Digital Trends for 2011


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Digital Trends for 2011

  1. 10 Trends for ‘11
  2. #1 TV ON THE WHATEVER 2010 saw incredible leaps in the ways we can view content. From web enabled TV to streaming services it’s never been easier to see what you want, when you want, where you want. This year cablecompanies will feel the strain as consumers decide that they are going to pay only for the content they want to see. The market will be flooded with new business models and technologies for our content thirst.
  3. #2 DIGITAL VELVET ROPES This year you will see more and more breakdown of the social community. People will use different applications and sites for different parts of their life.Since most things are social in functionality users will only include the peopleand tribes that relate to that given utility. As technology and our comfortability with it increase we are breaking away from one stream into many streams.
  4. #3 POSTCARDS FROM THE WEB Last year it was all about Twitter and in 2011 it will become much more visual.Since mobile phone photography and video have replaced our point and shoots, and applications like Instagram and Path have made them social - This year you will follow people’s journey through life via snapshots. It’s the era of the digital postcard.
  5. #4 INSATIABLE APP-ETITES Now that our mothers and possibly even grandmothers have embracedmobile applications as well as phones becoming a bigger part of how we view the internet - This year the trend to develop experiences for mobile will to continue to skyrocket.
  6. #5 MORE STUFF The echo chamber, band of the second, the must see video, ad campaign, movie, website, application, or infographic is only going to increase as our life of content creating continues to grow.We’ll continue feeding the machine in hopes of internet fortune and glory.
  7. #6 BLUE LIGHT SPECIALSIn the old days K-Mart would announce a quick sale while you were in the store. Shoppers would rush to aisle 12 to capitalize on the crazy savings. Today we have sites like Groupon and Gilt offering us their sales of the day.Now that it’s all about location I think the trend of targeting shoppers based on where they are will be at the forefront for 2011.
  8. #7 LIVING IN DIGITALTweeting, and Facebooking are norms for you, me, and our mothers. As we becomemore comfortable sharing our thoughts, and lives with the world we are only going to see increases in the realms of life casting, vlogs, and video on the web. Web Pioneer Josh Harris has been saying for years that we will be living our lifeon the internet for the world to see. In 2011 I think his premonitions are closer to a reality.
  9. #8 CUSTOMIZED COMMODITIES We can make custom books, shoes, and t-shirts to name a few.Advances in 3-D printing and the customization of everything is pushing uscloser to being able to live the life we always dreamed being individualistic all along the way.
  10. #9 DIGITAL DOWNTIMELast year there were many books about our transition into our “always on” digital lifestyle, and how it’s affecting our brains, attention spans, and lives. This year I think we will get a better grasp of technology’s place in our lives and there will be a concerted effort to take time away from the grid for human interaction, or self introspection. Technology will still be a huge part of our lives, but we will still find more opportunities to feel human.
  11. #10 DEATH OF THE DEATH OF ADVERTISING2010 was definitely the year heralding the end of advertising. Well another year and we are still here trying to figuring out how to harness technology for our clients, and learning along the way. Let’s make 2011 the year Advertising is reborn.