ORKSOrks are a warlike, crude, and highly aggressive green-skinned Xenos race. Orks are the dominant subspecies of the Ork...
GHazgHkull Mag Uruk THraka                                                                         H/Q UNIT               ...
UrGok tHe UnstoPPaBle                                                                         Heavy UNIT                  ...
OrkimeDeS                                                                               H/Q UNIT                          ...
GazGriM tHe Great Despot of DreGruk                                                                        H/Q UNIT       ...
NaZDREG UG URDGRUB                                                                     H/Q UNIT                           ...
WaRBOSS UGULHARD                                                                                 H/Q UNIT                 ...
KOMMISSaR                                                                            H/Q UPGRADE*                         ...
OrkHilles The FlasHiest Git                                                                           H/Q UNIT            ...
FREEBOOTERZ MOB                                                                 TROOP UNIT                                ...
OGRYN                                                           ELITE UNIT                                                ...
CYBOaR MOB                                                         FaST aTTaCK UNIT                                       ...
Tin kan karnival                                                              FAST ATTACK UNIT                            ...
FERaL BOYZ                                                                  TROOP UNIT                                    ...
Rekon Team                                                                     Fast attack UNIT                           ...
Kan RIDer                                                                     Tank Upgrade                                ...
Sneaky Gitz                                                                            ELITES UNIT                        ...
KillDozer                                                                                 Heavy UNIT                      ...
ROBORK MOB                                                                  Heavy UNIT                                    ...
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Ork suppliment for The Good, The Bad, The Bromley (TGTBTB) Armageddon campaign.

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  1. 1. DISCLAIMERIMPORTANT: THIS IS NOT AN OFFICIAL CODEX. IT IS A SUPPLIMENTARY ARMY LIST FOR USE WITHTHE GOOD THE BAD THE BROMLEY (TGTBTB) EVENTS AND SHOULD NOT BE CONSIDERED IN ANYWAY OFFICIAL OUTSIDE OF THOSE EVENTS. THAT SAID THE UNITS AND RULES WITHIN HAVE BEENPLAYTESTED AND DEVELOPED WITH BALANCE AND FAIRNESS IN MIND AND PLAYERS ARE WELCOMETO USE THESE RULES IN THEIR OWN GAMES OF WARHAMMER 40,000.The Good The Bad the Bromley (TGTBTB) have designed this list to be (we hope) as enjoyable and fun to use as possible. It is our hope that wecan repay some small part of the kindness that the gaming community has shown us over the years and organise a top notch event that everyonecan enjoy.The original work found in the Armageddon campaign book laid the groundwork for this document. While that list was designed specially for usein Games Workshop’s summer campaign a more fully fleshed out list was required for The Good The Bad the Bromley (TGTBTB) campaignweekends. Any similarity is more likely due to a common point of inspiration rather than any deliberate duplication on our part. That said, one ortwo ideas may have in fact originated in the community rather than from the original source material and I apologise in advance if anythingappears here that has not been properly credited. Dean Carter
  3. 3. ORKSOrks are a warlike, crude, and highly aggressive green-skinned Xenos race. Orks are the dominant subspecies of the Orkoids, which includes the smaller Gretchin andSnotlings. Although their society is entirely primitive and brutal, the Orkoid race is also the most successful species in the whole galaxy, spread throughout the galaxy andoutnumbering possibly every other race. However, due to this aggressive and warlike nature, the massive race is split into hundreds of tiny empires, warring as much betweenthemselves as against other races. In the purely theoretical event all the Orks were to unite, they would undoubtedly crush all opposition. Contents Disclaimer 1 Information 2 Contents 3 Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka 4 Urgok the Unstoppable 5 Orkimedes 6 Gazgrim the Great Despot of Dregruk 7 Nazdreg Ug Urdgrub 8 Ugulhard 9 Kommisork 10 Orkhilles The Flashiest Git 11 Freebooterz Mob 12 Ogryn Mob 13 Cyboar Mob 14 Tin-Kan Karnival 15 Feral Boyz 16 Rekon Team 17 Kan Rider 18 Sneaky Gitz 19 Killdozer 20 Robork Mob 21
