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Deaf411 - Powerful Press Release Distribution, Marketing and Promotional Services.

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About Deaf411

  1. 1. DEAF411, INC.<br />5 Cold Hill Road, South, #28<br />Mendham, NJ 07945<br />Tel/Video: 201-228-9462<br />www.deaf411.com<br />Powerful Press Release Distribution, Marketing & Promotional Services<br />6/21/2011<br />PROJECTS & MANAGEMENT HISTORY<br />
  2. 2. 6/21/2011<br />CAPABILITIES<br />Deaf411 offers marketing support services to clients through marketing solutions and strategies customized <br />to meet client objectives by using a combination of grass root marketing, Internet activity, targeted advertising, video, and public relations.<br />
  3. 3. 6/21/2011<br />DEAF411 SERVICES<br /><ul><li>Website development/coordination
  4. 4. Project Management/Scheduling
  5. 5. Internet + Social Media Campaigns
  6. 6. Marketing/Communication Plans
  7. 7. Market Research + Compilation
  8. 8. Focus Groups
  9. 9. Writing Services
  10. 10. Tradeshows
  11. 11. Internet & Print Advertising
  12. 12. Special Events/Community Affairs
  13. 13. Public Relations/Media
  14. 14. Traffic Management
  15. 15. Video Production
  16. 16. Captioning
  17. 17. Graphic Design
  18. 18. E-mail Campaigns
  19. 19. Marketing Support and Manpower.
  20. 20. Distributing Announcements </li></li></ul><li>6/21/2011<br />DEAF411 SERVICES<br />The Deaf411 marketing team is comprised of deaf professionals with over 40 years of combined experiences in formulating and carrying out marketing strategies that are targeted at deaf consumers. <br />We understand the needs and unique characteristics of this specific market, and will make sure all client marketing activities are politically appropriate with appropriate sensitivity.<br />Consider Deaf411 as your marketing arm, and let us increase the “noise level” awareness of your product or service.<br />
  21. 21. 6/21/2011<br />PUBLIC RELATIONS &MARKETING SERVICES<br />Goal: Introduce toll-free TTY service.<br /><ul><li> Consultation services - </li></ul> acquisition of equipment, <br /> identify and installation in 6 <br /> banking divisions.<br /><ul><li> Developed press release and </li></ul> distributed to deaf/ hard of <br /> hearing media. <br /><ul><li> Coordinated basic print media </li></ul> advertising.<br />Goal: Provide regular deaf news text programming on regular basis.<br /><ul><li> Introduced Teletext service </li></ul> to deaf community.<br /><ul><li> Executive producer, writer & </li></ul> editor of deaf community news <br /> briefs broadcast nationally on <br /> CBS Television Teletext service.<br />Goal: Market and raise awareness of CSD’s services and events.<br /><ul><li> Coordinated "What are you </li></ul> doing on March 31?“ campaign <br /> to launch CSD Video Relay <br /> Service (CSDVRS).<br /><ul><li> Directed internet video reports </li></ul> for CSD’s 30th anniversary.<br /><ul><li> Project manager on creation of </li></ul> Visitors Center at headquarters.<br />PROJECT:<br />PROJECT:<br />PROJECT: <br />WGBH/The Caption Center joint venture with CBS Television<br />Communication Service of the Deaf.<br />
  22. 22. 6/21/2011<br />MEDIA PROJECTS<br />Deaf Expo<br /><ul><li> Co-founded</li></ul> and organized <br /> Deaf Expo® - <br /> 1994-2004.<br /><ul><li> Developed and refined</li></ul> concept of consumer trade <br /> show targeted at deaf & hard <br /> of hearing market; <br /><ul><li> Led show management team, </li></ul> developed policies and <br /> procedures, budgets, <br /> negotiated sponsorships <br /> and exhibit space sales, <br /> coordinated ticket sales <br /> mechanisms, and accounting <br /> procedures. <br /> Since sold to Communication <br /> Service of the Deaf.<br />Deaf USA<br /><ul><li> Founder & Editor-in-Chief </li></ul> of national monthly newspaper, <br /> started October 1987.<br /><ul><li> Led team of reporters providing</li></ul> original news reporting and <br /> feature articles.<br /> Since sold to <br /> Communication Service of the <br /> Deaf in December 2001, <br /> now known as SIGNews.<br /><ul><li> Executive producer of two</li></ul> digital film productions; <br /> “Two Worlds Apart” (2002) <br /> and “Dormitory” (2003). <br /><ul><li> Writer & co-producer,</li></ul>"Deaf Community at a <br /> Crossroad", <br /> Kaleidoscope Television/ <br /> Deaf Expo, 1997.<br />.<br />A NATIONAL MONTHLY TABLOID<br />
  23. 23. 6/21/2011<br />TECHNOLOGY<br />EF Flashex <br />Manufactured and distributed EF Flashex® electronic digital alarm clocks to assistive device distributors.<br /><ul><li> Led focus groups to identify desired features on </li></ul> alarm clocks among deaf consumers;<br /><ul><li> Conducted assessment and did competitive </li></ul> analysis of current products on market;<br /><ul><li> Oversee procurement and implemented assembly </li></ul> line for modifications and branding of electronic <br /> digital alarm clocks;<br /><ul><li> Coordinated sales wholesale & retail;
  24. 24. Developed marketing collateral.</li></ul>Silent Network Satellite Service/<br />Kaleidoscope Television<br /><ul><li>Coordinated awareness campaign to promote </li></ul> specific television shows.<br /><ul><li> Developed and distributed press releases to </li></ul> deaf publications.<br /><ul><li> Coordinated print ad campaign, strategy and </li></ul> ad placements.<br />Consider Deaf411 as your marketing arm, and let us increase the “noise level” awareness of your product or service. <br />
  25. 25. 6/21/2011<br />ABOUT DEAF411<br />Powerful Press Release Distribution, Marketing & Promotional Services<br /> Deaf411 News Service – produces and distributes video signed releases<br />and announcements to news outlets targeted at deaf and hard of hearing consumers. <br />  Deaf411Online– home of ‘Deaf Living Solutions’ internet video report series and “Deaf-Friendly Cities in the U.S.” project. <br />Let Us Run With Your Announcement!<br />Deaf411Online - www.deaf411.com<br />
  26. 26. 6/21/2011<br />ABOUT DEAF411<br />DEAF411, INC.<br />5 Cold Hill Road, South, #28<br />Mendham, NJ 07945<br />Tel/Video: 201-228-9462<br />www.deaf411.com<br />Powerful Press Release Distribution,<br />Marketing & Promotional Services<br />