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Precision Workers


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Precision Workers specializes in professional carpet cleaning in Miami, FL. They also excel in tile and grout cleaning and upholstery cleaning. For over 10 years Precision Workers has served the South Florida Area.
Address:1745 NW 56th Street, City: Miami, State: Florida, Zip code: 33142
Phone number: 954-237-3337.

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Precision Workers

  1. 1. Precision Workers Carpet and UpholsteryPrecision Workers Carpet and Upholstery CleaningCleaning
  2. 2. At Precision Workers, weAt Precision Workers, we specialize in restoring thespecialize in restoring the beauty of your carpets andbeauty of your carpets and upholstery.upholstery.
  3. 3. For over 10 years, we have dutifully served residents of Miami-Dade and Broward counties by professionally cleaning their carpets and upholstery. Our technicians even work wonders on pesky tile and grout surfaces.
  4. 4. Our intricate methods and attention toOur intricate methods and attention to detail ensures a thorough removal ofdetail ensures a thorough removal of dust, allergens, pollutants, and stainsdust, allergens, pollutants, and stains from your carpet, upholstery, and tile.from your carpet, upholstery, and tile.
  5. 5. We use the best equipment on the market to ensure your most utilized surfaces are delicately handled and properly sanitized. By combining our expertise with great customer service, you can rest assured that restoring the appeal of your carpet, tile, and upholstery will be a smooth process.
  6. 6. 1745 NW 56th St.1745 NW 56th St. Miami, FL 33142Miami, FL 33142 (954) 237-3337(954) 237-3337