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Interactive Powerpoint


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Interactive Powerpoint

  1. 1. All about Ser and Estar By: Abby Franks Section 1
  2. 2. About the teacher Mnemonic Device   Present tense-ser How to use ser   Present tense-estar How to use estar   Past tense- ser Helpful Hints   Past tense- estar Resources   Quit Ser or Estar?
  3. 3. I have been studying Spanish for 4 years.   I found it to be my passion after I was immersed in the language after a short excursion in Argentina.  I plan to study abroad in Spain next summer.  And I find learning new languages fun, exciting, and essential to living in our world today! Quit E-mail your teacher
  4. 4. Singular Plural Yo- soy Nosotros- somos   Tú- eres Vosotros- sois   Él, Ella, Ud.- es Ellos, Ellas, Uds.- son   Quit Ser Present Tense
  5. 5. Singular Plural Yo- estoy Nosotros- estamos   Tú- estás Vosotros- estáis   Él, Ella, Ud.- está Ellos,Ellas,Uds.-están   Quit Estar Present Tense
  6. 6. Singular Plural Yo- fui Nosotros- fuimos   Tú- fuiste Vosotros- fuisteis   Él, Ella, Ud.- fue Ellos, Ellas, Uds.- fueron   Quit Ser Past Tense
  7. 7. Singular Plural Yo- estuve Nosotros- estuvimos   Tú- estuviste Vosotros- estuvisteis   Él, Ella, Ud.- estuvo Ellos,Ellas,Uds.-estuvieron  Quit Estar Past Tense
  8. 8. Ser Estar Time Position   Origin Location   Possession Action   Characteristic Condition   Occupation Emotion   Where  Quit Mnemonic Devices
  9. 9. Time- tells us the time or date.  ◦ Son las dos. La fecha es el tres de Marzo. Origin- to tell where something/someone is from  ◦ La libra es de la biblioteca. Rosa es de Puerto Rico. Possession- tells who something belongs to.  ◦ El perro es de Margarita. La pluma es de Juan. Characteristics- these are things that are used for nouns  that makes them what they are. It is something that ALWAYS will describe it. ◦ Maria es bonita. Argentina es grande. Occupation – tells what someone does for a living  ◦ Jorge es un carpintero. Adriana es una actríz. Where- where an event is taking place.  ◦ La pelicula es en el cine. La fiesta es en la club. Quit How Ser is Used
  10. 10. Position- in relation to something else  El Chile está en America del Sur.  Location- where something is right now  ◦ Estoy en la libreria. Action- estar+ verb ending in –ando or –  iendo ◦ Estoy leyendo. Condition- how something is, at this  moment. ◦ Estoy enferma. Emotion- how you feel, something that  might go away. ◦ Estoy algre ahora. Quit How Estar is Used
  11. 11. Don’t forget the accents for estar!  Ser is normally temparary  Estar is like the definition  De is normally used in estar  En is normally used in Ser  If all else fails…remember T.O.P.C.O.W.  and P.L.A.C.E. Or click on the picture for a video  Quit Helpful Hints
  12. 12.   B1F-uc  est3.htm Quit Resources