  4. 4. GHazgHkull Mag Uruk THraka H/Q UNIT ORKS ONLY 225PtsGhazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka, the self-proclaimed Prophet of the Waaagh!, known in the Imperium as The Beast of Armageddon, is the Ork Warlord of Waaagh! Ghazghkull and currently the most notorious Warboss of the 41stMillenium. He is infamous for his actions during both the Second and Third Armageddon Wars. Ghazghkull is a particularly megalomaniacal Ork, convinced he is blessed by the Ork gods Gork and Mork. He possesses a considerablemeasure of cunning, and in battle he tends to focus more on commanding his troops compared to other Warbosses, only engaging in combat himself at critical moments.The earliest records of Ghazghkull were recorded nine years before the Second War for Armageddon. At this time, Ghazghkull was a lowly Ork Boy in the armies on the planet of Urk (possibly where part of his name came from). ASpace Marine force of an unknown chapter raided the planet in the hopes of disrupting the Ork forces building up there. During the battle, a bolter round tore into Ghazghkulls skull, destroying 30 percent of his skull and pulping agood portion of his brain. He was found by the notorious Painboy known as Mad Dok Grotsnik, who rebuilt his skull with adamantium. Somehow this enabled Ghazghkulls latent psychic powers, convincing Ghazghkull that he had beensomehow blessed by the Ork Gods and from here on in he claimed to be in communication with Gork and Mork. Convinced he was marked for great things, within six years he had risen to the rank of Warboss of his tribe. A year latertwo events occurred, giving Ghazghkull the opportunity to further his dominance and begin a great Waaagh!. WS BS S T W I A Ld SvGhazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka 6 2 5 5 4 4 5 9 2+_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Unit Type: Wargear: Special Rules:Infantry Cybork Body Independent Character Bosspole Furious ChargeUnit Composition: Mega-armour Mob Rule1 Ghazghkull (Unique) Stikkbombs Prophet of the Waaagh! Adamantium skull Fearless Big shoota Shred (Replaces the normal twin-linked Fear shoota that comes with mega armour) Preferred Enemy: Commissar Yarrick Adamantium skull (Applies to Ghazghkull only) Hatred: Commissar Yarrick Options: Applies to Ghazghkull only) May be accompanied by: Extremely Bulky Ammo runt - 3ptsAdamantium Skull: Being head butted by Ghazghkull is much like being hit by a mag-train. When Ghazghkull chargeshe gets +2A instead of the usual +1. Furthermore, Ghazghskull is immune to instant death.Prophet of the Waaagh!: Ghazghkull’s war cry can unleash a Waaagh! Can be summoned at any time, but only once pergame, and not on the first turn. It replaces the army’s usual Waaagh! - this one is better. Ghazghkull’s Waaagh! Lasts theremainder of that player turn and all the following player turn. During this period Ghazghkull’s saving throw isinvulnerable. Furthermore, for the duration of the Waaagh! All Ork infantry units automatically count as rolling a 6 for theWaaagh! Movement they wish to make. All non-fleeing friendly units become Fearless for the duration of the Waaagh!Note that no more than one Waaagh! Can be called per turn, so Ghazghkull cannot combine his Waaagh! With theWaaagh! Generated by a Weirdboy.
  5. 5. UrGok tHe UnstoPPaBle Heavy UNIT ORKS ONLY 100PtsUrgok the Unstoppable is a immensely sized and very powerful Ork Warboss. Urgok the Unstoppable was an ally to the mighty Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka where his massive warband took part in the Third War for Armageddon andwas directed against the Fire Wastes. WS BS S T W I A Ld SvUrgok 4 2 6 6 6 2 3 10 4+_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Unit Type: Wargear: Special Rules:Monstrous Creature ‘Eavy Armour Big ‘Un Power Klaw Furious Charge Twin-linked Shoota BruteUnit Composition: Stikkbombs Waaagh!1 Urgok (Unique) Fear Fearless Hammer of WrathBig ’Un: It is unknown as to why Urgok is so sizeable, maybe due to genetics malfuntion or maybe good old fashioned Imperial testing, however all it’s known is that Urgok is so big he can rest his arm on a Nobs head with ease. Due to the massive size of Urgok the Unstoppable he counts as ‘Impossibly Bulky’ which in gaming terms means he counts as 10 models, in addition to this Urgok not only causes fear, but also any enemy unit that shoots at him +1 BS to hit.Brute: Due to a life of hard fighting and destruction, when a Waaagh! Is called, Urgok turns into the killing machine he was born to be, til the end of the game, Urgok will always move towards the enemy as fast as he can, he will always run and always assault towards the closest enemy.
