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Team Wellness Challenges: 10 Keys to Success


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10 keys to a successful employee team wellness challenge.

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Team Wellness Challenges: 10 Keys to Success

  1. 1. Team Wellness Challenges: 10Keys to Success
  2. 2. Keep it clear and simple
  3. 3. Too many competition elements orrules are a turnoff and complicatecommunication.
  4. 4. Make all elements real
  5. 5. Team challenges should have a heavedose of on-the-ground, face-to-faceelements.
  6. 6. gatherings create memorablemoments teammates can share foryears.
  7. 7. Set challenging yet achievable goals
  8. 8. Objectives should be entirely group focused, with each participant having a meaningful role.
  9. 9. Limit team size
  10. 10. ting teams to 3-8 members (4 or 5 typically work best) keeps everyone more accountable and preve
  11. 11. Put team progress front and center.
  12. 12. Update data in real time as much as possible so teams can view their progress in relation to others
  13. 13. Focus on improvement to keep the emphasis on health rather than winning/losing.
  14. 14. Encourage sustainable habits
  15. 15. Emphasize consistency over super-human (and ultimately unsustainable) achievements.
  16. 16. Health is a journey not a destination.
  17. 17. Be cautious with inter-departmental challenges
  18. 18. earing department managers trying to “win” the wellness challenge can turn off the very people yo
  19. 19. Highlight average Joe/Jane accomplishments
  20. 20. More people can relate to the 15 year employee on the line who finally turned a corner through
  21. 21. Keep recognition simple, team-oriented
  22. 22. Pride swells when individuals feel they’ve made a significant contribution to the team.
  23. 23. Don’t cheapen the accomplishments with cash rewards or lavish incentives.
  24. 24. Evaluate, rinse, repeat. You’ll learn something new each time you evaluate a wellness tea
  25. 25. Ask 2 simple, open-ended questions: a. What did you like most about the wellness
  26. 26. more ideas on successful wellness team challenges, visit or call 800