company Relationship: Customer Rating: ***
  10. 10. Introduction to CRM – CRM ElementsContact A person within an Account to relate with Most off-the-shelf software provide “Contact Management” John Contact Card VP, Ice Company Account: Ice Company Name: John Paynow Email:
  11. 11. Introduction to CRM – CRM ElementsOpportunity Potential sale within an account Tracked under “Opportunity Management” process Opportunities are categorized usually based on stage and reviewed under pipelines Opportunity 30-day Business Name: Service for Ice Comp. Review Service Amount: $360,000.00 Stage: Prospecting
  12. 12. Introduction to CRM – CRM Elements Prospecting Analysis Proposal Negotiation ReviewOpportunity ClosePipeline/Funnel
  13. 13. Introduction to CRM – CRM ElementsCampaign Organized set of sales processes to deliver a strategic sales goal Establish 250 new clients; Deliver $2M Revenue Extensive tracking on CRM Campaign Establish Name: Establish 250 Clients 250 Clients Mode: Email, Call, Visit Progress: 0%
  14. 14. Introduction to CRM – CRM Elements Lead (Lead Generation) Account Contact Opportunity Campaign Task Workflow Others – Email, Chat, Web-to-Phone, Feeds, Price Books, Social Collaboration, Support, DCM
  15. 15. Introduction to CRM – Examples Salesforce SiebelCRM Highrise SugarCRM, FatfreeCRM MS Dynamics CRM Sage ACT! ProphetCRM