  6. 6. OrkimeDeS H/Q UNIT ORKS ONLY 150PtsOrkimedes is one of the most infamous Ork Mek Boyz. Acting as the personal Mek Boy of the even more infamous Warboss Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka, Orkimedes is perhaps most famous for his tellyporta technology which was usedto devastating effect by Ork forces during the Third War for Armageddon. Orkimedes is a mysterious figure in Ghazghkulls army, so much so that his exact existence has never been verified. Instead, the Imperium has only encounteredhis handiwork on Armageddon such as up-gunned Gargants and submarines. Currently, he is one of the most actively sought-out targets by the Officio Assassinorum. WS BS S T W I A Ld SvOrkimedes 5 2 4 5 3 4 6 9 4+_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Unit Type: Wargear: Special Rules: Options:Infantry ‘Evy Armour Independent Character May be accompanied by: Kustom Force Field Furious Charge Ammo runt - 3pts Power Klaw Mob RuleUnit Composition: Stikkbombs Eternal Warrior1 (Unique) Cybork Body Counts as Big Mek Mek’s Tools Waaagh! Slugga Grot Oilers x 3Tellyporta Tech: Orkimedes is famous for his tellporta technology to represent this, Orkimedes may Deep strike himself and any unit he is with and re-roll the results on any deep strike mishaps using the second result even if it is worse. In addition, upon landing roll a D6, on the roll of a 6, Orkimedes and his unit may assault.Prototype Klaws: Orkimedes’ is known to make weird and wonderful inventions with the latest being a way to Strap more Power Klaws to an Ork. Orkimedes gains 2 extra Power Klaw attacks (Included In profile)
  7. 7. GazGriM tHe Great Despot of DreGruk H/Q UNIT ORKS ONLY 100PtsThe Ork Empire of Dregruk, located near the Eye of Terror. Its ruler, currently Gazgrim, is known as the Great Despot of Dregruk and is currently aligned to the infamous Warboss Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka. In the Third War forArmageddon, the forces of the Great Despot of Dregruk allied with Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka in the Third War for Armageddon and as such were one of the largest Ork armies on Armageddon and were fielded against ArmageddonPrime. WS BS S T W I A Ld SvGazgrim 5 2 5 6 3 4 4 9 2+_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Unit Type: Wargear: Special Rules:Infantry Mega-Armour Rampage Bosspole Furious Charge Shoota/Rokkit Kombi-weapon Mob RuleUnit Composition: Stikkbombs Waaagh!1 Gazgrim (Unique) It will not die Feel no pain Zealot Monster Hunter Armourbane Watch how I does it! You ‘n me, eh?Watch how I does it!: Gazgrim is a born leader and likes to show off his skill by taking on the biggest, meaniest and scariest foes he can find by himself. As a result Gazgrim can never join a unit and will always fight alone.You ‘n me, eh?: Gazgrim must always offer to challenge his opponent.
  8. 8. NaZDREG UG URDGRUB H/Q UNIT ORKS ONLY 200PtsIn many ways Nazdreg is a typical Bad Moon Warlord - rich, ostentatious, over indulgent and overweight. However Nazdreg is remarkable for one reason - he is easily one of the most intelligent and cunning battlefield commanders tobe found in all of Orkdom. It is fortunate for the Imperium then, that Nazdreg is primarally concerned with wealth - for if he ever worked up the energy to lead a Waaagh! he would prove to be every bit as formidable a foe as hiscontempory Ghazghkull Thraka. Nazdreg leads an extremely powerful warband which has laid waste to at least 11 Imperial Worlds so far. Additionally he has defeated or outwitted all the Imperial forces that have been sent againsthim. Nazdregs base of operations is a huge Space Hulk called Ognazdreg Gargdurslagulk, which has been designated "Scylla" by Imperial forces. It is said that Nazdregs Mekboyz have managed to gain some form of control over thespace hulks movement, and the ease with which he has outmanoeuvered his Imperial adversaries would certainly indicate that this is the case. According to Imperial reports, he speaks fluent Low Gothic and is seemingly moreresourceful than other Warbosses, using both punishment and rewards as incentives to get more out of his slaves. Nazdreg takes to the field clad in Mega Armour and he possesses a personal firearm known as "Kustom Blast-X" withwhich he can be considered an expert shot (by Ork standards). WS BS S T W I A Ld SvNazdreg Ug Urdgrub 6 2 5 5 4 5 5 9 2+_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Unit Type: Wargear: Special Rules: Options:Infantry Cybork Body Independent Character May be accompanied by: Bosspole Furious Charge Ammo runt - 3pts Mega-armour Mob RuleUnit Composition: Stikkbombs Eternal Warrior1 Nazdreg (Unique) Mek’s Tools Smarty Pantz Kustom Force Field Fearless Kustom Blast-X (Replaces the normal Very Bulky twin-linked shoota that comes with mega-armour) Killy Klaw (Replaces the normal Power Klaw that comes with mega-armour)Kustom Blast-X: Nazdreg possesses a personal firearm known as "Kustom Blast-X" it has two firing modes with the following stat line: Man Killa’: 24”, STR 5, AP 4, Assault 2; Master-crafted, Get’s Hot, Instant Death. Tank Killa’: 12”, STR 1, AP 6, Assault 1, Master-crafted, Get’s Hot, Haywire.Killy Klaw: Nazdreg’s advanced Ork intelligence has enabled him to find a way to make his standard Power Klaw attack with lightning speed. Nazdreg’s Power Klaw strikes in Initiative order.Smarty Pantz: Nazdreg’s history for outwitting Imperial forces is down to his own insight in how ‘Umies think, to represent this, when in combat against an army of the Imperium Nazdreg always gains +1 Initiative.
