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St. Edward Catholic Church Parent mtg 2013


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Opening parent meeting for all grades

Published in: Spiritual, Education
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St. Edward Catholic Church Parent mtg 2013

  1. 1. Open the Door of Faith
  2. 2. Purpose The purpose of Faith Formation is to:  teach the truths of the Catholic faith,  learn to apply them to our daily lives  grow closer to God Two parts: Educational; Spiritual
  3. 3. Educational • Tenets of our faith • Prayers • Saints • Why we do what we do • What we believe • How we profess that belief • “head” knowledge
  4. 4. Spiritual • Cannot be taught • How you live your life as a Catholic Christian • The lens through which you view the world • “heart/soul” knowledge
  5. 5. • Spiritual and Educational cannot be separated • Parish is here is help you form your children in the Catholic faith • You must participate – Sunday Mass and Holy Days of Obligation – Pray at home together – Read Bible stories, lives of Saints – Be active in the parish – Celebrate Catholic events, seasons such as Advent and Lent
  6. 6. Program Overview • All grades, 1-8, will have classes at the parish • On-line is an option if necessary • Grades 1-3 will use the Faith and Life series • Grades 4-5 will use a Bible based curriculum • Grades 6-7 will use Encounter, a Bible study • Grade 8 will use One Eight for Confirmation prep
  7. 7. Sacrament Preparation • Sacrament preparation programs are two years • Usually grades 1 and 2 prepare for First Penance and Communion • Children enrolled in Catholic School are prepared in school and receive the sacraments here; need to register • Penance is celebrated during Lent of 2nd grade • Communion in May of 2nd grade
  8. 8. • Usually grades 7 and 8 prepare for Confirmation • Confirmation is received in 9th grade per diocesan policy • Youth enrolled in Catholic School attend the first year of preparation in school, the second year in the parish
  9. 9. Liturgy of the Word • 9:00 am Mass every Sunday during the school year except Easter • For Children grades pre-K 4 -5 • No registration, visitors welcome • The Word Explained for grades 6-8 • Need help with this program
  10. 10. Schedule • Class time: 10 – 11:15 am • We will begin each class with Opening Prayer at 9:55 in the hall, all grades and families together • Service Nights: Dec 6 and April 4 • First Penance: April 4, 2014 • First Communion: May 4, 2014
  11. 11. Program Procedures • Please bring your child into the hall through the main glass doors • Join us for Opening Prayer each session • Confirmation group can be picked up in the car line; if the usual mode is walking on their own, send a note. • Send a note if your child is going home with someone else • Children not enrolled in the program cannot come to class. • If your child will not be present in class please email or call
  12. 12. • We will have a small snack for catechists to distribute at some point during class • Children should not gather in the courtyard before class but come right into the hall; therefore avoiding the coffee and food
  13. 13. Communication • Email • Constant Contact (e-newsletter) • Bulletin • Snail mail • Facebook • Google+ • Website • Parish Blog
  14. 14. Possibilities • Choir: rehearsal Mondays at 4 with homework time at 3 • Middle School Youth group • Parent program
  15. 15. Help Needed • Dec 8: Service night and family penance service, The plan: dinner, fill stockings for Pat Reeves Center, go to confession Need someone to organize dinner, get stockings, contact the center to get list of children, collect items
  16. 16. • April 4: Service night and family penance service, also First Penance. • Easter Egg Hunt • Take pictures at events • Buy and set up snack
  17. 17. Resources Children’s Bible App Encounter Program