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Success Costs Less


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NADA reports that dealerships’ gross margins have declined by nearly 30 percent over the past five years. So how are DealersLink dealers coming out ahead with margins that tight?

DealersLink Members use the 24/7 marketplace and live dealer auction to source clean retail-ready vehicles without paying any auction fees, and manage and merchandise their inventory at a fraction of the cost of their competition.

DealersLink Members...

- See a 14+ percent overall increase in retail sales
A complete inventory solution:
The DealersLink Marketplace gives members access to over $1 billion in inventory – increasing inventory selection – and the tools to automatically market it where their customers are spending the most time online.

- Spend 83% less on auction vehicles
Smarter Sourcing
Our back-of-book DealerAuction and no auction fees mean you save thousands per vehicle. In addition, most of the DealersLink inventory is retail-ready, which means members can purchase vehicles at significant savings and move them to their front lines right away.

- See a 23% increase in front-end gross
Higher Profits and Faster Turn
It's happened before. You buy a good-looking car at auction and it sits (and sits) on your lot. DealersLink live market tools show you exactly what vehicles offer, the best grosses, and what to pay.

- Spend 62% less on inventory tools
Better Features Half the Cost
Every dealership needs to manage and merchandise their inventory, but why spend so much? DealersLink’s inventory-management and merchandising tools offer more automated features than vAuto or VinSolutions at half the cost. In fact, many members use the money they save on auction fees to completely pay for their inventory-management and marketing efforts!

- See 4x Time Savings
Better Efficiency
DealersLink’s complete and automated inventory solution saves you time from sourcing to sale. That means you can purchase, manage and market hundreds of vehicles in just seconds, allowing you to focus your time on what you do best – selling cars!

More retail sales. Better auction inventory. Higher front-end gross. Get them all through DealersLink.

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