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FPL FiberNet Business Continuity Storm Preparedness

Storm season is here. Can your business afford not to have FPL FiberNet?

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FPL FiberNet Business Continuity Storm Preparedness

  1. 1. FPL FiberNetBusiness Continuity & Storm Preparedness
  2. 2. 2Reliable: Count on FPL FiberNet as your provider of highlydependable fiber-optic solutions• Business continuity is a strategic,tactical, and operational imperative• At FPL FiberNet and all NextEra Energycompanies, Business Continuity is ashared responsibility of all employeesand all business units• Robust end-to-end fiber-optic networksolutions− Carrier-grade fiber-optic infrastructure− Geographically diverse network topology− 24/7 Network Operations Center (NOC)− State-of-the-art monitoring technologyand proactive maintenance− Robust storm preparedness andrecovery plan
  3. 3. 3Seventy percent of Florida IT executives believe thatbusinesses could not survive if their primary broadbandnetwork went down for as many as 3 days• 93% of companies that lost their data center for 10 days or moredue to a disaster filed for bankruptcy within one year of the disaster,and 50% filed for bankruptcy immediately (Source: National Archives & RecordsAdministration in Washington)• Companies experience an average of 501 hours of networkdowntime every year, and the overall downtime costs an average of3.6% of annual revenue (Source: The Costs of Enterprise Downtime, Infonetics Research)• 20% of small to medium businesses will suffer a major disastercausing loss of critical data every 5 years (Source: Richmond House Group)• The cost of lost business is often greater than expected, but loss ofcustomers and reputation, although difficult to measure, can be farmore damaging
  4. 4. 4Is your business ready if a disaster strikes• Many businesses are ill-prepared should a natural disaster, likea hurricane, interrupt the transmission of vital communicationsservices such as Internet access, email data exchange,telephone and video– 64% of businesses believe reliability is by far the most importantfactor when businesses are selecting a broadband networkprovider (Source: Survey commissioned by FPL FiberNet)– 51% percent of Florida information technology (IT) leadersbelieve having a back-up or secondary broadband network iscritical to their business (Source: Survey commissioned by FPL FiberNet)– In the 20th and 21st centuries 204 hurricanes hit the US from allcategories; 79 of these were major hurricanes, categories 3-5.Florida had the most hurricane landfalls at 63, with the majorityof these being in the southern peninsula (Source: Various sources that use NHCdata)
  5. 5. 5FPL FiberNet maintains a robust storm plan andrestoration process• Before the storm– Evaluate and initiate vendor contracts for equipment, materials andhuman resources– Complete full preventative maintenance on all backup generationand monthly load tests• During the storm– Man primary and/or back up NOC with riders– Position restoration crews for immediate response– Conduct preliminary analysis of fiber cuts/node isolations/outages• Post storm– After safety clearance, deploy restoration crews in response to theinitial damage assessment from various management systems– Deploy damage assessment teams– Prioritize damage for repair
  6. 6. 6FPL FiberNet has a comprehensive and well-tested plan torestore the network in the event of damage caused bystorm or other event• Proven ability to restore in a prompt and efficient manner• Storm and Business Continuity Plans are coordinated with FPLand NextEra Energy• Effective communications gives customer critical data to makedecisions and prioritize restoration activities• Notwithstanding an excellent restoration plan…our networkhas been built for maximum reliability and has withstood thetests of many prior storms
  7. 7. 7What are customers are saying• "We experienced improved overall network performance; fewer end-user complaints regarding latency and a significant cost-benefit andvalue over the previous broadband service provider.”– Tom Fackender, Director of Information Technology Florida EducationAssociation• "We are very confident about a future with FPL FiberNet. We relyheavily on their service and, so far, our connection time is 100percent."– Hugo Torres, Director of IT, Great Florida Bank• “As an architectural firm, it is important for us to ensure that we havereliable up time on the network so having our critical data, servers andinternet connection reside at FPL FiberNets colocation data centergives us the reliability and low latency connectivity we need tomaintain our business activities.– Christopher Demartini, Director of Information Technology, OBMInternational Limited
  8. 8. 8What are customers are saying• “Were broadcasting live, so the last thing we would ever want to is adisruption. Since we signed on with FPL FiberNet, we have not had asingle failure during our live services. Their quality of service andcommitment to uptime is tremendous.”– Mike Gayle, Director of IT, Calvary Chapel• “With the potential for weather events in Florida, having fiberunderground is a big plus with FPL FiberNet.”– Robert Falcioni, IT Operations Manager, Cheney Brothers• “FPL FiberNets network reliability has been second to none. GastroHealth makes extensive use of electronic medical records and knowingthat access to those records is reliable and provided through a secureprivate network protects Gastro Health and its customers on so manydifferent levels. FPL FiberNet genuinely cared about Gastro Health andits patients safety.”– Will Carrera, IT Manager, Gastro Health