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Published in: Technology, Business
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  1. 1. Help Fabian remember what he drank
  2. 2. Objectives The marketing goal: To evaluate on a small project the potential of a non-standard activitiy in the Internet for brand image promotion The problem of communication: To deliver emotionally an ordinary message about brand’s next win at an international competition to an important part of the audience (18-29 years), that draws less attention to TV campaigns
  3. 3. The solition Micro-site with a game about Fabian - invented Belgian taster who once tried a very tasty drink during an international competition. Unfortunately he accidentally lost his memory and can not remember what he drank
  4. 4. The solition You can help him remember it suggesting to drink different liquids
  5. 5. Description Fabian drinks, give funny reactions and proposes tips that gradually lead to the right answer "Alivariya beer"
  6. 6. Description Fabian has over hundred different video reactions to all sorts of drinks so users continue playing with him, even after having одеколон тосол лак стекло- очиститель яд квас нефть краска кровь
  7. 7. Hidden tricks • For additional WOM we made some hiidden tricks on a website, for example by clicking to special place you can destroy the wall and see that Fabian warms his feet 10 clicks Бобров Растворитель Уволить
  8. 8. Sharing One may to share the website via e-mail to a friend or by using social networks plugins
  9. 9. Interner PR Special article was prepared for online media: a world overview of alcohol consumption. Belarusians who drink practically everything, were compared with a taster Fabian, who lives on site The article got 60 free census
  10. 10. Forum&blogs promotion Recommendational links to appeared on entertainment and male Belarusian forums одеколон тосол стекло- очиститель яд квас краска кровь
  11. 11. Forum&blogs promotion Recommendational links to appeared on entertainment and male Belarusian forums одеколон тосол лак стекло- очиститель яд квас краска кровь
  12. 12. Promotion in social media Fabian Shmeker lives actively vKontakte and on a Facebook He shares his impressions of various beverages, shows his native city of Bruges, organizes mini-quizes like "Guess how I lost my memory" одеколон тосол лак стекло- очиститель яд квас краска кровь
  13. 13. Promotion in social media He got so many friends in Minsk, that even came to visit us on his birthday 15
  14. 14. Results Since the launch of the project, it was ahead of scheduled KPIs WITHOUT ANY PAID MEDIA: • The aim was to get10,000 unique visits a page with videos, but the project is gaining about 1000 visits from Belarus in the day (Google analytics) • The average time spent per page with interactive video is more than 8 minutes (Google analytics) • Monitoring of of forum and social networks feedback shows that about 80% speak positively about the project or the brand very positively, and only 2% very negatively •A large number of positive feedback and a formal project's success persuaded our client in the effectiveness of non-standard interactive tools. It has already resulted in a large-scale image project in the Internet with the agency
  15. 15. The budget Total budget $8700 Budget distribution: • Creative 27% • Production 52% • Guerilla promotion via hidden agents 21%
  16. 16. Thanks!