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CURRICULUM VITAEPERSONALNAME:                                        Dean Roscoe ChapmanMARRIED:                          ...
KEY QUALIFICATIONS:Dean Chapman has a BSc degree in Civil Engineering conferred by the University of theWitwatersrand in J...
and Workshop Management as well as Technical & Legal Administrative support;           Representation for the Region on va...
RELEVANT PROJECT EXPERIENCE    Date                     Employer, Location & Responsibilities                             ...
RELEVANT PROJECT EXPERIENCE    Date                     Employer, Location & Responsibilities                          Pos...
RELEVANT PROJECT EXPERIENCE    Date                     Employer, Location & Responsibilities                        Posit...
RELEVANT PROJECT EXPERIENCE    Date                     Employer, Location & Responsibilities                          Pos...
June 1989              INTER PERSONAL SKILLS FOR MANAGERS - a five-day course by South African                       Trans...
chapmandrcv022010generalsa-12960557993435-phpapp02.doc       Updated: 26/01/2011                                          ...
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Chapman Dr (Cv 02 2010) General Sa


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Resume Dean Chapman 2010

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Chapman Dr (Cv 02 2010) General Sa

  1. 1. CURRICULUM VITAEPERSONALNAME: Dean Roscoe ChapmanMARRIED: 15 December 1979 to Lucille Joanne Dorothy MarkgraaffWIFE’S OCCUPATION: Primary School Teacher / Councillor on Church affairs / Admin & Training Management (Presently unemployed – Home executive)CHILDREN: Nicki-Leigh (28) B.Com. University of Cape Town, (Safcor Panalpina) Carrie-Anne (26) B Ed. Regional Manager – Edge Training - Durban Kate-Lynne (24) Occupational Therapist (University of Cape Town). MarriedADDRESS: 139 Arum Rd, Table View, 7441 (Rented)TELEPHONE: +27(0)21 556 2601WORK ADDRESS: DBSA Midrand seconded to Central Karoo District Municipality Cell phone: +27(0)83 778 5008 Fax: +27(0)86 672 4082NATIONALITY: South AfricanDATE OF BIRTH: 15 August 1950IDENTITY NUMBER: 500815 5053 083DRIVERS LICENCES: Code A (Motor Cycle) and EB (Motor Vehicle with caravan < 3500kg)Position : (1) Project Manager / Technical Expert (DBSA) (2) Director (3) MemberName of Present Firms : (1) Development Bank of Southern Africa (2) DCA Development Projects (Pty) Ltd. (3) PACT Built Environment Consultants cc,Profession : Professional Engineer (790083) since March 1979 Professional Construction Project Manager (D/627/2005) since 2005.Years with Firms : (1) 3.25 Experience:41 years (2) 14 since high school (3) 8Membership of Professional Member of the South African Institution of Civil Engineers.Institutions & Societies: Registered with the Engineering Council of South Africa. Registered with The South African Council for the Project Management and Construction Management Professions.chapmandrcv022010generalsa-12960557993435-phpapp02.doc Updated: 26/01/2011 1
  2. 2. KEY QUALIFICATIONS:Dean Chapman has a BSc degree in Civil Engineering conferred by the University of theWitwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa. He has over 35 years of subsequent experience inEngineering and Project Management. In 1991, he completed the Senior Management Programmerun by the University of Stellenbosch Business School, South Africa. He also completed 18 months ofthe South African Business Excellence Programme, a 4-year part-time course run by the University ofSouth Africa, which leads to an MBL qualification, acting as mentor. WORK EXPERIENCE:Since November 2006 Dean has been contracted by DBSA to assist Local & Provincial Governmentwith Infrastructure Projects mainly in the Water & Sanitation fields but also with Transport Planning &Roads. He has also assisted with the Housing component.Prior to this and continuing on a consultative basis Dean has run his own consulting practice since2006, initially specialising in Project Management, Contract