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DCA The Gang Of Four


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Meet The Gang Of Four who make every business decision. Know them and win.

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DCA The Gang Of Four

  1. 1. The  Gang  Of  Four  Who  Make  Every   Decision   Dean  Crutchfield  Associates  
  2. 2. The Gang Of Four That Make Every Decision  Theres no business like the “know” business—know your competition, company, product, service and customer better than anyone else! The average executive has invested over 10,000 hours studying business, history, economics, literature, mathematics, and political science! The same executive, however, has spent less than two minutes learning about the people he’s planning to convince in the next meeting!Dean Crutchfield Associates
  3. 3. Know thy audience is tragically underestimated by most of us and as Merrill and Reid’s insightful study pointed out, knowing how to get your message across, understood, and being able to anticipate the Gang of Four’s reactions can make all the difference between winning and losing. Studies reveal that if you increase effectiveness by 10% on any aspect of a business you can reap a 20% margin increase – so recognizing the Gang of Four is an optimum place to start:Dean Crutchfield Associates
  4. 4. Analyticals The devil is in the detail: Analyticals see themselves as precise, careful, reserved and logical. Therefore, they need to be convinced, because theyre highly suspicious of generalities, refuse to buy on instinct or chemistry, and always focus on facts and figures – so the add-value must be demonstrated. And whilst we might perceive them as unemotional, pedantic, pig headed perfectionists, try offering them results-based arrangements and watch the floodgates open.Dean Crutchfield Associates
  5. 5. Analyticals Before you do, know they do not like things "too creative" presented by loud, opinionated people with illogical thinking, wafer thin evidence and will capitulate on first sight of any mistakes. The care points are they tend to make decisions made in terms of the past, take too long to make decisions and are always too risk averse. Therefore, if you detail the problems and demonstrate the calculated solutions they will be moved to act. Dean Crutchfield Associates
  6. 6. Drivers The exacting Driver views in the bathroom mirror a determined, to the point, efficient type that likes to be decisive. Your likely perceptions will be that they’re insensitive, autocratic, critical, always demanding and domineering. But the most effective way to achieve connection with a Driver is to let them know that your listening is the most important part of your job. Drivers love new products and gadgets, they typically won’t waste time as they make decisions based on instinct.Dean Crutchfield Associates
  7. 7. Drivers Therefore, it’s advised to cut to the chase, rack out the benefits of your proposal avoiding too much detail. Best not to show any lack of interest, at all costs avoid disagreeing with them, and they detest time wasting, indecision and delays. Care points are Drivers short-term focus that can lead to them seeking opportunity without regard to resources currently held and risk taking with little long-term view of potential consequences. This is where the listening pays-off.Dean Crutchfield Associates
  8. 8. Amiables like assurances, they’re the laggards of change, oftenappearing shy, accepting, patient, co-operative, warm and friendly.Don’t be fooled and deem them weak, fearful, time wasting softies whoare indecisive and lack goals, and remember the secret of successresides in your insight into the moods of people, and your tact in dealingwith them. Dean Crutchfield Associates
  9. 9. Amiables every request to an Amiable has five basic obstacles: no need,no money, no hurry, no desire and no trust.So its recommended to be a yardstick of quality in all that you do, do notinsist or push, rather take it easy, don’t rush, but attempt to build arelationship by always listening and sharing evidence for reassurance. Dean Crutchfield Associates
  10. 10. Amiables The big no’s for Amiables that are potential opportunities are their hate for dishing out bad news, signs of conflict in the group, inconsiderate people, aggressive behavior and lack of teamwork. Care points for Amiables are they do not take risk, so don’t suggest it, as they check with everyone that all decisions are okay, and they tend to enjoy receiving too much counseling before making a decision.Dean Crutchfield Associates
  11. 11. Expressives The Expressive is a hale fellow well met, willing to try new ideas and take ownership of yours, bursting with energy, open minded, always optimistic and friendly with a creative mind that is reactive. It’s highly likely you’ll find these folk spontaneous, over confident, pushy, superficial, exaggerating with little or no follow through and abhorrence for detail.Dean Crutchfield Associates
  12. 12. Expressives But before you write them off, know they hate negativity, bureaucracy, slow progress, and lack of interest so the best pitch with Expressives is to start big and finish big – always hit the high points in every type of contact. Be sociable, making every effort to create conversation, encourage and let them talk and show you listen. Above all share something with them they don’t know, entertain them and if you cant make it good, at least make it look good.Dean Crutchfield Associates
  13. 13. Ronald Reagan said, “There are no such things as limits togrowth, because there are no limits to the human capacity forintelligence, imagination, and wonder.”However, how this Gang of Four see their world shapes all most every keydecision that’s affected everything you’ve ever proposed, pitched or conferencecalled. You just need to “know” which of them you’re meeting with so that withgreat skill and a little luck you can improve your probability of success. Andremember, you’re one too. Dean Crutchfield Associates
  14. 14. DCA Help Clients Sell More Services Sales Training Presentation Skills Ambition Activation Seize More Opportunity Strategy & Narrative Personal Branding Brand Building Win More Business New Business 101 Pitch Boot Camp Growing Clients Pitch DoctoringDean Crutchfield Associates
  15. 15. Our Mission Achieving growth For ambitious leaders who are driven to grow fast Creating new business Orchestrating and activating accelerated outreach programs Building efficiencies Rapidly sourcing the best talent for the business   Improving margins Rallying teams behind the brand and go-to-market strategy Boosting win rates Delivering your best case and winning face forward    Dean Crutchfield Associates
  16. 16. Working with DCA Catalyzing top line growth for clients is what we thrive on: delivering your best case and winning face, encourage your people to move the needle north and sharpen the product offering. DCA (Dean Crutchfield Associates) achieve growth for clients by tailoring brand-led techniques that are uniquely participant centered. We guarantee results. Whether it’s a better pitch, winning new mandates, a better team or more fees, you will find our fee in your business within weeks. DCA programs have been thoroughly tested and proven with start-ups and the world’s greatest brands, uniquely adding immediate value. When you hire DCA, you get results. If you have the right people attend the sessions and complete all of your committed decisions and pilot initiatives and are still not satisfied or seeing results by the agreed time frame, we will coach and advise you free until you do!Dean Crutchfield Associates
  17. 17. Global Client Experience Aviva* McKinsey BP Metsä Serla* BT* Nomura* BSkyB* PepsiCo Camper & Nicholson PG&E Carter’s Pitney Bowes Cellcom* RBS* CITI Scanfinest* Comcast Shell“Dean always cuts to the core of what needs General Electric Smirnoffto be done and said. He helps bring clarity and Kraft Staplesprovides value by being an outsider with noagenda, so he can help you stand back and see Fila Sunglass Hutthings from different perspectives. Frito-Lay Target Littlewood’s* Tower of London*Dean helped us think through solutions andthen form the best way to present those McDonald’s Warburg Pincussolutions in a persuasive and compelling way.” M50 WGM*References upon request Dean Crutchfield Associates * Overseas Project  
  18. 18. LET’SGROW Dean Crutchfield Associates
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