  9. 9. WaRBOSS UGULHARD H/Q UNIT ORKS ONLY 85PtsWarboss Ugulhard helped lead the attack on Hades Hive whilst it was being defended by Commissar Yarrick. Ugulhard managed to fight his way to the Commissar (Yarrick was always on the front lines during the fighting). The twoleaders engaged in close combat with a fight that lasted for what seemed to be an eternity. Ugulhard gained the first blood by managing to severe Yarricks right hand with a swipe from his Power Klaw, The rest is history... WS BS S T W I A Ld SvWarboss Ugulhard 4 2 5 5 3 3 4 9 4+_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Unit Type: Wargear: Special Rules:Infantry ‘Eavy Armour Independent Character Power Klaw Waaagh!Unit Composition: Twin-Linked Shoota Mob Rule1 Ugulhard (Unique) Bosspole Furious Charge Choppa Cruisin’ for a bruising’Cruisin’ for a bruising’: Due to the nature of Warboss Ugulhard’s furious and driven nature, this rule confers the crusader And the counter-attack unviersal special rule.
  10. 10. KOMMISSaR H/Q UPGRADE* ORKS ONLY 25Pts *Does not use FOCKommissars are based clearly of the Imperia Guard Commissars. Likewise they are invariably stern and uncompromising individuals, able to keep even the most anarchic orks in line through fear, strength and power. Every mob onArmageddon has one or more attached Kommissars who remain with the mob throughout its Waaagh!. Kommissars are put there to mobs by the Warboss. They have authority over both the Boyz and the Nobz. Kommissars have both theright and duty to immediately shoot any Boy or Nob who shows Fearz in battle. WS BS S T W I A Ld SvKommissar 4 2 4 4 2 3 3 10 6+_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Unit Type: Wargear: Special Rules: Options:Infantry Slugga No Fearz! A Kommissar may replace his choppa with: Choppa Furious Charge Big Choppa - 5ptsUnit Composition: Stubborn Power Klaw - 25pts1 Kommissar Waaagh! Mob Rule A Kommissar may replace his slugga with: Independent Character Twin-Linked Shoota - 5pts Fear Shoota/rokkit kombi-weapon - 5pts Shoota/skorcha kombi-weapon - 5pts A Kommissar may take: ‘Eavy Armour for 5pts Cybork Body for 5ptsNo Fearz!: If the Kommissar’s unit fails a Morale test the Kommissar will shoot a member of the squad,The executed model is immediately removed as a casualty regardless of number of Wounds remaining.The unit in question must then re-roll the failed Morale check - if this test also fails then the squad fallsback as normal. Note - Unlike a standard Imperial Commissar, a Kommissar will happily shoot anotherKommissar in order to do his duty.
  11. 11. OrkHilles The FlasHiest Git H/Q UNIT ORKS ONLY 150PtsOrkhilles Flash Gitz have become so successful that they have accumulated vast wealth, and there are rumours that they have left great chests of teef buried on wasted worlds and barren asteroids. Much of this wealth can be attributedto Orkhilles exceptional cunning, which he has used to double-cross or intimidate many of his employers out of their rightful share of the loot. All of Orkhilles Flash Gitz are armed and equipped to an incredible degree, due not only totheir great wealth but also because of the many gifts presented to them by grateful (or fearful) Warlords. WS BS S T W I A Ld SvOrkhilles 4 2 3 4 2 3 4 9 4+_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Unit Type: Wargear: Special Rules: Options:Infantry ‘Eavy Armour Independent Character May be accompanied by: Power Klaw Mob Rule Ammo runt - 3ptsUnit Composition: Stikkbombs Furious Charge1 Orkhilles (Unique) Snazzgun Split Fire More Dakka Fill ‘em wif lead! Shootier Pew pew pew! Blastas Waaagh!Pew pew pew!: Orkhilles loves nothing more than watching Flash Gits unload everything they have at The enemy, as a result Orkhilles allows any Flash Git squad he is attached too to re-roll The AP value they get, the second result must be taken even if it is worse.Fill ‘em wif lead!: Roll a Ld test on 3D6 at the start of Orkhilles’ shooting phase if he intends to shoot, if he passes the Ld test, Orkhilles’ weapons become twin-linked, this is conferred to the unit he is with.
