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Dealer eTraining Promotional Advertisement


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Dealer eTraining public promotional advertising of the top automotive dealership consulting business in the automotive industry. We have many years of experience in building best practices and providing dealerships with growth opportunity. We are the ultimate automotive internet sales, bdc, and digital marketing firm. Visit and find out why we are number one.

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Dealer eTraining Promotional Advertisement

  1. 1. Our Services Learn more about us at*BDC Install – Setup*Staff Recruiting*Phone Process Training*Internet Email Process Training*Sales 101 and 102*Management Training*Social Media Training*Digital Marketing Training*Search Engine Optimization*Social Media Optimization*Monthly Virtual Support*Monthly Virtual Training*Lead Management (Showroom, Internet, and Phone)*Customer Retention Training (Lease Retention)*Reputation Management Training*Video Search Engine Optimization*Vendor RelationsAbout Dealer eTrainingDealer eTraining is an automotive internet sales, business developmenttraining and digital marketing company founded by Stan Sher.Stan is an up-and-coming internet professional with strong workingrelationships with the best in automotive e-commerce consulting in theindustry. Prior to starting Dealer eTraining, Stan has been in the automotivebusiness for over eight years where he has been successful in automotivesales, management, digital marketing, internet sales and businessdevelopment center direction.Stan is a frequent speaker and presenter at industry events nationwide.He has recently taken on a role as an instructor for the greater New York D e a l e r e Tr a i n i n gcenter for automotive education and training. As a writer and contributor to 1001 Murray Avethe automotive dealer community, Stan has a continual blogging presence Cherry Hill, NJ 08002within and has been published in some of the most respected automotiveindustry websites and magazines. Some of the resources that Stan has Phone: 732-925-8362been published in are as follows Digital Dealer Magazine,Dealer Marketing Magazine, Automotive Digital Marketing,, E-mail: stan@dealeretraining.comDriving Sales, and Auto Dealers Network. Web: