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Metrics for staffing explained

Published in: Business
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  1. 1. Metrics
  2. 2. Metrics • Metric - a method of measuring something, or the results obtained from this. • Used in making decisions and comparing things. • Types of Metrics People Process Tools
  3. 3. Considerations • What you are trying to measure • What are your norms and goals - Baseline • Who, What, When, How or Why behind data • For people metrics – do they have at least 50% control over outcome • Recruiter Dashboard or Scorecard
  4. 4. Staffing Metrics • Time to Fill • Time to Accept • Time to start • Time in each step of the process – source, screen, HM screen etc • Offer accept rate • Interview to offer ratio • Sourced to screen rate • Screen to HM rate • HM to F2F rate
  5. 5. Staffing Metrics 2 • Accept to start rate • HM sat score • Recruiter sat Score • 1 year rate • 3 year rate • Candidate sat score • Cost of hire • Source of hire • Candidate turndown reason – with draw, says no
  6. 6. Staffing Metrics 3 • Hires • Hires within salary range • Hires with salary exceptions • Market skills analysis • Turnover rate • Turnover cost • MORE!!!
  7. 7. Identify and select Metrics • Step 1— Identify and Prioritize Critical Business Objectives • Step 2—Select and Prioritize Recruiting Metrics • Step 3—Create an Actionable Recruiting Dashboard
  8. 8. Identify and Prioritize Critical Business Objectives • What are your top three to five short-term, mid term and long-term business objectives? • Why did you choose each business objective? • What is at stake if each business objective is not met? • Tie in to recruiting Example Increase customer base for business offering (Bus Objective) Core value – invest in needed resources (Category of Objective) Increase hiring demand (recruiting implication) Example Metric Hires
  9. 9. Prioritizing Metrics • Alignment—Does this metric directly or indirectly align with business strategy? Measure metrics that are directly associated with business strategy rather than metrics that are easiest for the organization to track. • Quality—What is the quality of the metric? Look at whether the quality of the metric is objective or subjective, and the more objective the metric, the higher its rating. Also determines if the metric is quantitative or qualitative and predictive or descriptive. Metrics that are more qualitative and predictive receive a higher rating. • Feasibility—What are the resources and costs associated with tracking the metric? Metrics more difficult or costly to implement receive a lower rating.
  10. 10. Example • The next slide shows an example of a Criteria and rating scale for prioritization of Metrics
  11. 11. Recruiting dashboard/scorecard
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