  12. 12. FREEBOOTERZ MOB TROOP UNIT ORKS ONLY 140PtsFreebooterz are piratical Orks who exist on the fringe of Ork Kultur. They are bandits and sell-swords belonging to no specific tribe or clan but who will work with any tribe as well as stand against any other if the price is right.Freebooterz are Ork warbands that are composed of an amalgam of Ork mobs from several different warbands or Orks who have separated themselves from their former clan by choice or through exile. These roving bands arecomposed of renegades, bandits, pirates and other outcasts. WS BS S T W I A Ld SvFreebooter Kaptin 4 4 3 4 2 3 3 7 5+Freebooter 4 2 3 4 1 2 2 7 5+_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Unit Type: Wargear: Special Rules:Infantry Snazzgun Furious Charge A pair of Cutlass Mob RuleUnit Composition: (Two close-combat weapons) Untrustworthy Gitz (May not be joined by anyone!)1 Kaptin Stikk Bombz Waaagh!9 Freebooterz Transport: Options: Mobs of 12 or fewer models may take The Mob may be joined by up to 10 additional Freebooterz at +13pts each. A Trukk as a dedicated transport for +35pts. The Kaptain may replace one of his Kutlass with a Power Klaw at +25pts The Kaptain may take a: Boss pole - 5pts Squig-Parrot (Counts as an attack squig) - 10pts The unit may take either Shootier, More Dakka or Blasta for +5pts per model.
  13. 13. OGRYN ELITE UNIT ORKS ONLY 75PtsOgryns are large and bulky, standing between 2½ and 3 metres tall. Ogryns vary in appearance according to world, but all are tough and powerful. Some forms are well-muscled, while others tend more towards grotesque obesity.Stupid and repulsively unhygienic, Ogryns have earned such names as Fats, Flabs, Slobs and Stenches. Ogryn populations produce mutant individuals to the same extent as humans. The psychic mutation however is unknown amongOgryns. WS BS S T W I A Ld SvOgryn 4 3 5 5 3 2 3 6 5+_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Unit Type: Wargear: Special Rules: Options:Infantry Two Choppas Bulky The Mob may be joined by up to 12 additional Ogryns at +25pts each (Two close-combat weapons) Mob ruleUnit Composition: Furious Charge3 Ogryns It’z dark in dere!It’z dark in dere!: Ogryns must do a Ld test before embarking on Transport:Any vehicle. Mobs of 6 or fewer models may take a Trukk as a dedicated transport for +35pts.
  14. 14. CYBOaR MOB FaST aTTaCK UNIT Orks ONLY 80PtsThe best boars are chosen by the Meks and Doks and heavily augmented with crude weaponry and armour. Sometimes this augmentation is so heavy that the warboar can no longer be considered simply a boar, and it is then called aCyboar. Cyboars often require a lot of resources to produce and so are usually reserved for important Nobs and Warbosses. Improvements could include such things as replacing the boars tusks with even more vicious metal ones,giving it powerful, hydraulic or piston-driven limbs, or reinforcing its hide with metal plating. One common feature among cyboars is a large cluster of stimulant injectors to increase the animals speed (often operated by a large redbutton). Obviously, these forms of surgery and repairs can take up a lot of the Mad Doks time if the tribe contains a large number of boars. Because of this, Mad Doks in Feral Ork tribes are often called Pig Doks because of theinordinate amount of time they spend working with the boars. Sometimes a Warboss will demand that a Mad Dok