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The ancient olympics


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The ancient olympics

  2. 2. WHEN THEY BEGANThe Olympics started in 776BC in Olympia by the Greeks. 
  3. 3. They made a statue of Zeus and it was one of the 7 Wonders of theWorld. The creator of Zeus was Phidias and it was built in 432BC.
  4. 4. The Types of Games  • Boxing • Wrestling • Chariot Racing • Pankration • Race in Armor • Javelin
  5. 5. Boxing Boxing was a very brutal sport. Another purpose for boxing was totrain warriors to fight without helmets, strengthen their heads, and to dodge blows.
  6. 6. Wrestling  Wrestling was also very brutal, but it was considered agentleman’s sport. It was also helpful in training men for combat.To win in wrestling you have to make your opponent fall 3 times.
  7. 7. Chariot Racing People that do chariot racing risk their lives just to race. Sometimesin the race they fall off and get severely injured or sometimes even are trampled to death. They made the racers slaves, so that if anyone died it wouldn’t be important to them.
  8. 8. Pankration ‘Ultimate Fighting’ Pankration was all sorts of fighting techniques put together to try to make your opponent give up. It was a combination of kick boxing and wrestling, and many people came out with broken bones. The only thing off limits was biting and eye gouging.
  9. 9. Race in Armor  Race in Armor was called the hoplitodromia. They woregreaves(which were bronze shin guards), a helmet, carried a shield and ran a 400 meter race. The armor made it more challenging for them to race.
  10. 10. Javelin The Javelin toss helped men in combat to pierce through theenemy. They used thongs to help increase the accuracy and distance of the javelin to get farther kills.
  11. 11. Battle at Olympia In 364 BC there was a battle at Olympia. The Pisatans were hosting the games after occupying Olympia. The Elians were humiliated andattacked in the middle of a wrestling match. The crowd did not retreat when they attacked. They stayed and watched the battle. The Elians retreated at nightfall, but the Pisatans thought they had upset the gods, so they gave Olympia back to the Elians.
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