List of Online Bidding Sites


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Deal Cent an largest Online bidding Community, are growing its branches all around the web. Here we have stepped in Slide share to give instant updates on Best Deals. And tips on how to utilize the online bidding sites

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List of Online Bidding Sites

  1. 1. Lists of Online bidding sitesHundreds of online bidding sites are available today. It is one big market for individuals, businessesand organisations to meet virtually but trade physical property. They pool together millions ofbidders and exchange of cash and items takes place on a daily basis. It is a forum where almost anyitem on the face of the earth can be traded, from scrap metal to the finest diamond. All that isrequired is a mutual agreement between the seller and the buyer and the acceptance of the terms setout. However, some sites rank higher than other in terms of security, range of items offered, biddingcosts, ease of use, etc. These sites are easily available to individuals all around the globe.Some sites are free to join; others require a small registration fee and a monthly payment. The sitesgive an individual the opportunity to purchase tokens to be used during bidding activities.The following is a comprehensive list of the most common online bidding sites, but not arranged inorder of priority. However, many individuals have voted ebay and craigslist as the most popularonline trading site. They are larger than the majority in terms of product offers and the level ofactivity and human traffic.Police Auctions, Plunderhere, PoshBid, QuiBids, QX Bid, QXL, Ruby Lane, Sell My Stuff,Auction Warehouse, Audiogon, Aukro, Bang 4 Bucks, BidBeat, Beezid, BidCactus, Bidmadness,GoBID, Gumtree, Gun Broker, Google Base, GSA Auctions, Haggle, Happy Sheep, Harley PartsAuction, Hi Bidder, High Street Sale, Hoobly, Bidmate, Bidray, BidsTick, Shop Goodwill,Shoporium, snaglo, Soft Ball Bidz, Specialist Auctions, SWOOPO, Bid2trade, Bid4Assets, Bidz,Blujay, Bonanzle, buntfu, ClickIndia Classifieds, Cqout, Zozo, Zillion, Yahoo Shopping, Xoobie,Wolf , aw Products, Wensy, Oltiby,, Inter Shop Zone, Ioffer, Kijiji Classifieds, LGGAuctions, Liquibiz, The Collectors Bay, The Dead Skunk, Trademe, Job Lot, Liquidation,MADBID, Mercando De , Ventas, DubLi, Dove Auction Site, De Reto, De Remate, OfficeHax,Deal Tent, Dawdle, CraigsList, Cool Auctions, Mercado Libre, MGV Liquidations, Milbid,Njuskalo, Obiz, TripleClicks, Trocadero, uBid, UK Bids Away, UpperBid, Vamooza, WebidzOnline bidding sites are growing by the day due to changing consumer deeds. More and more sitesare launching their products in a new way in a bid to try and attract as many buyers and sellers totrade on their site.