create an even faster steed more befitting of their status. In this case the final product will often be referred to as aSuper Cyboar. Its more heavily cyborged body offers even greater protection when ridden. The additional modifications include a single button which not only injects adrenaline stimulants into the Super Cyboar but also triggers theinjectors of the entire retinues Cyboars. WS BS S T W I A Ld SvCyboar Boss 5 2 5 6 3 4 4(5) 7 4+Cyboar Nob 4 2 4 5 2 3 3(4) 7 4+Cyboar Boy 4 2 3 5 1 2 2(3) 7 4+__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Unit Type Wargear Special Rules OptionsBeasts Slugga OR Shoota Furious Charge The Cyboar mob may add up to 9 more Cyboar Boys at +24 pts each. Hunting Spear Mob RuleUnit Comosition Stikk Bombz Fleet One Cyboar Boy may be upgraded to a Pig Dok for +30pts. Pig Dok’s are equipped with an ‘urty syringe,1 Cyboar Boss Cyboar Rage stikk bombs and Dok’s Tools.2 Cyboar Boys Waaagh! The Cyboar Nob may replace his hunting spear with a Power Klaw at +15pts or a big choppa for +5pts. The Cyboar Nob may take a Boss pole for +5pts. The Cyboar Nob may be upgraded to a Cyboar Boss for +100pts, which grants the stat line provided, in addition it upgrades his Cyboar into a Super Cyboar which turns him an his unit into the Jetbike unit type.Cyboar: A Cyboar confers a 4+ Armour save and an additional close combat weapon.. During assaults and sweeping advances, models mounted on a Cyboar that pass through difficultterrain take an automatic wound (Saves allowed), as the Cyboar has a tendency to butt rocks and trees.Hunting Spear: The hunting spear is used on the first turn they charge in the game, after use it is discarded. A hunting spear counts as a +1Str power weapon and the user strikes with aninitiative of 6. The Orks stills gets the benefit of Furious charge.
  15. 15. Tin kan karnival FAST ATTACK UNIT Orks ONLY 200PtsMercenary orks are out for two things – to kill and make money whilst doing it. The Tin Kan Karnival gets its name because they protect themselves by getting into barrels and charging at the enemy using it as armour, often hitting thedirt and literally rolling into battle. Often preferring transport for ‘Dem long walks!’ they commandeered a chimera and travel the world offering their services to the highest bidder.“Keep rollin’ rollin’ rollin’ rolling!” – Tin Kan Karnival battle cry. WS BS S T W I A Ld SvNob 4 2 4 4 2 3 3 7 3+Ork 4 2 3 4 1 2 3 7 3+ BS Front Side Rear HPLooted Chimera 2 12 10 10 3__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Unit Type: (Nob) Wargear: Special Rules:Orks: Infantry Barrel Armour – 3+ Save Diz is how we rollz!Looted Chimera: Twin-Linked Stormbolter Perznal deff rolla!Vehicle Chainsaw Mob Rule Stikk Bombz Waaagh!Unit Composition:11 Orks (Nob) Wargear: Options:1 Nob Barrel Armour – 3+ Save All Orks may replace slugga and chainsaw with a shoota for free1 Looted Chimera Slugga(Unique) Chainsaw Nob may replace his Chainsaw with: Stikk Bombz “Kan Opena” – Power Weapon – 10pts “Supa Kan Opena” - Power weapon with 2D6 armour penetration – 20pts. Chimera: Turret Twin-Linked Big Shoota Hull Mounted Big ShootaSpecial Rules“Diz is how we rollz!” – Must start embarked in an Imperial Guard Codex Chimera using above stat line.“Perznal deff rolla!” – Does D3 attacks on charge instead of just 1 to represent them getting inside their barrels and rolling into combat.
