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Non test assessment


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MSC 5-11 Assessment of Learning
Group Report of Non test Assessment

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Non test assessment

  1. 1. Non-Test Assessment
  2. 2. Non – test Assessment •Is an ongoing process •Gives feedback to help students increase competence Informal: e.g. impromptu feedback, marginal comments on drafts Does not make fixed judgment or record results Formal: e.g. review of journal writing or student’s portfolio
  3. 3. Non-test Assessment Techniques
  4. 4. Case studies and problem-solving assignments This type of assignment required the student to place him or herself in or react to a situation where their prior learning is needed to solve the problem or evaluate the situation.
  5. 5. Homework •is a structured practice exercise that usually plays a part in grading. •Sometimes instructors assign reading or other homework which covers the theoretical aspects of the subject matter, so that the class time can be used for more hands-on practical work.
  6. 6. Projects are usually designed so that the students can apply many of the skills they have developed in the course by producing a product of some kind. Usually project assignments are given early in the course with a completion date toward the end of the quarter.
  7. 7. Portfolios are collections of student projects and products. Like a photographers portfolio they should contain the best examples of all of their work. For subjects that are paper-based, the collection of a portfolio is simple.
  8. 8. Observation should follow an established plan or checklist organized around concrete, objective data. Observation needs to be tied to the objectives of the course.
  9. 9. Presentation of North Wing No. I
  10. 10. Members Hiedren Joy Poloyapoy Janella Recaplaza Alma Labarda Aimee Madrid Angelita Cando