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Get Auto Dealers Online


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Get Auto Dealers Online

Published in: Automotive
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Get Auto Dealers Online

  1. 1. Grow Sales with Online Marketing: By creating your own online showroom
  2. 2. Why is internet important for your business? Internet users in India With 137 million users and Mobile internet users growth rate of 15% YoY India is in Internet Explosion Zone Auto Category on Google is Internet users in Delhi one of the fastest growing verticals with 40% YoY Readership of growth in queries & is among TOI/HT in Delhi the top categories in terms of query volumes
  3. 3. Did you know? Of all car buyers research online before walking into a dealer showroomSource: Google-Nielsen Auto Shopper Study - 2012
  4. 4. people look for dealer information on OEM websites,Source: Google-Nielsen Auto Shopper Study - 2012
  5. 5. How are people using Google in their car buying process (e.g “Maruti Swift”)? 24 Lakh Searches for “Maruti” in a month 3 Lakh Searches for “Maruti Swift” specifications, models & features 0.13 million Searches for price of “Maruti Swift” 33,000 Searches for “Maruti Dealers”* Source: Average Search Volume for 2012 from Google Keyword Tool
  6. 6. You can reach them!! Reach of a traditional Newspaper Ad Potential Car BuyersThe power of internet lies in the ability to focus your ad spend only on the most relevant consumers
  7. 7. Opportunity for youPartner with Google & Unyscape for benefits 50% of the car buyers research online1 Partner today for a free website Internet drives sales with higher ROI2 Pilot advertising campaigns today to see returns Online consumers drive digital word-of-mouth3 Incentivise sales conversion of digital leads
  8. 8. How can we help you succeed online? + + Social Media &Desktop & Mobile Website Local Presence Management Our Offerings Online Advertising & Delivery of Hot Sales Leads Complete Account Management
  9. 9. Success Story: Cauvery Ford growing sales with Google advertising
  10. 10. Thank youSales Rep Name Number Email Id