  16. 16. FERaL BOYZ TROOP UNIT ORKS ONLY 140PtsA Feral Ork is an Ork who arises on a world that a spaceborne Ork WAAAGH! has already assaulted, though they possess only pre-industrial levels of technology and culture. Feral Orks appear after a WAAAGH! has already infesteda planet and then moved on to seek new battles elsewhere. Usually Feral Orks are a new generation of Orks grown from the fungal reproductive spores released by spaceborne Orks and left behind on the world their spacebornecounterparts have abandoned. Feral Orks can also be derived from an original population of spaceborne Orks stranded on a world who effectively devolve back to a feral state, losing their access to more advanced technology. TheFeral Orks, while less advanced than their fellow Greenskins, do have access to a variety of wargear in their armoury. However much of it works due to the strange effects it has on the mind and behaviour of the Ork, rather thanactually producing a physical effect upon the enemy. WS BS S T W I A Ld SvChieftain 4 1 5 4 2 3 4 7 6+Feral Boy 4 1 4 4 1 2 3 7 6+_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Unit Type: Wargear: Special Rules: Options:Infantry Two Choppas Waaagh! The Mob may be joined by up to 20 additional Boyz at +6pts each (Two close-combat weapons) FleetUnit Composition: Furious Charge For every 5 Feral Boyz in the mob, one Feral Boy may replace a choppa with1 Chieftain Mob rule one of the following:9 Feral Boyz Move through cover Slugga - Free Shoota - 2pts For every 5 Feral Boyz in the mob, without any upgrades a feral boy may replace both choppas with a big choppa for +10pts. The Chieftain may replace a choppa with one of the following: Slugga - Free Shoota - 2pts The Chieftain may replace his two choppas with one of the following: Big choppa - 10pts Feral staff (Close combat weapon with Soul blaze) - 10pts
  17. 17. Rekon Team Fast attack UNIT ORKS ONLY 60PtsThe role of the Rekon Team is to observe enemy deployments without being seen and is usually seen at the forefront of an attack. It is armed sufficiently to be able to deal with infantry and light vehicles. Though it is no match for atank, it is fast and capable of leaving any dangerous situation quickly. Often the engines of Rekon Team are overcharged in order to give an even higher speed, although this does put a lot more strain on the drive shaft and other partsof the engine.. BS Front Side Rear HPRekon Team 2 10 10 10 2_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Unit Type: Wargear: Special Rules:1 Rekon Team: Hull Mounted Twin-Linked Deffgun Skilled RiderVehicle (Fast) Jink ScoutUnit Composition: Infiltrate1 Rekon Team Ramshackle Options: A Rekon Team vehicle can be upgraded to have: Armour plates - 10pts Grot Riggers - 5pts Reinforced Ram - 5pts Red Paint Job - 5pts Stikkbomb Chukka - 5pts
  18. 18. Kan RIDer Tank Upgrade Orks ONLY 50PtsA Kan rider is sat ontop of a Killa Kan or Deff Dread for one purpose, to make sure it stays working throughout the battle! Be it but trying to stop bad Ork building or due to enemy fire. The walkers themselves are just a large metalcan mounted on two piston powered legs, although as with anything Ork there is a large degree of variation. They are most often armed with a single heavy weapon welded onto one shoulder and a saw or pincer close combat weaponon the other. Even with the increased fire power, both Killer Kan and Deff Dread pilots still display cowardly behaviour. While they are usually deployed in small squadrons, some have been known to run from the battlefield at thefirst sign of danger._____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Unit Type: Wargear: Special Rules:Upgrade Choppa Look afta it! Kan Rider’s Tools ‘Old still!Unit Composition: Kustom Kan Force Field1 Kan RiderAny Killa Kan or Deff Dread model may take a Kan Rider as an upgrade.Kustom Kan Force Field: A Kan Rider’s job is to ensure that a Killa Kan or Deff Dread survives the battle. The force field acts as a vehicle invulnerable save of 4+.Kan Rider’s Tools: All weapons that receive a weapon destroyed result have their own invulnerable save of 4+‘Old still!: If the Killa Kan or Deff Dread forgoes all shooting the weapon can be repaired and fired as normal the turn after on a successful roll of a 4+Look afta it!: When a Killa Kan or Deff Dread is upgraded to have a Kan Rider and is engaged in combat it gains an extra 3 attacks striking at Initiative 3, STR 4, AP - to represent the Kan Rider trying to fend off the attackers!
  19. 19. Sneaky Gitz ELITES UNIT ORKS ONLY 40PtsSneaky Gitz and Sneaky Kommandos are Orks and Grots fond of sneaky type of warfare, experts in laying ambushes and unsuspected attacks. Sneaky Kommandos epitomize the Orky virtue of low cunning. Nothing makes a Kommandohappier than creeping up on an unsuspecting enemy, his Gitz slithering through the undergrowth at his side. When the time is right, the Kommando and Gitz will burst from their concealment, slashing, stabbing and shooting theirstunned prey before they have a chance to strike back. Kommandos are usually looked down upon by most of the orkish society, believing that "all dat sneaky round stuff just aint what da orks do". But no warboss in his right mindwould refuse their services. WS BS S T W I A Ld SvSneaky Kommando 4 2 3 4 1 2 2 7 6+Sneaky Git 2 3 2 2 1 2 1 5 -_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Unit Type: (Sneaky Kommando)Wargear: Special Rules: Options:Infantry Grot Phaser (Sneaky Commando)Waaagh! The mob may be joined by up to 4 additional Sneaky Grot-Prod (Sneaky Commando)Mob Rule Kommandos for 5pts each.Unit Composition: (Sneaky Commando)Furious Charge The mob may be joined by up to 20 additional Sneaky Gitz1 Sneaky Kommando (Sneaky Git) Wargear: Infiltrate for 5pts each.10 Sneaky Gitz Grot Phaser Scout SneakyGrot Phaser: A sneaky weapon for a sneaky git! The weapon has the following stat line: 12”, STR 1, AP -; Poisoned(4+), Strikedown.Sneaky: Due to the nature of how the Sneaky Gitz travel they count as having the Move through cover and Shrouded universal special rules.