Administration and Business Developmentadvice to medium enterprises. He has undertaken Project & Construction Management of projects forthe construction of Rail, Roads, Rural and Township development, Road Maintenance and Low CostHousing Projects, often training Emerging Contractors. He also opened a branch office for MadanSingh & Associates in Melmoth during 2001 specialising in rural sanitation, fencing and school buildingprojects. He was part of the team for Rail and Transport design for the new Coega harbour near PortElizabeth during 2000/1.Between 1968 and 1996, Mr Chapman rose through the ranks of Transnet (South Africa’s NationalTransport Operator) in the Protekon (Professional & Technical Construction) Division and Spoornet(South Africa’s nationalised railways and harbours operator) to the position of Manager in the WesternCape Region, which served an area of 300 000 sq km and a population of about 3.9 million people. During his career, his experience included: Work as a Site Engineer (Assistant to the District Engineer) on various railway construction and maintenance projects. This included the early stages of design and construction of the Central Marshalling Yard to serve the Johannesburg region; District Engineer in charge of relocation and construction of the new Durban Station from the central city area to an open site just outside the city and planning and construction of new marshalling yards at Springfield flats; Project Manager including Design for the construction of the new 60km long Northern Rail Link in Swaziland including marshalling yards and workshops plus upgrading of 100 km of existing lines and rehabilitation of 30km of old lines; 3 New villages including Infrastructure and social facilities were also designed and constructed for the operational personnel. Two cyclones (1:300 year) and a major (>1:5 year) storm complicated the programme with was completed within time & budget; Assistant Resident Engineer (Project Manager) in charge of the final stages of Construction of the 14km rail tunnel at de Doorns in the Western Cape including the new design track slab; Project Manager for the in house & contract construction of the new Khayelitsha Rail Link & Nyanga - Bonteheuwel Quadrupling of suburban railway lines in Cape Town; Construction Manager for the Road on Rail project for the new oil refinery in Mossel Bay; Construction Manager for the bridges & overhead stations for the Maitland - Hazendal quadrupling in central Cape Town Construction of underground services and related buildings at the V&A Waterfront Cape Town; Part of the Maintenance Management team for maintenance of the Railway Network in the Western Cape especially in the supportive roles of Transport Planning, Project Management, Contract Administration, Materials Management, IT Services, Financial Management & Fleetchapmandrcv022010generalsa-12960557993435-phpapp02.doc Updated: 26/01/2011 2
  3. 3. and Workshop Management as well as Technical & Legal Administrative support; Representation for the Region on various local government Rail Transport Planning Committees including the Olympic Bid Transport Committee. Design & Construction of low cost housing projects and related infrastructure. Research into Hydroponics and Organic growing systems for emerging farmers and establishment of such systems Rail & Transport design for the new Coega harbour near Port Elizabeth. Disaster Management Procedures for the Department of Water Affairs & Forestry in the Natal Province of South Africa (including Y2K Contingency Plans for possible computer failure) Technical Expert / Project Manager for various housing and infrastructure projects within Local Government initially in Northern Natal and then for the Department of Housing in Cape Town. This included assistance with Master Plans and Local Economic DevelopmentMr. Chapman is fully computer literate, having personally used Project Management andAccounting software packages. He has a working knowledge of various CAD packages and isproficient in the Microsoft Office suite and window