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The pinnacle of a brand is when it becomes an experience and in this unchartered territory one thing is for certain, the difference between mobile advertising and mobile marketing is fairly straightforward: mobile advertising happens before the click and mobile marketing happens after the click focusing on the more long-term process of driving value from mobile customers. However, knowing and doing are two different things.

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DCA Mobile Advertising V. Mobile Marketing

  1. 1. Mobile Advertising versus Mobile Marketing By Dean Crutchfield Associates
  2. 2. Brand Experience The pinnacle of a brand is when it becomes an experience and in this unchartered territory one thing is for certain, the difference between mobile advertising and mobile marketing is pretty straightforward: mobile advertising happens before the click and mobile marketing happens after the click focusing on the more long-term process of driving value from mobile customers. However, knowing and doing are two different things.Dean Crutchfield Associates
  3. 3. Even though tablets and smartphones account for 10% of Internet traffic today the mobile market is a fragmented landscape with few shared protocols and standards along with multiple industry layers CMOs have to sift through. On the bright side mobile is no longer a testing ground, it’s a budget item and while mobile advertising accounts for 2% of total media ($2.6B) in the US, 90% of big brand CMOs will be allocating digital ad budgets to mobile in 2013/14. And here’s the kicker for agencies, with mobile marketing they can create more revenue than mobile advertising!Dean Crutchfield Associates
  4. 4. Purchase Pathway In this age of digital primacy mobile makes the impersonal personal with tremendous cross-generation appeal. Therefore, after all the rumination, mobile marketing represents an opportunity for CMOs to engage the consumer in multiple ways that were not possible before. Consequently, CMOs are embracing the concept of weaving mobile seamlessly throughout the purchase pathway and all other touch points to entice awareness, interest, engagement, purchase and loyalty. Ultimately moving from static banner ads to more rich interactive full-page units where sight, sound and motion are a critical component.Dean Crutchfield Associates
  5. 5. New Territory Mobile offers new territory for CMOs to orchestrate, motivate and facilitate increased time spent with the brand by the consumer from ambient accessibility that offers connected and branded presence to customers friends and family; mobile personalization with user selected preferences that enables connected pleasure through to the advent of media sharing such as passing the tablet. Mobile professionals are also increasing as they buy more apps that make their lives easier and at the other end of the spectrum digital Moms are heavy users for show rooming, health and as the miraculous pacifier for kids! .Dean Crutchfield Associates
  6. 6. Shareability Local advertising is difficult for mobile and it lacks the technical synergy that enables ad targeting, delivery, and analysis to work fairly seamlessly across the sprawling desktop world. Therefore, event participation, check- ins, loyalty points and geo-fencing - where the promotional proximity is targeted where the customer is - are going to be powerful components driving mobile marketing. Simultaneously, physical proximity of something is going to influence the customer experience. For example, one powerful tool for CMOs and retailers is augmented reality as it allows brands to pluck the benefits of physical stores without incurring the costs.Dean Crutchfield Associates
  7. 7. Data, Data, Data Retrieval of real time, valid, relevant and actionable behavioral data and analytics is made possible by Apps that are now mainstream. Therefore, mobile’s greatest untapped resource is its morass of customer data, but the gulf between hype and fraud is best shown in the numbers: 40% of click rates are fraudulent and 60% of mobile ad clicks are accidental besmirch the credibility of the category.   "The mobile ad market is just not fully formed yet," said KC Estenson, who oversees the online and mobile business for CNN. Dean Crutchfield Associates
  8. 8. Real Time Bidding Answering the CMOs need for valid and relevant data is RTB (real time bidding), but for media agencies RTB threatens their profit model and therefore, response has been desultory as they quietly fulminate over its looming presence. However, as RTB provides munificent real time data it will be important to CMOs, especially as post-installation events are far more important for brands including the third of customers who order online pick and up their goods in stores.  Dean Crutchfield Associates
  9. 9. Too Much Diversity Evidently we’re also close to the end of fixed place marketing and appointment content consumption, but even though we’re amidst new rituals and desires no one wants a half page of advertising plopped on their mobile device. Further compounding the issue for CMOs are that the rules of mobile marketing change with different operating systems and combinations of brands, device and wireless operators defending their turf along with manufacturers creating new form factors for mobile devices including tablet, flexible, wearable and hybrid designs.Dean Crutchfield Associates  
