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(Prelims) MELAS Quiz | Qriosity 2014 | Debanjan & Arindam


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This four-member quiz was a part of Enquiry's (the Jadavpur University quiz club) 11th annual quizfest - Qriosity 2014. The event was held on October 19.

The cut-off for the Prelims was 16.5 (open) and 15.5 (college).

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(Prelims) MELAS Quiz | Qriosity 2014 | Debanjan & Arindam

  1. 1. The MELAS Quiz PRELIMS Movies | Entertainment | Literature | Arts | Sports Research: Arindam Dutta & Debanjan Bose
  2. 2. 30 questions worth 37 points. All parts carry 1 point each. Starred questions – 11 to 20 – used to break ties No negatives. Mostly workable questions – take guesses!  Top 6 teams, irrespective of college or not, make it to the finals. Two spots reserved for all-college teams.
  3. 3. Picture from the 2014 Commonwealth Torch relay. Which participant nation is shown receiving the torch?
  4. 4. The voice actor quit the show after he was asked to appear in a Burger King commercial. He rejoined only after the character turned vegetarian. He told Newsweek he had never voiced a hippie, but was ‘hip to what hippies were about’. In 2010, he came out of retirement to voice the character’s father – Samuel Rogers. Which cartoon character?
  5. 5. Which music discovery service, which also sees itself as a niche social network, throws up this image of Salvador Dali as the 404 page of its Windows 8 app?
  6. 6. Nobel Prize for Literature: Youngest and oldest award winners are Brits. 42-year-old Rudyard Kipling was the youngest. Who is the oldest at 87 - won 100 years after Kipling?
  7. 7. Bizarre longish dance sequence from 1987 horror flick. Saat Saal Baad. Who’s the female dancer?
  8. 8. https://www.yout v=7eA86-4GMo0
  9. 9. This duo has collaborated on a duology. First film – 2005 Second film – 2014 (larger pic: next slide) Identify any two: • Series (two word) • Man on left • Man on right
  10. 10. They organise a World Cup every four years. This is the governing body of what?
  11. 11. He has played in 4 divisions of English football. Who and which int. team does he lead?
  12. 12. Writing’s on the Wall – four-year hiatus Washington Post and Wall Street Journal both compared the aesthetics of the video to an artist. Which ‘instructional’ band? Which artist?
  13. 13. 
  14. 14. Twenty years later, this duo came together to collaborate on a project in 2008 when they started a production house called Art Viewers. Their first television show was called Happy Homes. If sources like India TV and ABPLive are to be believed, they run another production house named after their most well-known roles/ characters. (larger images on next slide) What is it called?
  15. 15. Arun Govil & Sunil Lahiri
  16. 16. In the 2011 Chennai Open, who beat two-time champion Marin Cilic in the first round before losing to Janko Tipseravic in the quarter finals? He is currently coached by Michael Chang and was nicknamed Project 45 during his quest to surpass rank no 46.
  17. 17. Shuzo Matsuoka was ranked 46. In 2011, Nishikori climed to 24. Nishikori lost to Cilic in the last US Open final.
  18. 18. Studio Zone in LA is a little more than 48-kilometre radius, where most of the major studios were located in the 50s-60s. Which entertainment news website and tv show is named after this area?
  19. 19. What unique feat/ record is shared by these players in the respective format of the game? ODIs: Kapil Dev, Bret Lee, Mohammad Sami and Thisara Perera. Tests: Shane Warne, Darren Gough, Nuwan Zoysa, Harbhajan Singh and Stuart Broad.
  20. 20. This author wrote some articles for ESPN during and after the 2014 Brazil World Cup (e.g - Cash, culture and the World Cup | England failing time and again) He also writes lyrics for Ben Folds. Tours with a rock band called Marah – reads out essays and book excerpts. Which author?
  21. 21. Et tu, ______? is a black bronze bust about 78 inches tall and is installed at the grounds of St James’ Church at Piccadilly in London. It was installed in 2011. The blank is the name of another artist who is obviously referred through the sculpture. Two parts: FITB and identify the sculptor. (bigger images on next slide)
  22. 22. Emmanuel represented Iran in the 1948 and 1952 Games. His son went on to win a Gold in the1996 Atlanta Games. Who?
  23. 23. Anurag Kashyap Kerry Close Evan O'Dorney Sameer Mishra Kavya Shivashankar Anamika Veeramani Sukanya Roy Snigdha Nandipati Arvind Mahankali Sriram J. Hathwar Ansun Sujoe
  24. 24. In Agatha Christie’s Evil Uunder the Sun, a key plot element revolves around the culprit anglicising the name of a composer whose aria he listens to as Joe Green. The culprit’s translation habits later helps Poirot to nab him. Who’s Joe Green?
  25. 25. Which sporting franchise takes its name from an1871 event whose aftermath has been depicted here? Bigger image on next slide
  26. 26. The Serbian village of Zitiste has been through rough years - floods, landslides and crime. In 2007, artist Boris Staparc was commissioned to create a 10-foot replica to symbolise the city’s resilience. Village authorities needed to get approval from sculptor Thomas Schomberg, whose 1983 original now resides at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Whose statue/ What sculpture?
  27. 27. The Hospital for Orthopaedics, Sports Medicine, Arthritis & Trauma (HOSMAT) is a 150-bed specialty hospital in central Bangalore. On December 5, 2004, who was announced dead on arrival at HOSMAT?
  28. 28. This is journalist Basharat Peer speaking to the Hindustan Times: The moment X mentioned Y, I thought of one of the iconic lines from the play, which refers to the political and moral corruption and an unjust state of affairs in the setting of the play: Something is rotten in the state of Z. What did Basharat do for X?
  29. 29. Images from an American-French biopic starring Nicole Kidman on next slide. - ‘worst Cannes film ever’ Film: X of Z Tagline: The greatest role XY would ever play What is the name of the film? OR Who is XY?
  30. 30. On the next slide is a sculpture that stands in Milton Keynes, near the MK Dons stadium, called The Concrete Cows. The nickname given by fans to their home ground is based on two things – the sculpture and a far more formidable home ground located about 1,000 miles southwards. What nickname is given to Stadium MK, their home ground?
  31. 31. This Chakaia Booker installation on the next slide is made using her trademark material – rubber. The installation, called a mournful black star by The Smithsonian, is in remembrance of a Feb 2003 incident. What is specific (rubber) material has been used? and Who donated the material?
  32. 32. 1966 – A Love Story. This Knight met A at a private party in Kolkata, he proposed A and A accepted. However it didn’t ultimately materialise. In his autobiography, he refers to her as “… a beautiful young actress, the seventeen year old…. so beautiful and such a nice person”. A ‘s last onscreen appearance was The Dirty Picture. Which couple?
  33. 33. Where can one see them - what are these? o Remember Sammy Jankis o Consider the source – Memory is Treachery o Photograph – House – Car -Friend – Foe o She is gone – Time still passes o Condition Yourself – Don’t trust your weakness o EAT o I’m no different o Find him and kill him
  34. 34. On 24th September, 1977, ABP ran a story headlined Bharater Nijossho Beckenbauer (India’s very own Beckenbauer) apropos someone’s exploits the day before, when he was deployed to do something specific. The person at the receiving end purpotedly said, “Your no 14 did not allow me to move.” Who? What was he asked to do?
  35. 35. In Amitabh Bacchan’s Desh Premee, the plot takes place in the Bharat Nagar slum - which is divided into four sections. Each section has a don with a regional identity. If the Punjabi was Shammi Kapoor, ‘Madrasi’ was Premnath and the Muslim section’s was Parikshat Sahni, who was the Bengali don?