environment. EDUCATIONDate Institution Qualification Obtained2005 The South African Council for the Professional Construction Project Manager Project & Construction Management (Reg. No. D/627/2005) Professions1995/6 University of South Africa SA Business Excellence Programme1991 University of Stellenbosch Senior Management Programme1979 Engineering Council of South Africa Professional Engineer (Reg. No.790083)1970 -1974 University of the Witwatersrand BSc Engineering (Civil)1964 -1968 Parktown Boys High School, Matric (University Entrance) Johannesburg EMPLOYMENT RECORD Date Employer PositionNov 2006 - Development Bank of Southern Project Management & Technical Expert inDate Africa Durban & Cape Town surrounding areas2002 - Date Member of PACT Built Environment Founder and Project Management as well as Consultants cc Civil & Agricultural Consultant1996 - Date Sole Proprietor of Dean Chapman & Director and Project Manager & Civil Associates/-> DCA Development Consultant now sleeping Partner since 2007 Projects (Pty) Ltd (75% shares)1968 - 1996 Transnet (Protekon & Spoornet) Various Managerial & Engineering Posts RELEVANT PROJECT EXPERIENCE Date Employer, Location & Responsibilities PositionNovember Employed by Development Bank of Southern Africa to assist2006 - Date on Local Government Capital Projects in KwaZulu – Natal and Western Cape Project Management and Training of personnel within Local Government in Water & Sanitation Projects in particular but also assisting with Roads & Stormwater, Building Projects, Master Planning, Housing & Local Economic Developmentchapmandrcv022010generalsa-12960557993435-phpapp02.doc Updated: 26/01/2011 3
  4. 4. RELEVANT PROJECT EXPERIENCE Date Employer, Location & Responsibilities PositionSept 1996 – Dean Chapman & Associates, Durban North Civil andDate Project Management, Civil & Agricultural Consulting Project Engineers & PACT Built Environment Consultants cc Management MIG Infrastructure & Housing Projects for DBSA Consultant Market and manage the practices. Training of SMMEs and emerging consultants. Projects have included: Design and Construction of new roads (township and rural); Water and Sewerage Reticulation for low cost housing; Low Cost Housing Developments; High Tech Agricultural Services specialising in hydroponics/organics; Road Maintenance Projects specialising in training of Emerging Contractors; Rail and Transport Design for Coega new harbour project (Port Elizabeth). Disaster Management Procedures for the Department of Water Affairs & Forestry in the Natal Province of South Africa including Y2K Contingency Plans for possible computer failure) Services provided included: Project Management, Business Formation, Design, Tender Documentation, Contract Administration, Contract Supervision, Training, Community Liaison, Management of Hydroponics / Organics units, Construction Supervision etc.July 1995 – Spoornet, Cape Western Region ManagerSept 1996 (MTV) Restructure the organisation to enable MTV to function on a self- sufficient, profitable basis.chapmandrcv022010generalsa-12960557993435-phpapp02.doc Updated: 26/01/2011 4
  5. 5. RELEVANT PROJECT EXPERIENCE Date Employer, Location & Responsibilities PositionSept 1992 - Spoornet, Cape Western Region ManagerJune 1995 (Infrastructure Seconded from MTV to set up and manage a Capacity Planning Management Team for the Region whose responsibility was integrating the Services) Region’s business plan with other Transnet business plans affecting the region. Planning the strategic and optimum usage of assets including land and Capital Set up and manage a service to the Core Infrastructure Unit of Spoornet to provide management support in the fields of Project Management, Capacity Planning, Assets and Materials Management, Information Technology, Risk Management Technical and Legal administration (including Contract administration) and Financial Advisory Services. Manage a service to the region that provided strategic technical transport and land use planning representation at various civil service planning meetings including MTAB, Metplan