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Barrington James - The Recruitment Solution


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Barrington James - The Recruitment Solution

  1. 1. pharmaceutical recruitment
  2. 2. "Barrington James Limited was The personal touch that brings resultsreally good to work with. Theylistened to what I was after anddid not just send me every job We pride ourselves in understanding and meetingavailable. Barrington Jamesalways came back with updates the needs of both employers and employees.and kept me informed throughoutmy job-search." As specialists in the placement of candidatesC.P. Clinical Trial Manager within the Pharmaceutical Industry our service is"I wasnt sure where to startwhen looking for my new thorough, professional and intelligent.position, but the guys atBarrington James were really With 27+ years experience in the recruitmenthelpful and showed me what wasout there. I was in control of the industry we offer the total recruitment and they kept me up tospeed at each step. Ive tried afew agencies before, but I will In addition to our permanent and contractcertainly come back to recruitment services, we provide proactive searchBarrington James next time I amlooking." campaigns, advertising campaigns and dedicatedS.B. Clinical Research Associate account management."Finding my current role wasextremely difficult, and I had avery specific idea of what Iwanted. I had been looking for 4months when I contactedBarrington James and they gaveme some fresh options. One hitexactly the right spot, and theywere able to arrange the The total Barrington James recruitment solutioninterviews and gave me somegreat background information.Very good all round!" Permanent and Contract recruitmentM.R. Research Physician Proactive search campaigns Advertising campaigns Dedicated account management
  3. 3. Barrington James is a specialist PharmaceuticalRecruitment Consultancy which provides recruitmentservices across a variety of disciplines including: Clinical Research (CTAs, CRAs, PMs, Directors) Medical Advisors / Research Physicians / Medical Directors Business Development / Sales and Marketing Pharmacoeconomics (Health Economics, Outcomes Research, Market Access, P&R) Regulatory Affairs (Executives / Managers / Directors) Quality Assurance / Auditing Medical Information / Medical Writing Pharmacovigilance Medical Devices Clinical Research Nursing pharmaceutical recruitment Biometrics (Data Management / Stats / SAS) Non-Clinical Project Management Medical CommunicationsThe complete serviceFrom point of requirement right through to candidate start date, all aspectsof the recruitment process are taken care of.Search and selectionMethods for search and selection require an in-depth understanding of yourneeds. Having established and understood your requirements we will discusswith you our ability to fill your vacancy. We are focused on achievementand this is reflected in our fee structure.Through our experience and research, networking and technology, we areexceptionally well positioned within the market place with a unique /enviable range of key decision makers at all levels of management.Advertising that worksMany years of experience, posting jobs in the press, serve to reduce the costof advertising. Utilising a significant web presence makes additionalsavings. This ensures highly targeted visibility 24 hours a day, 365 days peryear. This service is provided freeof charge to our clients.Experienced account managementUnderstanding your business and your objectives are of paramountimportance in providing you with exemplary Customer Care. To achievethis you will be assigned an experienced Account Manager to co-ordinateall aspects of this process ensuring your total satisfaction.The best service at the best priceOur size and flexibility enables us to adapt to your situation.To compliment this ability, and by keeping our running costs minimal, youget a high quality professional service with an exceptionally competitivefee structure.
  4. 4. Barrington James Limited Barrington James is a Recruitment Consultancy specialising in the provision of skilledVictoria HouseConsort Way Pharmaceutical professionals.HorleySurrey With 27+ years of experience in the recruitmentRH6 7AF industry we can provide an expert service at everyUNITED KINGDOM stage of the recruitment process. Our success is knowledge based. We set the standardTel: +44 (0) 1293 776644 for quality recruitment; our clients and reap the benefits. The personal touch A personal approach that is second to none throughout the recruitment process. Success is due to a commitment to best practice and an ethical and confidential approach to both clients and candidates alike. The competitive edge Big company technology, little company adaptability – traditional business values, quality recruitment and cost flexibility – Barrington James operates with a competitive edge. Traditional values Honesty and loyalty, trust and integrity. These are key words that form part of our recruitment philosophy. Barrington James is proud of our client-relationships, a high percentage of which go back many years. We achieve an exceptional level of client and candidate satisfaction by providing both parties with a reliable and trustworthy service.