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Bpm and-beyond-slide

  1. 1. ® ® ® BPM and Beyond Kevin Haugh, Vice President of Product Marketing and Management 2010 Metastorm Inc. 1
  2. 2. Who is Metastorm? ® ® • Market leader across 3 critical and related software sectors – business process analysis, business process management, enterprise architecture • Strong global presence with 1300+ customer organizations around the world • Proven products and expertise with established regional offices and global partner distribution network • Only software provider to bring together robust EA, BPA and BPM software • Unmatched customer success worldwide 2010 Metastorm Inc. 2
  3. 3. Metastorm Enterprise Portfolio ® ® ® See what you have and Think about how to best Do things in the optimal how it fits together. execute your business. way. Metastorm ProVision® – Without Metastorm ProVision® BPA – Metastorm BPM® – Once you understanding where you are, how do Processes are ultimately the means by understand where you need to go and you know where to go? Metastorm which you do work and deliver value. how you want to do things, Metastorm ProVision is an industry leading Metastorm ProVision BPA is an BPM is the comprehensive, industry- Enterprise and Business Architecture industry leading Business Process leading BPMS platform you need to (EA) software tool that allows you to Analysis (BPA) solution that allows you rapidly and cost-effectively design, comprehensively discover and model discover and model your current automate, deploy, manage, monitor, your business strategy, goals, business processes and then conduct and report on your human and system- organization, processes, systems, sophisticated simulations and analysis based business processes, so you can information and more – and then of where and how they can be continuously improve them. understand the interrelationships so improved to deliver greater value and you can systematically and improved business resource Metastorm Integration Manager comprehensively plan changes to the optimization. (MIM) – Dated back office systems and enterprise at all levels. unreliable data often act as major Metastorm ProVision BPA also includes barriers to effective execution. MIM Metastorm Discovery ™ for human- allows you to quickly "service enable" centric process discovery – allowing for and integrate into a broad range of more accurate data collection, analysis challenging computing environments and process improvement. as well as easily deploy system-based business processes, provide effective Managed File Transfer, and strengthen SOA and legacy modernization efforts. 2010 Metastorm Inc. 3
  4. 4. Leadership Credentials ® ® Business Process Enterprise Architecture Business Process Analysis Managed File Transfer Magic Quadrant Q409 Magic Quadrant Q408 Management Suites Magic Quadrant Q309 Magic Quadrant Q109 Enterprise Architecture Business Process Analysis IT Planning Business Process Management Forrester Wave Q109 Forrester Wave Q109 Forrester Wave Q109 Forrester Wave Q407 2010 Metastorm Inc. 4
  5. 5. What Does Business Expect of IT Today? ® ® Business Unit CIO Business Drivers Business Unit CIO Strategies 2010 Metastorm Inc. 5
  6. 6. What Should You Focus on? ® ® Up to 10 fold higher impact on Impact on Run Rate EBIT EBIT through non traditional cost cutting measures Impact on run-rate EDIT1 (illustrative examples), % Typical IT cost levers, including demand management, Traditional IT cost reduction (15%) 0.5 portfolio rationalization, and outsourcing/offshoring Merchandising investments 1-2 Improve decision support for merchandising at retailers Optimize supply chain process with streamlined Supply chain investments 3-4 systems Reduce revenue leakage from unnecessary discounting Better pricing 3-5 and poor sales force management 1 Earnings before interest and taxes; assumes run-rate of 6-18 months (timing to achieve run-rate impact varies across examples). Source: Managing IT in a Downturn: Beyond Cost Cutting, McKinsey, 2009 Process Improvement……….Cost Cutting……….Improved Business Decision Making 2010 Metastorm Inc. 6
  7. 7. Most IT Projects Fail on Some Key Dimension ® ® Over 70% of IT Projects Fail • Don’t Deliver What Business Wants • Over Budget • Late Often all the above! 2010 Metastorm Inc. 7