and the Olympic Games Transport Task Force etc. Set up, integrate and manage Consumer Services to Spoornet and the public such as the 24-Hour Emergency Centre and, Spoornets Information Centre at 1 Adderley Street.Jun 1992 - Metro Capital Projects Co-ordinator. Co-ordinatorMar 1993 (MCP) and Co-ordinate the multi-million Rand Security and Quick Fix Projects Manager and integrate with other capital projects affecting commuter (MTV) stations. Provide progress reports to the monitoring government departments via South African Rail Commuter Corporation.Jan 1991 - Spoornet, Cape Western Region. ManagerMay 1992 (MTV) Manage 760 people and a fleet of 1000 vehicles and 3000 items of plant including various workshops.Oct. 89 - Transnet, Eastern & Western Cape ManagerDec. 90 (Protekon), Management of the Civil Engineering discipline within Civil Projects PROTEKON Cape, involving Project Management of various construction projects in the Cape Province including: Victoria and Alfred Waterfront – R10 million. Repairs to Saldanha Harbour Ore Handling Jetty – R12 million Erection of Microwave Towers throughout the Cape Province and Transvaal/Orange Free State for Transtel – R25 million Construction of the Maitland - Hazendal Quadrupling – R48millionchapmandrcv022010generalsa-12960557993435-phpapp02.doc Updated: 26/01/2011 5
  6. 6. RELEVANT PROJECT EXPERIENCE Date Employer, Location & Responsibilities PositionOct. 88 - Transnet, Cape Area DeputySept.89 Director Management of the Civil Engineering discipline within (Transkon) PROTEKON Cape, involving Project Management of various construction projects in the Cape Province including: Mossel Bay Road on Rail contract (R3.2 million), Vygekraal canal Bridge for Cape Town City Council, Forest Drive Road over Rail Bridge (R5.0 million),Dec. 85 - Transnet, Cape Town AssistantOct. 88 Resident Responsible for Construction Management of various construction Engineer, projects in the Cape Province including Pinelands and Ndabeni Construction overhead stations etc. Manage 800 people and integrate with other resources required for construction. Responsible for Project Management of various construction projects under the control of the Resident Engineer Cape Town including the 14km Hex River Tunnel, Nyanga Bonteheuwel Quadrupling and Khayelitsha Rail Link. Planning & Design of the Blue Downs Rail Link and Maitland Hazendal link. Serving on various Planning & steering committees related to transport management and in particular commuter services.Jul. 82 - Project ManagerNov. 85 Northern Rail Link Swaziland Railway, Mbabane & Mpaka, Swaziland. Seconded by Transnet to Swaziland Railways for the Design and Project Management (including sourcing of finance) of the Construction of the Northern Link Railway Line from Mpaka to the Swaziland border (Komatipoort side) and upgrading associated existing lines to accommodate the higher capacity.(Valued at R63.0 million in 1985) Employed and controlled a project team for the project duration. Performed as Resident Engineer on contracts where no Consultants were employed. i.e. the major railway contracts (earthworks, drainage, structures, track work, signalling and electrification) and employed other consultants / architects for housing, water, sewerage, electrical reticulation, workshops, community buildings, sports grounds and roads infrastructure. Reported directly to the Chief Civil Engineer whilst reporting indirectly on project activities to the United Nations representatives and various bankers & politicians involved with financing the project.chapmandrcv022010generalsa-12960557993435-phpapp02.doc Updated: 26/01/2011 6
