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Express Media Group (EMG) presents a group of over 20 websites dedicated to passionate consumers in the motoring, craft, lifestyle and leisure markets. Every month, over 650,000 visitors spend an average of 8 minutes interacting with over 4,5M pages. 10 monthly newsletters are sent to over 170,000 email addresses...

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EMG Online

  1. 1. CONNECTING THE PASSION Express Media Group Website Network
  2. 2. Instant results. 2009 Digital Advertising Breakthrough! Immediate success. The latest research conducted by Australian media agency ZenithOptimedia shows the amount spent overall on advertising in Australia is expected to fall by 6.5% in 2009. Conversely, advertising on the Internet is set to increase by 10.6% – and it’s not hard to see why. internet • The Internet creates a unique connection with each customer. Unlike traditional spending advertising, customers are not only observers, they also participate in content 10.6% specifically related to brands, creating an alliance with those brands. • The Internet is an instant medium. Your campaign can be available in a matter of hours, attracting viewers – and sales – to your website immediately. • The Internet offers immediate accountability. Every reaction is measured, allowing you to closely monitor how many consumers visit your website. It becomes instant – there’s no end-of-month report, figures are available at the end of each day. • The Internet gives unlimited flexibility. You can change your campaign at any time. Production costs are significantly lower than for TV, newspaper and radio, so there’s all no need to get stuck with a mundane advertising message. Think fresh and create the media perfect ad, again and again. -6.5% • The Internet maximises Return On Investment. Most advertising professionals agree on one thing: online advertising brings the best return. It’s also a great way to support TV, press and radio campaigns and build strong connections with customers.
  3. 3. Nurturing the relationship • EMG (Express Media Group, formerly Express Publications) is the largest, privately owned publisher of special-interest magazines in Australia. Our mission statement is: “To deliver more than our customers expect”. • For the past 20 years EMG has been dedicated to meeting the needs of enthusiasts with a passion for motoring, craft and outdoor leisure. • EMG publishes over 30 titles in Australia which between them sell over 5 million copies each year. They include the top-selling titles in their categories, such as Australian 4WD Action, Caravan & Motorhome, Australian Patchwork & Quilting and Scrapbooking Memories. • This consumer power has now been extended to the online market and the EMG website network attracts over 350,000 unique visitors every month with more than 9 million page views*. • 10 branded newsletters are sent direct to the screens of over 170,000 subscribers every month, creating instant reaction and results. • Passionate consumers are a rare breed. They stay online longer, read all content (including advertising), and continue to visit the website frequently. • The EMG network is growing rapidly. For example, our website for Caravan & Motorhome doubled in traffic in the last six months – a clear indication of our strong growth rate and good reason for optimism regarding our sizeable plans for the future. *March 2009, by Nielsen/NetRatings.
  4. 4. Our Network Let’s go in the bush and tour around Oz! Over 80% visitors are australians! 25 - 55 old, 83% male, high income Website Category Monthly Statistics 175,000 unique visitors 4WD Action Leisure 2.5M page views Caravan & Motorhome 52,000 newsletter subscribers I need new Street Commodores stereo for HOT4s 102,000 unique visitors my ride. Fast Fours Performance 1.8M page views 18 - 35 old, Street Fords Motoring 68,000 newsletter subscribers 91% male, big spender High Performance Imports Custom Utes I love my new digital Xtreme Holdens camera and printer. Extreme Street 25 - 55 old, 97% female, family decision-maker Boost 26,000 unique visitors Scrapbooking Memories Papercraft 220,000 page views Is there a 20,000 newsletter subscribers craft sale? Handmade 25 - 65 old, Patchwork & Quilting 45,000 unique visitors 98% female, Country Threads 250,000 page views addicted to shopping Patchwork & Stitching Craft 24,000 newsletter subscribers Country Craft & Decorating I must renovate my living Craft Club Forum room and bathroom. 25 - 65yr, 92% female, Modern Home 6,000 unique visitors Lifestyle-driven Country Home Ideas Home-maker 22,000 page views 8,000 newsletter subscribers *Above information is based on March/April 2009. Google Analytics report. Visit expresswired.com for the latest statistics
