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Alivariya eng


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Published in: News & Politics, Education
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Alivariya eng

  1. 1. PR-­‐project «Mistery  Jounalist»
  2. 2. our  task: Maximize  the  PR  effect  from  the  launch   of  quality  control  program  in  HoReCa by  «Alivariya»  beer
  3. 3. media  audience: ,%-#.*%& !"#$%#& ! 0""%& ,"#-! !"#$%& 1%()*%& 4"3*%& '%()*%& /0%"'(! ,%/%(%& 123*).& '%()*%& !"#%+! 5%-%"#.& 6%()2%& !"#$%'()*! +()*%& !"#$%& .#*-#&! 4"3*%& ,%-#.*%& Women    vs. Men   journalists of mass public media  
  4. 4. our  challenge: dominant  female  audience  does  not   consider    beer  quality  -­‐  to  be  an   important  topic
  5. 5. our  solu3on:   before  holding  a  press  conference  we   decided  to  engage  most  influenEal   journalists  into  the  subject  by  a             non-­‐standart  acEvity
  6. 6. our  idea:   to  give  jounalists  a  role  of  a   «MISTERY  SHOPPER»    
  7. 7. invita3on: Journalists  received  a  postcard  in  the  form  of   laptop: You  are    invited  to  special  team  of  quality  assessment You  are  the  first  member  of  a  journalisEc  invesEgaEgaEon The  mission:  to  see  how  quality  standards  of  "Alivariya"  beer   are  kept  through  all  the  way    to  the  consumer Be  careful:  the  smallest  details  maNer! And  remember:  no  one  else  should  know!  Good  luck! Mission  «Quality»
  8. 8. task: Journalists  who  have  confirmed  their  par3cipa3on  via  e-­‐mail   received  puzzle,  that  gave  a  clue  (name  of  cafe)  as  a  star3ng  place  of   the  mission «Библос» «Эль-Помидоро» «Иль-Патио»
  9. 9. mission: We  have  split  journalists  into  3  teams. Each  team  was  to  visit  3  HoReCa  insEtuEons. Everyone  has  received   props  for  evaluaEon:   •a  card  with  criteria   •alcohol  thermometer   •a  ruler  to  measure  the  height   of  the  foam  cap.
  10. 10. mission: Journalists  under  the  guise  of  ordinary  customers  ordered  beer  Alivariya,   studied  it  and  gave  their  es;ma;on They  were  accompanied  and  trained  by  representa;ves  of  the  plant
  11. 11. results: The  parEcipaEon  of  journalists  in  this  unusual  acEvity  not  only  created  addiEonal   interest  to  the  press  conference,  but  it  was  the  subject  of  many  publicaEons  itself
  12. 12. results: 28  from 34 invited  ediEons,  aNended  the  press  conference  (iniEally,  for  a   such  informaEonal  cause  the  turnout  was  esEmated  at  50-­‐60%) 29 free  publicaEons  on  the  program  of  quality  control  of  beer  Olivaria  in  HoReCa 9 of  published  arEcles  have  been  devoted  directly  to  «Mistery  Journalist»  acEvity
  13. 13. publica3on  examples:
  14. 14. thank  you  for  aCen3on