  7. 7. RELEVANT PROJECT EXPERIENCE Date Employer, Location & Responsibilities PositionFeb. 81 - Transnet ,Durban Station & North Coast DistrictJun. 82 Engineer Construct Projects for the New Station and Springfield marshalling Construction & yard (R20m -R30million per annum) Project ImplementationMay 80 - Spoornet Johannesburg Western Transvaal System DistrictJan. 81 Set up and manage new Workshops and Track Mechanisation Engineer maintenance WorkdhopsJan. 79 - Spoornet, Johannesburg Western Transvaal System AssistantApr. 80 Maintain Track and Buildings (High Rise office complexes) Engineer Infrastructure MaintenanceFeb. 75 - Transnet, Reef Construction, Johannesburg AssistantDec. 78 Engineer Construction management of new container Depot City Deep and related marshalling yards. Design of Central Marshalling Yard etc. ConstructionDec. 68 - South African Railways Clerk gr. 2 &Jan. 75 Student Administrative Work and Full Time Study with Practical training COURSES & CONFERENCES ATTENDED Date DetailsJanuary 2010 Seminar - New Catchment, Stormwater and River Management PoliciesApril 2009 WATER & WASTE WATER TREATMENT for Municipal & Provincial Engineers (3CPD credits)Sep-Nov 2008 Investment in Excellence – The Pacific Institute South AfricaAugust 2008 5 day Project Management Course = 3 CPD creditsFeb 2008 Sustainable Development Orientation Course – Sustainability Institute StellenboschNov 1996 MODEL MAKER SYSTEMS Course – Computerised Infrastructure DesignOct 1996 WATER DISTRIBUTION NETWORK Course1995/1996 Mentor/Observer on SOUTH AFRICAN BUSINESS EXCELLENCE PROGRAMME (SABEP) at UNISA - Part of a four to five year programme leading to a MBL/MBA. (First 18 months part time completed)July 1995 WORKING TOGETHER FOR RESULTS – A Secretary / Manager Course presented by Esselen Park CollegeNov 1995 INTEGRATED RISK CONCEPT COURSE – Integrated Risk Consultants (Pty.) Ltd.1994 Diploma course in Biblical StudiesApril 1994 A Services Marketing course at the Graduate School of Business, UCTFebruary FUNDAMENTALS OF RISK / SAFETY MANAGEMENT- a three-day certificate1994 course presented by the International Loss Control Institute.October 1991 LOGISTICS a three-day course presented by Prof. Nagel of the University of Pretoria.March 1991 LABOUR LAW FOR MANAGERS - a five-day course by C.C. de Witt Labour Law Consultant.January 1991 QUALITY IMPROVEMENT PROCESS - a four day course by Transnet and the Quality CollegeMay 1990 LOTUS ADVANCED - a three-day course in advanced procedures using the LOTUS computer spreadsheet packageJanuary / FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT - a two-week course presented by Prof. Hamman et alMarch 1990 from Stellenbosch Business School.chapmandrcv022010generalsa-12960557993435-phpapp02.doc Updated: 26/01/2011 7
  8. 8. June 1989 INTER PERSONAL SKILLS FOR MANAGERS - a five-day course by South African Transport Services (SATS) Manpower section.May 1989 DELEGATION and TIME MANAGEMENT – A three-day SATS Manpower course.Jan 1989 COMPANY LAW – A two-day workshop (Private Presentation).1988 SPEED-READING - A six-week video learning programme with SATS Manpower.1988 ORIENTATION SEMINAR IN MANAGEMENT - SATS Manpower.May 1987 MANAGEMENT DEVELOPMENT CENTRE - 5 days SATS Manpower.Sept 1986 TEAM BUILDING - five days - SATS Manpower.1986/87 EE III (Home Evangelism) - Durbanville Baptist Church - 18 months.1983 Geology, The Karoo Sequence - 3 days - Dr. Brink. LANGUAGE SKILLS Languages Speak Read Write English Excellent Excellent Excellent Afrikaans Good Excellent Good REFERENCESMr André HarrisonRetired Metro Manager (Previously at RE Construction and in Swaziland)Cape Western RegionCell: 083 275 2700Thokozani MasekoDeputy Manager Technical ServicesUmngeni MunicipalityCell: 082 888 6279Mr Les Hutton / Mr Garret HuttonFeed the People/ All Organics Co.Tel.: 082 651 1111Cell: 082 651 1222Messrs. Carlos Mendes & Hannes Struwig,Struwig Mendes AssociatesTel: 032 49 3624Cell: 082 443 7844 Carlos 082 801 8093 HannesPeter Prigge Professional Project Manager (PMP)& Professional Engineer (Pr Eng)Department of Works, Mayville, DurbanTel: 031 203 2334Cell 082 929 5908Mr. Dennis VartyDepartment of HousingPietermaritzburgTel 033 845 2042Cell 082 375 9213Mr. Gerry EngelbrechtDepartment of HousingPietermaritzburgTel 033 845 2036Cell 082 375 6828Mr. Mathanda Mathenjwa & Reuben Matlalachapmandrcv022010generalsa-12960557993435-phpapp02.doc Updated: 26/01/2011 7
  9. 9. chapmandrcv022010generalsa-12960557993435-phpapp02.doc Updated: 26/01/2011 7