  20. 20. KillDozer Heavy UNIT ORKS ONLY 180PtsA Killdozer is a common type of large Ork vehicle designed to carry a whole fighting mob of Orks, plus any Gretchin, Snotlings, Squigs or shiny things that may belong to the mob, Killdozers are typically large, heavy and noisy.Ownership of a Killdozer marks an Ork out as particularly prestigious or flash. A typical Killdozer owner is most likely a Nob of some description, though various Oddboyz may have access to Killdozers at certain times. Warbossesoften mount themselves and their immediate retinue in Killdozers when travelling to battle, and may have more than one if their retinue is of sufficient size. Like all Ork vehicles, Killdozers do not conform to a set standard, althoughthe Mekboyz of the Ork clans do tend to lean towards building their Killdozers based around an initial chassis design that is somehow known to them almost instinctively. Past this initial point however, Killdozers will tend to lookrather unique as various Meks and decoratively-minded owners get their hands and hammers on the vehicle. Most Killdozers come with flagpoles bolted on somewhere so the owner can display his personal or clan banner in aprominent place, as well as thick armour plate in most locations. A Kannon, Zzap Gun, Lobba, or a Boomgun with an array of Big Shootas and Rokkit launchas are popular weapons choices for a Killdozer. They are not particularlyfast and so not all that popular with Mekboyz, who prefer their own rides to be significantly more speedy, not to mention kustomized. The chief advantages of Killdozers is that they are sturdy and well-armoured, offering thepassengers good protection (until they stick their heads out from behind the armour plate to see whats going on) and can transport a large number of Orks and their equipment directly into battle. BS Front Side Rear HPRekon Team 2 14 14 14 3_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Unit Type: Wargear: Special Rules: Options:1 Killdozer: Hull-mounted Killkannon Ramshackle A Killdozer can be upgraded to have any of the following:Vehicle (Tank) Pair of sponson big shootas Deff rolla* - 20pts ‘Ard Case Boarding Plank -5ptsUnit Composition: Transport Capacity: Armour plates - 10pts1 Killdozer 20 Grot Riggers - 5pts Reinforced Ram - 5pts Red Paint Job - 5pts Stikkbomb Chukka - 5pts Wreckin’ Ball - 10pts Grabbin’ Klaw - 5pts Reinforced Ram* - 5pts May replace sponsons big shootas with: Pair of Skorchas for free Pair of Kannons - 20pts Pair of Snazzguns - 20pts (AP rolled per gun) Pair of Lobbas - 30pts Pair of Zzap Guns - 30pts May take up to four of the following: Skorcha - 5pts per gun Big Shoota - 5pts per gun Rokkit Launchas - 10pts per gun Deff Guns - 15pts per gun (Shots rolled per gun) May replace it’s Killkannon with: Boomgun for +10pts Kustom Force Field for + 10pts *May not take a Deff Rolla and a Reinforced Ram.
  21. 21. ROBORK MOB Heavy UNIT ORKS ONLY 100PtsOrk Nobz who value the thrill of close combat often become Meganobs. They are recognised by their bulky armour they wear into battle, which they call Mega Armour, and by a dogged belief of their own invulnerability - Alas asmany Painboyz know they are still able to be killed. When a Meganob is slain Painboyz and Mekboyz alike spend there time reanimating the fallen into what is known as a Robork - A suit of mega armour controlled by a 95% Cyborkbody that is compromised of extremely thick metal plates welded onto a exoskeleton. It incorporates several engines and sub-motors that give the wearer tremendous strength. A multiple barrelled and personalised assault kannonhardwired in to one arm and a deadly Power Klaw on the other. WS BS S T W I A Ld SvFeral Boy 4 2 5 4 2 1 4 7 3+_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Unit Type: Wargear: Special Rules: Options:Infantry Power Klaw Bulky The Mob may be joined by up to 2 additional Roborks at +35pts each Assault Kannon Mob ruleUnit Composition: Robork Body (3+ Save) Furious Charge3 Roborks Blessing of Mork Slow and PurposefulAssault Kannon: 12”, STR 4, AP 4, Assault D6; RendingBlessing of Mork: Confers a 6+ Invulnerable save and the It will not die universal special rule.