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Media presentation poster

  1. 1. In what ways does your mediaproduct use, develop orchallenge forms and conventionsof real media products?POSTER
  2. 2. OptionsThese are the poster samples we created that we didn’t decide to go throughwith for many different reasons. In the coming slides we’re going to individuallyexplain why we didn’t go through with them.
  3. 3. Option 1 & 2 - Why Didn’tThey Make ItWhen we first made this poster, the idea was to go with something very simple yet strongso we thought that having a KKK member contrasting the black background would lookextremely powerful and bold; adding mystery with the blackened out eyes as to who’sbehind the mask. Furthermore, the font for ‘The Revolution Is Coming…” is a very simplebut once again powerful font which emphasises the strength of the statement. What wealso included, was the KKK sign as the middle dot for the ellipsis to make sure that thetheme is 100% present. As you canThe reason why we never chose togo with these posters is, aspowerful as they are, it could besaid that these posters wererelatively easy to make and didn’trequire many technical skills.see we started off with the sampleof only one KKK member; however,from here edited it to have 3 as the3 members represented abrotherhood; a fraternity and a cult.
  4. 4. Option 3This is another poster that we created that we didn’t go through with. Thereasons why will be discussed in the next slide.
  5. 5. Why Didn’t They Make ItFirstly, this poster had a completely different approach to the first two as this involved manyeffects, a lot of cutting and us taking advantage of our Photoshop skills. From looking at theposter you can tell the film is going to involve a lot of destruction and threat; that’s exactlywhat we tried to create. Once again we’ve incorporated mystery in our piece of work, byincluding the KKK member split screen with Fahmi (the ethnic minority representative) andthey’re split by burnt material which lets you know subtly there will be a battle. It remindedus of a vs screen on a video game and therefore, would be me easy to metaphorically read.However the fire in the background, was not so subtle. We’ve also included our house stylefont ‘Credit River’, the KKK symbol to make a clear statement and also included ‘ComingSoon’ as this is a very typical teaser poster trait. Now here came the problem. We did asurvey on which poster people found the most effective and most put this one secondbecause they said Fahmi looks like he’s been edited onto that background rather thanactually being there. Our argument was obviously, “he wasn’t” but we cannot ignore thatfactor that people thought it looked that way. Just to prove he was actuallythere we’ve provided theoriginal photos (unedited).Fahmi’s half was from the leftphoto and the KKK’s was fromthe right. Even though weknew this, the public couldn’ttell, which was a big enoughproblem in our eyes.
  6. 6. The final
  7. 7. The finalThis is the photo weused for our final sampleposter. The reason whywe chose this particularphoto is because theframing of the shot wentperfect with our idea.This gave us a niceediting opportunity asthe KKK member’s hoodwas in perfectpositioning during thisshot. Also, Fahmi’s facialexpression and body posture gave us a lot to work with in terms of editing make up.The background made the photo look more “raw”. It helped in building anenvironment where police involvement/interference (in the movie) would be unlikely;giving the characters an easier opportunity to really have a “brawl”.
  8. 8. The finalWe edited some make up onto Fahmi’s face to“toughen” his features and make him look likehe’s been involved in a fight. With the KKKcharacter, we decided to include a splash ofblood on his costume to symbolize that he is atarget in terms of who the KKK officiallyare, but also to show that KKK characters aregoing to be involved in a lot of blood spillingaction in our film as ethnic minorities aregoing to be disguised in them and use them asa weapon against the “White” community.Consequently, confusing the living daylightsout of the audience as you almost cannot tellwho’s behind the mask, who’s going to get toharmed, and by the KKK symbol, whatdirection is this film going in. We included thewebsite and who the movie was filmed by tofollow typical teaser poster conventions;allowing the audience access to other contentmade available to them as time goes on.
  9. 9. THE END