  8. 8. BPM Software is Different Animal ® ® BPM Software is About Delivering Process Improvements design • Faster process • Easier • With Greater – Business Alignment – Certainty (lower risk) – Agility – Value 2010 Metastorm Inc. 8
  9. 9. Key Characteristics of BPM Software ® ® Key Characteristic Benefit Process Focused •Business understands •Where business value is created Model Driven •Makes requirements clearer and more explicit to all Designed for Speed •Deliver prototypes and working solutions faster – faster ROI Agile/Built in Change • Frequent, iterative change possible Management Process Visibility •Better understanding of process health and status •Better responsiveness Designed to Integrate and •Leverage and complement what you have Overlay Other Systems Support for What If •More Prudent Ongoing Changes 2010 Metastorm Inc. 9
  10. 10. Visual Process Modeling and Definition ® ® If I can see it I (we) can understand it….. • Model Driven • Business Oriented • Rapid Prototype solutions …….If I can easily iterate it I can quickly deliver results and 2010 Metastorm Inc. reduce risk 10
  11. 11. Process Participation and Management ® ® • To Do Lists • Watch Lists • Delivered via diverse range of interfaces • Delivered in a highly targeted manner Efficient process participation is about delivering the right information and actions to the right people at the right time 2010 Metastorm Inc. 11
  12. 12. Process Analysis and Simulation ® ® • Where should I modify my process? • How should I modify it? • What are the business benefits from modifying? • What are the risks? By analyzing my current processes and possible future variations I can make smarter decisions 2010 Metastorm Inc. 12
  13. 13. In Summary--Why BPM Today ® ® Traditional Approach and Problems How does BPM Address Poor Requirements (not what business wants) √ Visual models, prototypes Poor Handoffs √ It is what it is Takes too Long (need for speed) √ Designed for speed Estimation Difficulty √ Easier to measure what you can see Poor Domain knowledge √ Let each domain do what they do best Poor Solution Fit √ Inherently purpose built Unexpected Customizations and Poor Agility √ The unexpected is expected (agility) To much effort/resource to implement √ Fewer total resources needed + hire the domain experts Not Focused on/Delivering High Value (cost, √ Focuses on efficiency and effectiveness) effectiveness (business value) 2010 Metastorm Inc. 13
  14. 14. ® ® ® BEYOND BPM 2010 Metastorm Inc. 14
  15. 15. Product Synergy ® ® EA + BPM: United, We Deliver the Business - Divided, We Miss the Mark Robert Handler, Gartner 3/09 BPM Summit 2010 Metastorm Inc. 15
  16. 16. Understanding and Executing Process in Context ® ® F.3 F.5 P.5 Account Regulatory Speed of Support Highlights C s mr u to e Account Not "In teN wA u t itia e cco n O pened Account O ned pe P ce o sa dD ta ro ss"/F rm n a Improve Increase Improve Onboarding Compliance New Costs IISS le as Restart P ss roce C lle Fo s o ct rm a dD ta n a C n R je n lie t e ctio cco n u b r A u t N me C n In rmtio lie t fo a n Margins Revenue Legal-Regulatory Challenges Account IISA u t M na e cco n a g r No Cn lie t R v wC n Inform tion e ie lie t a M eets R v wK C e ie Y C n M eting lie t e Info ation rm Standards? R c m d tio e om en a Ys e Growth Compliance and Onboarding IISK C Y C n In rmtio lie t fo a n 1. Unified Metamodel & Cnlie t B cklist la C n R je n lie t e ctio C d Ce re it h ck Id n tio e tifica n C e B klist Inform tion h ck lac a Ce C d h ck re it C lle ID o ct Obstacles IISK CM na e Y a gr No Cn lie t cco n u b r A u t N me R vie e w ClearedasN ew R v wR ults e ie es Client? repository enables 360 Ys e IISB g illin Cn lie t A pn cce ta ce G ne teB e ra ill New Account Onboarding [As-Is] degree views of the enterprise 2. Navigation framework and Custom D er ata NewAccount O nboarding Account Information Customer tools afford any type of Account N ber um [As-Is] Account Information Customer New Account Onboarding Database O rder Scheduled Order Scheduled Order Enter Order Customer Scheduled Order O rder O History rder Forecast Sales [As-Is] user • Comprehensive Product Database Fill Order IIS Sales Shipm ent Product