  5. 5. Feed the Passion Influence the influentials • Get involved with people who are passionate about your products and services. • Enthusiasts are willing to spend to indulge • Advertise where your message is their passion. welcomed and appreciated. Enthusiasts are passionate about Enthusiasts are more likely to engage in Enthusiasts will suggest improvements Enthusiasts will recommend products the products they use events and promotions for your products and services and services to their friends EMG Network Other Networks Connect and engage Target and Connect Spray and Pray with passionate Niche Audience Large Audience High Relevance Low Relevance consumers High Return Low Return
  6. 6. Find your solution today. • During times of recession, your marketing dollar can buy up to three times more. Now is the time to invest. • This is the perfect opportunity to increase market share. Now is the time to change your strategy; outrun the competition while they’re cutting costs and recalculating budgets. • Consumers are constantly shifting online. Young and old, people are discovering just how wide the Web actually is, and its amazing online capa- bilities. It pays to be where your customers are – particularly when it costs less than for any other media. • Online advertising is currently achieving the best ROI in the whole media landscape, so don’t wait to get started – do it now while you’ll get more for less. • Let EMG create customised solutions to achieve the best results for your advertising campaign. Banner eDM sent to Competitions Mobile and Advertising from over 170,000 advetorial and online video $15CPM consumers sponsored solutions promotions coming soon.
  7. 7. Website case study – 4WDaction.com.au Big tyres, big outback, big bucks big bucks 4WDaction.com.au is Australia’s most visited 4WD Action is the most trusted and widely known 4WD multimedia 4WD website. brand in Australia. It is the complete package – renowned as the 4WDer’s bible – and comprises the website, magazine and DVDs. Together they 83% are male Australian 4WD Action is have the entire scene covered for the Australian 4WD community. best selling 4WD magazine in Australia. 89% are aged 18 - 54 4WD is a very strong niche market. Visitors to the 4WD Action website are purely interested in 4WD-related products and information, and every one 88% are Australian visitors is a potential customer. This audience doesn’t stumble on the website by chance; each and every visitor is actively seeking products and services 60% visit more than once a month related to 4WDs – motoring, tools and parts, travel, tourism and finance (owning a 4WD can be costly). 7.5 average number of pages viewed by one visitor On average, a single visitor to the 4WD Action website spends $204 a 8min 55sec avergae time on the website, per visitor month on related products and services – a total of 150,000 visitors spending over $30M a month on their 4WD needs! 99.9% are passionate about 4WDs, off-road driving and touring Australia. 4wdaction.com.au
  8. 8. Advertiser case study – Valvoline Valvoline’s Project Shed • In early 2009 Valvoline decided it needed a campaign to connect and engage with their most passionate consumers – car builders. They saw it as a way to reach and influence the people who would in turn encourage need valvoline others and spread the word about the great range of Valvoline products. EMG websites and magazines proved their perfect match. logo and some pic from • Valvoline built their campaign around the unsung heroes of modified cars in this country, displaying images of ordinary blokes building and modifying Project Shed their cars in their own sheds for the pure enjoyment of it. • With the exception of banner advertising and magazine ads, EMG created the mini-website ProjectShed.com.au which was dedicated solely to the Valvoline campaign. Through newsletters, website banners and magazine ads, visitors were encouraged to join the website, upload their project car and read the real-life stories about cars being built from scratch. • Selected car builders received free products from Valvoline and were featured in the certain EMG magazines as well as appearing in the advertising campaign running throughout 2009. • Valvoline is achieving every advertiser’s dream – building strong and sustainable connections with their most passionate consumers. ProjectShed.com.au
  9. 9. Passion. Targeting. Customisation. Amazing results. Express Media Group Website Network
  10. 10. Follow us on twitter For full profiles of all EMG websites, Dean Lazarevic twitter.com/expresswired current statistics, rate cards, Online Media Manager banner specifications, latest news Phone +61 2 9741 3945 and more information, visit Mobile +61 410 3456 11 ExpressWired.com dean@emgroup.com.au