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Social Media in a Global Organization

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  • Well, while we have made significant IT investments in transactional systems over the past decade, they aren’t suited to address these complexities.Those systems that automate routine tasks, like order processing, HR self-serve systems or inventory management are enormously important – businesses run on them and have achieved huge productivity gains over the last decade. They were and continue to be the right investments at that time.And the primary collaborative tools in this same era have been text or document-centric. These are best suited for more structured problems, with one to one or one to few people participating in the collaborative process.Clearing: Today we use a wealth of communications centric and Web 2.0 capabilities in business. And they are changing the way we work within and between companies, partners, suppliers – even customers. Transition: And the trends I described are affecting those repeatable business processes that depend on people - processes that have multiple decision makers and multiple viewpoints.
  • This is the framework by Chris brogan that I like and one that I’ve applied to our strategy at cisco. It reflects the journey companies go on when creating their social brand and helps guide how they can interact w/their social ecosystemThe first wave on the left – the home base – represents what you control as a company…your brand on your website, your properties…it’s import to look at all of these together – to define your company’s social ecosystem –Based on what we’ve learned through our ecosystem…let me share our steps to success
  • Top 10 Sites:GoogleFacebookYouTubeYahooLiveBaiduWikipediaBlogspotTwitterQq
  • Key takeaways and trends:Create a relationship – not an eventBuild communities – not websitesMake it personal – leverage geolocation, openIDTwo way communication – video, social viewingIdeation – crowd-sourcingEmpower employees – enterprise 2.0Key success factors:Conduct Social audit to determine digital footprint & quality of social presenceCreate consistent look/feel of social media corporate presence and create seamless integration with .com and other corporate owned propertiesIntegrate social strategy into all external communications and marketing plans (paid/owned/earned model)Showcase relevant content via collection of live feeds (Cisco social hub has 50+ live feeds)Coordinate employee engagement via internal community for learning & best practice sharingOrganize video presence - YouTube branded channel encourages video communication and sharing
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  • Ambassadors:Set expectationsLet go of controlIt’s ok to ask for helpCisco Moderators:Add personality to your brandSet expectationsPost legal disclaimerDon’t miss a beat:Set alerts for any relevant topics to reduce missed opportunities
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