Shipment Notification Ship Order Process Interaction Information Account understanding • Dependency clarity IIS KYC Manager • Impact analysis • Full, top to bottom New Credit Customer Customer traceability Account Check Systems Database Onboarding System IIS KYC System Custom Account er Accounting Electronic Data Accounting Database - SalesPerson[1] : Short text (250) enters into 1 - AccountManager[1] : Short text (25 is held by applies to - ProductType[1] : Short text (50) * holds - ServiceDescription[1] : Short text (2 - BankOffice[1] : Short text (100) IIS Account The Result: 1 * - EstClosingDate[1] : Date Management Interchange Services Management Contract Customer + Issue() - ID[1] : Text (10) - Name[1] : Text (50) - Contact[0..1] : Text (50) Manager is placed by 1 - Address[0..1] : Text Services Services System (DBMS) 1 places - Telephone[0..1] : Text * - FAX[0..1] : Text Order - Approved Discount[0..1] : Floating point num Applicant 0..1 - Credit Limit[0..1] : Amount - Order Date[1] : Date - Name[1] : Short text (64) Billing Policy - Requested Ship Date[0..1] : Date + Submit Order() - Address[1] : Text Services - Requested Discount[0..1] : Floating p + Verify Credit() - Suburb[1] : Short text (32) + Establish() - Postcode[1] : Number + Approve() - State[1] : Short text (6) True, enterprise class insight + Cancel() - Country[1] : Short text (32) + Hold() - TFN[1] : Number + Log() 0..1 + Receive() Warehouse applies to * + Reject() is shippedfrom1..* - Capacity[1] : Floating point numb 1 1 adheres to + Release() - Name[1] : Text + Schedule Production() * ships * * Credit Detail Status - Application Ref[1] : Number - Application Status[1] : Short text ( 1 - Credit History Status[1] : Short te - Date[1] : Date into process and the - Required Amount[1] : Currency st Product 1..* - Assets Value[1] : Currency string - Description[0..1] : Text - Liability Value[1] : Currency string O Item rder requests - Name[1] : Text 1 - List Price[1] : Amount - Item Price[0..1] : Amount * is requested by - Quantity[0..1] : Integer + Replenish Inventory() + Reserve Inventory() Customer Database IIS Billing Successful processes are supported by a range enterprise of other technologies, systems and assets 2010 Metastorm Inc. 16
  17. 17. EA Insight and Models Can Inform and Accelerate BPM ® ® Product Sales Goals Financial Customer Process Goals Goals Goals Improve Minimize Control Retain Earn Regain Maximize Timely Cash Flow Past-Due Inventory Customers Repeat Market Quality Availability Receivables Costs Business Share of Spare Parts Goals and KPIs used Process model used for dashboards to execute human and system processes PM Engineering Finance Internal Mail Inventory Production Quality Sales Shipping and Control Control Assurance Receiving Accounts Mail Clerk Warehouse Production Quality Account Dock Receivable Worker Scheduler Analyst Rep Worker Clerk Business classes Resources leveraged used for forms for roles 2010 Metastorm Inc. 17
  18. 18. By 2012, 20% of businesses will ® ® own no IT assets Between 2008 and 2013, cloud-based computing services are forecast to grow from $0.66 billion to $6.8 billion for a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 59.5%. Gartner Top Predictions for IT Organizations and Users, 2010 and Beyond: A New Balance 2010 Metastorm Inc. 18
  19. 19. Cloud-based Collaborative Modeling ® ® Taking Collaborative Modeling to New Heights A cloud-based modeling platform that uniquely • Brings modeling/discovery and its business value to a broader audience • On-Demand subscription based approach • Impact free on IT • Native multi user collaboration built in • Deployed in the Cloud (Microsoft Azure) 2010 Metastorm Inc. 19
  20. 20. ® ® Monitor IMPACT on strategy and goals to guide future change BPA Identify FOCUS areas for optimal improvement EA Make the BPM RIGHT change the unexpected value of business to the power of 3 2010 Metastorm Inc. 20
  21. 21. Where do you want to be? ® ® Effort Time Sweet Spot BPM Business Impact 2010 Metastorm Inc. 21
  22. 22. Questions ® ® 2010 Metastorm Inc. 22
  23. 23. Thank You For Attending! ® ® Kevin Haugh VP- Product Marketing & Management More Questions? (443) 874-1300 Please contact us at metastorm@metastorm.com 2010 Metastorm Inc. 23