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  1. 1. Where is Gallipoli and why is it important? By Cassy
  2. 2. Content Page Page 1# Title Page Page 2# Content Page Page 3# Where is Gallipoli? Page 4# Hyperlink of Gallipoli Page 5# Why is Gallipoli important? Page 6# Question 1# Page 7# Question 2# Page 8# Question 3# Page 9# Question 4# Page 10# Flags of WW1 Page 11# Question 5# Page 12# Bibliography Page 13# Reflection
  3. 3. Where is Gallipoli?
  4. 4. Gallipoli is here
  5. 5. Why is Gallipoli Important? Gallipoli is important because the first world war was held there. Anzacs fought against all the different countries and many people died.
  6. 6. Question 1# How did the war begin? The conflict of the war started in the late 1800’s. The Industrial Revolution had made all the countries in Europe Richer, so the population grew larger and larger. They had lots of power, because of this they were prepared to take over all of its rival nations. Their powers tried to promise the security of the continent by building up bigger armies. By 1914, they divided the continent into two power blocks, the Triple Alliance and the Triple Entente. Bibliography: An ANZACS war diary. The story of Sergeant Richardson. Edited by A.D. Bell
  7. 7. Question 2# What does ANZAC stand for? A ustralian and N ew Z ealand A rmy C orps
  8. 8. Why was the war in Gallipoli? Question 3# Gallipoli was an asset to Germany and we thought that is we defeated then we would help the Germans
  9. 9. Question 4# What countries went to war? Japan Latvia Liberia Lithuania Luxembourg Montenegro Nicaragua Panama Persia Philippines Poland Portugal Romania Russia San Marino Serbia Siam Turkey Tran Caucasia Unites States of America Albania Arabia Austria Hungary Belgium Brazil Bulgaria China Costa Rica Cuba Czechoslovakia Estonia Finland France Great Britain Germany Greece Guatemala Haiti Honduras Italy Australia New Zealand
  10. 10. Flags of countries in WW1
  11. 11. Question 5# How did the war end? Armies on the Western Front began to stop fighting. So that encouraged the other armies to stop fighting. Candian Lawrence Price was the last person to be killed. He was shot by a German sniper.
  12. 12. Bibliography
  13. 13. Reflection What I learnt How I Can improve my presantation How I feel about my work Click on the question to find out the answer
  14. 14. What I learnt <ul><li>I learnt how to do Action buttons and Hyperlink </li></ul>Back to Reflection
  15. 15. How I feel about my work <ul><li>I feel that my work is pretty good and I have covered all the instructions. I think I have used a lot of information and researched a lot. </li></ul>Back to Reflection
  16. 16. How can I improve my Presentation? <ul><li>Make it more interesting </li></ul>Back to Reflection