Finding journal articles from education databases4


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  • This powerpoint is an introduction to finding journal articles from two education databases
  • Follow the link from the Library Resource Guides, on the Library homepage, to Education, and from there to the ‘Articles via databases’ tab.
  • The most relevant databases are listed from this page and the first three are particularly worth becoming familiar with. A+ Education indexes Australian publications and both ERIC and Education Research Complete can be searched together via the Ebsco Host platform
  • This is an example of a search on the A+ Education database which allows users to limit by search fields, year of publication and view the full text PDF. This is a relatively small database compared to the international ones so results will be fewer, however the features are similar.
  • Eric is the largest Education database, which you may choose to search by itself or in combination with Education Research Complete.
  • Choose one, then by following the link to ‘Choose Databases’ you can add in another before clicking OK.
  • Within Eric take advantage of limiting to Scholarly journals, choosing a narrow date range, or changing the search field to ensure you get relevant results. The subject headings listed also give you some options for an alternative search. Select appropriate results to add to a folder.
  • You can then open the folder from the icon at the top of the search page and select to email it to your self, or follow the link to export which can create an entry in your endnote library.
  • If you are dissatisfied with your results you may wish to look in the subject thesaurus for references to subject headings to refine your search.
  • Another useful feature of Ebsco Host databases is the ability to create an email alert for a preferred search which will automatically alert you to new articles indexed on your topic. You will be prompted to create a personal account to enable this to occur.
  • For further information on these databases, or other Education resources, contact your liaison librarian for an individual appointment.
  • Finding journal articles from education databases4

    1. 1. Finding journal articles from education databases
    2. 2. From the list of Library Resource Guides follow the link from ‘Education’ to ‘Articles via databases’ tab
    3. 3. A brief database description indicates Australian or International content A+ Education is indexed from Australian publications
    4. 4. An example of a search could be ‘new technolog* and education’ * is a truncation symbol to include both the words technology and technologies Change the search field to subject if you wish to limit the results You can limit to full text and specify a date range
    5. 5. Eric and Education Research Complete
    6. 6. You can search ‘ERIC’ and ‘Education Research Complete’ together from Ebsco Host From ERIC click on ‘Choose Databases’ Then tick Education Research Complete and OK.
    7. 7. You may choose to limit your search by terms in a particular field, to results with full text, from scholarly journals and/or date range of publication.
    8. 9. Using the subject thesaurus
    9. 10. Save your search, create an alert
    10. 11. Further help