  10. 10. No To Omni-Channel Competiveness in this category needs regulation, innovation and infrastructure, but as consumers spend more time and undertake more research than ever on their mobile devices (40% of emails opened on mobile devices) competition will escalate. Even brick and mortar retailers are paring space and building up on mobile technology to focus on how to win competitive advantage. So any CPG brand or retailer that stands still on Main Street and doesn’t like change will like irrelevance even less. To break out of the pack CMOs brand building communications will have to work harder. Therefore, it’s foolish for the CMO to communicate a single omni-channel message across all mediums – it needs to be designed for mobile.Dean Crutchfield Associates
  11. 11. Mobile marketing is something you do not something you wait for,but many CMOs have shown a pusillanimous response to mobile advertising and still haven’t fully caught onto mobile marketing because it’s a train wreck of decentralization; it’s okay to be engaged by mobile marketing today and choose to test it for now, but to avoid mobile marketing and ignore it is dangerous strategy.   Dean Crutchfield Associates
  12. 12. How To Succeed? Success in mobile marketing is about attitudes not skills so even though budget allocation might be the picture, it doesn’t change the issues. To shatter the complacency, successful CMOs need to build mobile marketing initiatives in formats and with key words that are tailored for each consumer segment and device – not more ‘spray and pray’ like the mobile ad networks hitherto offer. Why? Mobile marketing should not be treated as a distinctly separate marketing channel (that can generate more revenue for agencies than mobile advertising alone), but a brand in the hand that can wield immense power for the CMO, i.e., don’t be frightened by Possibility, she makes a great mistress.  Dean  Crutchfield  Associates    
  13. 13. DCA Help Clients Sell More Services New Business Development Sales Training Seize More Opportunity Brand & Content Strategy Business Activation Growing Clients Win More Business Presentation Skills Pitch DoctoringDean Crutchfield Associates
  14. 14. In the pursuit of opportunity without regard to resources held, Dean Crutchfield has targeted and won millions in new fees from the world’s leading brands. By convincing senior executives at Fortune 500 companies on brand architecture, portfolio rationalization, go-to-market brand strategies, product and business innovation, Dean Crutchfield has directly helped clients generate billions in new business growth.Dean Crutchfield Associates
  15. 15. Global Client Experience Aviva* McKinsey BP Metsä Serla* BT* Nomura* BSkyB* PepsiCo Camper & Nicholson PG&E Carter’s Pitney Bowes Cellcom* RBS* CITI Scanfinest* Comcast Shell“Dean always cuts to the core of what needs General Electric Smirnoffto be done and said. He helps bring clarity and Kraft Staplesprovides value by being an outsider with noagenda, so he can help you stand back and see Fila Sunglass Hutthings from different perspectives. Frito-Lay TargetDean helped us think through solutions and Littlewood’s* Tower of London*then form the best way to present those McDonald’s Warburg Pincussolutions in a persuasive and compelling way.” M50 WGM*References upon request * Overseas Project Dean Crutchfield Associates  
  16. 16. Armed with rich content, deep knowledge, 2x2 matrices and a white board, we rapidlycreate targeted, multi-channel growth programs that generate immediate Impact Dean Crutchfield Associates
  17. 17. What DCA Delivers Achieving growth For ambitious leaders who are driven to grow fast Creating new business Orchestrating and activating accelerated outreach programs Building efficiencies Rapidly sourcing the best talent for the business   Improving margins Rallying teams behind the brand and go-to-market strategy Boosting win rates Delivering your best case and winning face forward    Dean Crutchfield Associates
  18. 18. Working with DCA Catalyzing top line growth for clients is what we thrive on: delivering your best case and winning face, encourage your people to move the needle north and sharpen the product offering. DCA (Dean Crutchfield Associates) achieve growth for clients by tailoring brand-led techniques that are uniquely participant centered. We guarantee results. Whether it’s a better pitch, winning new mandates, a better team or more fees, you will find our fee in your business within weeks. DCA programs have been thoroughly tested and proven with start-ups and the world’s greatest brands, uniquely adding immediate value. When you hire DCA, you get results. If you have the right people attend the sessions and complete all of your committed decisions and pilot initiatives and are still not satisfied or seeing results by the agreed time frame, we will coach and advise you free until you do!Dean Crutchfield Associates
  19. 19. Working with DCA By deploying real world strategies and hands-on collaboration to inspire teams we create content backed by actions that will assure you of seizing every good opportunity, selling more services and winning new business. For 20 years Dean Crutchfield has advised the worlds most iconic brands, built businesses, created new companies, opened international offices and spoken about the role of brands at Duke, Kellogg, Wharton and the Google Speaker Series. He has made appearances on all major TV news networks, commentary in the global press, editorials in major business publications and is a Contributor to Forbes. With a proven ability to inspire and push the boundaries beyond the notion of what was thought possible, DCA excel with clients who are looking to run fast, led by CEOs, CMOs, entrepreneurs and executive teams eager to capture dominant levels of success.Dean Crutchfield Associates
  20. 20. Dean Crutchfield Associates Sell More, Seize More, Win More Growth Advisors Dean Crutchfield Associates Dean Crutchfield Associates
  21. 21. Contact: Dean@deancrutchfield.com +1 917 239 3303333 East 34th Street, Ste 15A/B, New York, NY 10016 Dean Crutchfield Associates